Matt Hardy RETIRING From WWE?! Nia Jax Shoots On WWE RAW! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Matt Hardy RETIRING From WWE?! Nia Jax Shoots On WWE RAW! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

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to know when it goes live first. Nia Jax hasn’t been properly featured on
WWE TV since losing to Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules , and her recent Instagram story post
suggests it’s because she’s at home rehabbing an injury . Which is unfortunate not just
because it means she’s unable to wrestle. She also has to watch Raw from home with WWE
commentary. “I feel like Coach says a lot of things,
just to hear himself speak. 🙄” To which Coachman himself replied: “Ouch
Which Nia followed up with a simple winky face tongue out emoji!
Matt Hardy’s recent posts on social media, however, haven’t been as playful.
After teasing the WWE version of his popular Broken gimmick since returning to the company
last year, Matt finally went Woken in November 2017. Sadly, the promotion never fully embraced
the gimmick, putting him in a lacklustre four month feud with Bray Wyatt, which culminated
in them becoming a lacklustre tag team, even when they won the Raw tag titles.
The Deleters of Worlds lost their belts at Extreme Rules three weeks ago, and Hardy has
been in a sombre mood on Twitter ever since, posting “It may be time for US to move on…”
with a picture of him and his brother Jeff walking off the night after the pay-per-view;
and then retweeting a WWE post about him and Bray Wyatt with the caption “DONE”.
And now in his biggest retirement tease, Matt’s tweeted:
“To all that supported me in the independents & OMEGA.. To the fans of Team Xtreme.. To
the Mattitude Followers.. To the OUTSPOKEN fans who brought me back in 2005.. To the
people who backed me when I was REINCARNATED in pro wrestling.. To the #WOKEN Warriors..
THANK YOU.” …along with a collage of various fans he’s
meet throughout his career Matt hasn’t won a match since June, losing
to Curtis Axel twice and Bo Dallas once, and then the tag match at Extreme Rules, and against
the Revival on this week’s Raw. As a special treat for the SWAFT Nation, if
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100 thoughts on “Matt Hardy RETIRING From WWE?! Nia Jax Shoots On WWE RAW! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

  1. KING OLI: That's the 15 minutes up, gang! Thank you very much for all your algorithm helping comments. If y'all ever want to chat outside video hours, we have an open-to-everyone WrestleTalk Discord chat here:

  2. We should all be thankful that we got to have these two guys in our wrestling enjoyment all these years
    I'm surprised,with all the nasty falls,bumps,injuries,they have survived in the ring this long
    I'm sure they could go on and on until their last breath,but sooner or later the road ends and you have to enjoy the rest of your life happy and hopefully pain free
    If this is the last of the Hardy Boyz,I say Thank You and God Bless


  4. Hardys gimmick even as a watered down version was still entertaining. But lets face it, in the ring he was awful.

  5. Seems unfair that wrestletalk are giving so much time promoting cultaholic, when cultaholic barely mention wrestletalk on their channel

  6. I love WWE but I am very disappointed how they've used Matt Hardy. They had a golden opportunity and they failed horrendously. What a waste. Broken Matt was the only reason i EVER watched TNA and i was really excited to see him come back to WWE. Bray Wyatt was also one of my favorite characters when he debuted on Raw and i just can't understand how WWE can fail to utilize such an interesting character.

  7. VINCE MEEKMEHAN SUCCEEDED. He has HATED Broken Matt and basically hates anything he doesn't understand. Well Vince nobody is supposed to actually "understand" it. But Vince has been planning to BURY Matt and any gimmick that is OOOOVER in other promotions. If you get OVER somewhere else, he'll be SURe to BURY you here to make as if you are INFERIOR and the other promotions are also INFERIOR.

    Its NO secret that MEEKMEEHAN doesn't like it when rasslers get OVER on thier OWN without HIS help. Every wrestlers OUTSIDE of WWE MainRoster who is doing well should take heed. Omega should NEVER come to WWE, The Young Bucks? OH HELL NO. The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes? Stay AWAY. No ROH, no NJPW, no Defiant, no NXT, no NOBODY.

    Retire Vince. Go do XFL, I can't wait to see you blow your $500 million down the garbage.

  8. It might be time for the Hardy's to retire, not bc I want them to, but it is just time, Jeff is only 40, but he constantly gets injured, and its not bc he's unsafe, its just bc, well he's 40, and been jumpin off ladders for a career, but i feel before he goes, he might as well get his last dream match in a Hell in a Cell

  9. Hope Matt Hardy retires soon. It will advance Bray Wyatt’s career. Hope Hogan never sets foot near a WWE ring or camera again – EVER.

  10. Maybe The Hardy Boyz should of stayed at Impact Wrestling. Did they not watch Wwe when the Dudley Boyz return in 2015 ? They never even got a push & Wwe just put them through a table on their last appearance on Raw. Mickey James still has not win a champion since her return. Is a bad time to return or join Wwe now they only care about sexy girls & big buff guys if your not any of those your never getting a push.

  11. WrestleTalk 4-4-4-4 life

    Forget Cultaholic, WrestleTalk was here first. Jack the Knobber isnt on the same level as Oli #SupportWrestleTalk

  12. I do like Ross from Cultaholic as he looks, sounds (accent and voice) and talks (the way he talks) just my friend and old flat mate (who is into wrestling big time too). But I have to say Wrestle Talk are my favourites and the includes What Culture as well

  13. how do they prove the autograph of Scott Hall is really him?
    am I getting paperwork that states that Scott Hall signed it?
    I don't want some stamp thing or mass reproduced signature, I want the 100% legit he got the picture or whatever and took a pen and signed it.
    is their a video of him signing it and putting it in the create?
    do I get a call from him stating he signed it?
    with autographs there are a lot of ways to scam people into thinking the person actually took the time to sign it when they don't even know about it.

  14. How big did people really think the broken/woken gimmick was going to be in WWE? He wasn't very high up the card when he was younger and less beat up but people really thought the older and more beat up version would be a main eventer? That's just unrealistic.

    The fact he got 2 more tag titles is a surprise in of itself.

  15. The Hardys made a grave mistake going back to WWE. I said this was going to happen when they signed and I was right

  16. How dare Matt Hardy come in with his own gimmick and push it, instead of taking the back seat to his brother Jeff again!

  17. i dont get mcmahon and these wwe writers.they dont believe in wrestlers but when the wrestler take their ideas elsewhere and become successful now they want them back,only to bury them if they feel a certain type no matter how we the fans feel about these wrestlers.arent we the ones paying for tickets and subscribing for wwe network?

  18. Add WhatCulture Wrestling to the mix and have a triple threat face off with WrestleTalk and the other challenger.

  19. The Love Doctor Donnie Jennings ❤ ,The King Of Connecticut Matt Granahan 👑 ,The Southern Fire Amp Dominick 🔥 ,UFC Hall Of Famer The American Psycho Stephan Bonnar 🇺🇸 ,The N.Y Badass Phil Baroni 💪 😎 BEST EVA!!!, The New Legend Chuck Sloan, Buckshot Buck Carter,Bret "The Crippler" Watson 💀 😎👌#TheFLIQClub Stay Too Sweet!!!🍬🍫🍭

  20. The woken gimmick failed because he doesnt do what he did in Impact.

    The home videos and what not. Really made it

  21. The Hardys are moving on after coming back with a popular gimmick they couldn't use. Wtf did you expect?

  22. Love Matt Hardy. But he's looked so stiff and almost immobile since he came back to wwe, it probably is time to hang it up.

  23. He's not gonna retire. He just doesn't like how his stupid Woken gimmick isn't flying like it did on the other shitty wrestling company

  24. WWE always drops the ball with talents. The fans WANTED the Broken/ Woken Matt character, they give it to them, but they water it down and creative just loses Matt Hardy in the collective of the talent they have. The Woken Matt gimmick could have been VERY big for WWE and almost brought me back as an old fan, but when I seen how much it was watered down compared to what the Broken Hardy's were doing in TNA, I was VERY disappointed. You'd think they would push new gimmicks and get them over, but they don't. Like someone else said, this is what happens when you buy out your competition and no longer need to push the envelope to keep fans interested. WCW, no matter how you see it, made WWE completely rejuvenate their product and bring us some great stuff in the Attitude Era (not saying I completely hate the PG Era), but until another promotion rises up to make them push better content for television then we're stuck with them pushing bullshit down our throats. Also, why the hell is RAW 3 hours long? That seems like it would put more strain on creative than the 2 hour format ever did and a lot of people probably tune out because that's too long for a wrestling show.

  25. Why are you part of the illuminati. That jacket represents monarch mind control. Look up mk ultra monarch. You are being told what to say.

  26. Somber tag team? They are the only tag team in wwe that the fans pop for. (We don't count team hell no) they where a team for 3 weeks.

  27. Bye Jeff an Matt idk why in the hell you took your broken gimmick to wwe smh knew Vince wasn't going to let you grow lmao so bye

  28. Matt Hardy has a spinal injury he is retiring. So you should talk what you know. Or do better investigating before you put a story on YouTube. It's just like Booker T the reason why he retired he has sciatica you don't just get on YouTube and start running your mouth you know what you're talking about these Restless put their lives on the line for entertainment purposes. You YouTubers start to gossip for the purpose if somebody will go on to your Channel the more people go on to your Channel you will make money. But at least tell the truth don't be a jackass about it.

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