Marching Orders – Independence Week – WWE Champions

Marching Orders – Independence Week – WWE Champions

hello everybody and welcome to another
video we have independence week currently ongoing in the game
the main featured superstar is sergeant slaughter and his row break training
ability for future event where someone will need that actually it’s the NWO
event coming back after this so we will have another chance at getting trickster
Macho Man so for this one we have blitz free and paid also tours life liberty
and pursuit of happiness plenty of superstars required with American tag
and I have a few but in this video I will check out just open tour tours and
blitzes are going to give us red white and blue star we also have bags bronze
silver and gold the bags from the Brits are different from bags in the tours
only tour bags will give us shards for Sarge 400 shards required to get him so
if not today at least it gets us closer to getting all 400 some day or there is
a direct purchase from the loot section and the event demands all faction
members to play tours and maybe try and get the jackpot gold star from the load
which will sweep away all the milestones for the faction but that’s highly
unlikely let’s begin open tour hell mode and look at the bag at the end and see
how many shards we get for sergeant slaughter it has been pouring since
yesterday and it still is it’s very dark today it’s very cloudy good climate
alright let’s begin with let’s take class advantage against Bulldog I don’t
have my trainer so open tour will give us a bronze bag
I think hundred shards of him are in there so I can do another tour I mean
full so I might get a few more shards but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get up to
four hundred Doink versus british bulldog no greens that’s the end of first opponent we have
three more five thousand red stars Steve Austin
versus Eddie Guerrero Eddie is going to squeeze out all my purple gems but
thankfully I have that work still on I think today is the last day to use that perk
one plus one happy and it’s from the event that happened by the way NWOevent is coming
next which it will give another chance to get much a one-shot I’m still not
sure if I can get it it just requires 200 but it still feels a lot I think he did not try to pick out their
bonus a win is a win a bronze bag so there are two different
bags from the that one was from the tour and this is from the milestone and also
the Blitz has these bags so silver and gold might have more of the same
resources but this is from the tour and it’s going to give 10 to 100 shards and of
course it’s ten shots well need 390 more so I will try to play another tour and
in the next video and I will see how many shards I get there is also a new
gear for stinger which is going to help us remove Seth Rollins from him because
his Rollins used to train him to get more blue gems and I was not sure if
Seth Rollins is a good trainer for stinger because it usually forces a pin
and that is not a huge pin so with that gear Seth Rollins can be removed and
also some other trainer we can put in so that gear is very useful and it is only
available currently from the loot and one more thing about this load is the
gold jackpot which gives a lot of points for the event I’m not I’m not going to
do any pulls but because I don’t require any superstars from here there are
shards for Sarge and stinger if we are missing out on Sarge shards like we are
at 350 or 360 maybe fools will be a good decision but not
right now anyways guys good luck for getting sergeant slaughter I think out
of all the tours and blitz it’s easier to get him from the loot so that’s just
what I think right now because oh the loot as you saw gave me just 10 shards
which is nowhere near 400 alright anyways I will try to upload another
video of stinger hell mode and that’s about it for this video thanks for
watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Things are goi'n gr8 frm the day community pionting fingers now they doi'n evrythng in the right position many free to play guys can claim quickly nd make there roster better… ✌🏼

  2. Nd one more thing jst to remebering we are on no 1 jst for couple of hours our one teammate mange to get the star frm the loot lol

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