100 thoughts on “Malcolm Bivens introduces Matt Riddle to his future: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

  1. Give them enough screen time and great rivalries and matches, like maybe against Lorcan and Burch, forgotten sons, grizzled young veterans, breezango, and maybe fish and O’Reilly, I see them becoming the war raiders replacement as NXTs next dominate tag team, and becoming future tag champs, hopefully not that soon

    Welcome to NXT main roster Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar with Stokley Hathaway, or Malcolm bivens

  2. Just touching a little bit hard so he doesn’t get mad this is not a WWE not to be safe do not touch anybody

  3. This video will fetch WWE huge number of views as it features two Indian guys.
    Remember, Kavita Devi's video?

  4. Vince McMahon loves money & Triple H loves wrestling but, I'm not saying Vince McMahon doesn't love wrestling at all he just loves money more Triple H loves wrestling and this the guy that can take WWE to the Future if Vince McMahon stop being scared and give him the keys to the Empire

  5. These guys seem green as hell. I hope they get more chances to practice and polish their style because they seem very slow, uncoordinated and generic right now. There's definitely potential in them but right now they're very below average.

  6. Saurav Gurjar and Rinku Singh from India. The attire they are wearing actually inspired by great Hindu God Shiva.
    Har Har Mahadeva 🕉️🚩🇮🇳

  7. Both of them are Indians, one of them was a television actor in India and other one a professional baseball player in the US. Their gimmick is the worshippers of 'Mahakal' (the god of death). Kinda like Muscle and Magic (Black/dark).

  8. The stand out in the ring with even Riddle in there is gonna be Malcolm “Stokley Hathaway” Bivens. Dude is a megastar!

  9. Guys stop being salty NXT is all about taking bunch of Nobodies and making them into Sombodies . Seth , Roman , AOP before NXT who knew then ??

  10. They can't even Irish whip properly….they sound like brainless idiots…why do indian wrestlers always need to be over the top!! I don't get it give them a cooler gimmich rather than this stupid one…

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