100 thoughts on “Matt Hardy’s championship victories: WWE Milestones

  1. Son unas porquerías Harry boys nunca ganaron. Un campeonato. Fue Lita quién los ganó con trampa. Ganan por pena

  2. Matt was cool and all but he wasn't meant for a singles run. The dude had no type of style and grace in his move set. Has no one noticed he's really stiff? He wasn't even able to get up like a normal guy. Early Matt was cool but that was honestly just hype. It was mostly jeffs work.
    Don't even bring up his stupid broken gimmick.

  3. I love watching wwe wrestling. I seen wwe in Worcester about 15 years ago at the Worcester centrum for my 18th birthday. I wish that i could meet all the wwe wrestler's in person.

  4. Matt Hardy is among the most underrated and horribly under-utilised wrestlers that the WWE ever had. Should’ve been bigger. Much bigger

  5. Is it just me or was everything from 2015 and back the fans were more exciting! WWE isn’t really great without the attitude in it.

  6. Matt Hardy's Biggest Accomplishments
    13x Tag Team Champion
    1x European Champion
    1x United States Champion
    1x ECW Champion

  7. The pop for hardy after winning a us title is awesome. You get nothing like that today. Back then every belt felt important

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