100 thoughts on “Mansoor vs. Shane Thorne: WWE NXT, Nov. 27, 2019

  1. Idk why but I have this feeling that the only reason why Monsoor is getting a push is just because WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia so they want to push him to make them look good. I’m sorry but I can’t get behind him. And he’s a good wrestler. But what’s going on in the big picture won’t really let me.

  2. Mansoor finally going to be known as someone other than "Oh time to make the saudis happy better put mansoor a star everytime we go there"

  3. Ahh great to see two of newLEGACYinc's big dawgs go one on one jawnny must've went crazy when he heard they had this match

  4. Mansoor is a whitewashing propaganda for the government of Saudi Arabia. He is proud of that. He might be talented but he’s only in his position because of Saudi money.. Don’t forget!

  5. I wish Shane Thorne was pushed more since Nick Miller isn't around. It's kind of sad to see him go out like this. He got talent, I just don't understand

  6. So, why hasn't Mansoor gotten TV time? Unlike those Chinese dudes that were signed as a publicity stunt (anyone else remember how bad Tian Bing was?), this guy is actually pretty dang good

  7. Thorne impressed me here. That tiger suplex into a saito suplex was sick. I loved
    Mansoor's springboard neckbreaker. But should not be a finisher.

  8. Seriously are you out of mind wwe creatives 1st mansoor defect cesaro & 2nd shane throne. Great creative ideas. I think cm punk is right wwe creatives is suck

  9. Do some of you guys think that the reason Mansoor is in WWE is because of their forced relationship with Saudi Arabia? No offense, he is good. Just seems…. odd

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