Matt & Jeff Hardy “Coming To WWE!” NXT Champion To Main Roster? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Matt & Jeff Hardy “Coming To WWE!” NXT Champion To Main Roster? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can. At the weekend, the WWE Network tweeted out
a clip of Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Wrestlemania 25 match, describing the tables used in one
spot as BROKEN. This is, of course, an all-caps reference
to Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe gimmick, one which WWE’s Twitter accounts are continuing
to tease. The WWE Universe account this time has since
tweeted “that match was pretty WONDERFUL, wasn’t it?” – the all caps ‘WONDERFUL’
being yet another reference to Broken Matt Hardy. And this one awakened him:
“YEEEAAAASSS, it was absolutely..” with a gif of him saying ‘wonderful’. I like how Matt Hardy clearly has a collection
of gifs of himself to use for tweets. Yeah, I said ‘GIF’ with a soft G. Come at me, hatters. Following this week’s episode of Raw, it
was announced the six person tag team championship match between Galanderson, Sheamaro and Enzo
& Big Cass will now be a ladder match. People have started to join up a few dots. Tag teams? Ladders? Hardy Boy teases from WWE? Enter Dave Meltzer with the latest on Matt
and Jeff’s potential return. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting
“The Hardys are coming to WWE, and soon. The only question is what day and what brand…Contractually,
they can debut whenever WWE wants them to debut. The only question is the legal aspect of the
gimmick and where that stands.” Both Matt and Jeff will be in Orlando this
Sunday morning for the WWN tailgate party, so they’ll be a short drive away from Wrestlemania
just hours before the show starts. But as Meltzer points out, the Broken gimmick
is still the subject of a legal dispute – do the Hardys own the character rights, or do
TNA Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment? Because of this confusion, The Hardy Boys
might not return to WWE as their Broken characters. Matt’s latest move in the ownership debate
isn’t to hire more lawyers, or to go over his original contract once again. It’s to dip the TNA World Tag Team Championship
belts into his Lake of Reincarnation. In the video posted on his YouTube channel,
Matt explains he and Jeff are now much bigger than just the ‘World’ tag team champions
– they’re the greatest team in time and space – so they render the TNA Championships
obsolete. The video description contains some choice
words for their legal foes Anthem. You need to know that Anthem’s company logo
has an owl in it, otherwise this quote might be even more confusing… “After exerting everything within our VESSELS
to make TNA trendy and cool again, we were betrayed by the OBSOLETE OWL…This video
was shot, edited and scored by the BRILLIANT Queen Rebecca Hardy, who also shot/edited/scored
several similar vignettes for TNA without ever being paid, credited, or signing over
the rights for TNA to use them.” The Hardy Boys might not be the only surprise
in store for Wrestlemania. Current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka has been
working Smackdown house shows during the buildup to WWE’s biggest show of the year, mostly
tagging with Becky Lynch and Tamina to beat Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Carmella at the brand’s
live events. Considering all those names but Tamina are
involved in this Sunday’s Smackdown Women’s Championship match, it’s been speculated
Asuka could be making her surprise main roster debut on the Wrestlemania pre-show. Unfortunately for all those fantasy booking
scenarios, Dave Meltzer has revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Asuka is scheduled to
be in NXT for quite a while. Hear Luke Owen pitch his Asuka surprise debut
at Wrestlemania 33 in our Smackdown Predictions, and watch my review of the blue brand’s
big go-home show by clicking the videos to the left and subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Matt & Jeff Hardy “Coming To WWE!” NXT Champion To Main Roster? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

  1. hi Oli Did you missed the #GiveSDWomensaChance they are on Preshow not in a Maincard what the heck happen in WWE! They are really deserved in Live Events cause they are really hard working! Compare in Raw Womens Division i was so bored when i watching them 😑!

  2. so i just realized that there will be no smackdown tag team chamionship match did they is it because jimmy and jey uso are in the memorial battle royal

  3. Well the Hardys are in a Ladder Match with ROH in Florida on Saturday. I thought WWE was just trying to rip off ROH. But maybe two ladder matches in two days isn't impossible.

  4. Ok so if the hardys come back as BROKEN they need to feud with The Wyatts. If the come back as the Extreme Hardys they should feud with The Usos.

  5. when they brought back The Dudley Boys did they used the better bully ray gimmick that was in tnt. no they did not they uesd the old gimmick that was lesser. so even if hardy do come back do really think they will let used the broken gimmick. i do not think so they will be like how they were in there first run a wwe

  6. Hardys to delete new day at Mania!!! And smack down or raw aren't READY FOR ASUKA!! She's the best woman superstar and hope she does step up to the main roster she will beat any woman on rosters she's beat most already in the past… Bailey Nia jax etc.. I'm actually excited this year about the whole mania weekend hof Friday nxt Saturday an mania Sunday.. Then raw Monday an smackdown Tuesday then nxt Wednesday lol. Almost a week of wrestling!!!!!

  7. I think Matt should go to smackdown, while Jeff goes to raw. Then while the brand split draft comes next year, Matt could build up a feud between himself and Bray. Then after they build this up I think Luke should join in. Then every show during smackdown, Matt should have little segments of where he needs a partner to DELETE the Wyatts. This would then turn into Jeff coming to the blue brand and join Matt in the feud leading up to wrestlemania next year.

  8. no sweeter justice can be done to the world of professional wrestling then the broken hardys returning to wwe. well maybe letting finn balor finally return to tv and ppv…

  9. does anyone think that the Hardy Boys should debut without the "broken" gimmick, and if they get the rights away from TNA, have them lose the titles (like, dominated while they lose them) and have it "break" them?

  10. dude Matt not Jeff hardy returning I can't wait to see them onstage again. so awesome it beats miz and maryse acting like a good couple when they actually suck at everything but hey maybe jhon Cena will show respect for some old buds right?

  11. since they have there expedition of gold at the moment. maybe they even will interfere in the ladder match and vince will come out and make it 4 tag team match

  12. Mcmahon isnt buying ROH he is negociating with them to bring in the Hardys with the ROH belts so they can remain space time champions when they arrive in WWE

  13. Only concern about the Hardys' return is the outcome with the Dudley Boyz and how they were booked before they left.

  14. both of the hardys gimmicks are dope, But I'd rather see the broken gimmick gotta have Matt vs Bray it has to happen.

  15. I had a dream today where Matt and Jeff returned on RAW, Matt was wearing a weird combination of his broken gimmick clothing and his WWE clothing, while Jeff wore his old black tank top and jeans. Worth mentioning that their awesome theme from their earlier days in WWE was used. They had a small promo and then took on The Club, who they beat.

  16. I've wanted the hardy boyz to return, not the "broken" hardyz. So honestly it's gonna sound really shitty and people are going to comment saying I'm not a true fan but I hope they lose the legal battle. Honestly I don't think this gimmick would look right in WWE either. In tna it seemed good but in wwe I think it would look goofy. But that's just my opinion

  17. Wait if they declared that Tag team match as a ladder match and the Hardyz loved doing tag team ladder matches for tag team belts would that mean WWE MIGHT im saying MIGHT but would WWE announce they will have a SURPRISE Tag Team in that match it could be the Hardyz. Do you agree with me?

  18. So happy to see Asuka on nxt.Hope she will never debut on the shitty main roster.I dont want Vince to kill her career so nxt is better

  19. I'd love them to show at wrestlemania, but if there's still dispute over the gimmick, my hope of them appearing on Sunday is fading.

  20. I wish Broken Hardy's would debut on Mania to guest host with New Day.. it would help distract from Woods everytime he comes out

  21. I strongly dislike what Anthem are doing to the Hardys. Should've kept them signed. But concerning the legal dispute, I think some people forget how WWE has treated their talent in a very similar way over the years. I'd much rather have the Hardys go somewhere else where their talent is needed and appreciated. WWE just wants to put every other company under.

  22. Her Mr. Davis there is actually an interview with Jeff Hardy where he said there hasn't been any contracts signed or anything he said all these claims are false. It's on WrestleZone.

  23. I've Always Been a Matt Hardy fan even B4 the Broken Gimmick, When I saw him in the money in the bank match he became a favorite of mine.

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