Mauro Ranallo reacts to Black and Gargano’s Steel Cage Match: WWE Exclusive, Dec. 19, 2018

Mauro Ranallo reacts to Black and Gargano’s Steel Cage Match: WWE Exclusive, Dec. 19, 2018

He finds himself about to be
locked into a cage with Johnny. What the,
Johnny Gargano attacking Aleister Black. My God, what a kick. Tommaso Ciampa pulling
the strings like Tom Morello, but it’s Black who’s in a rage. And this match is about
to become official. Aleister Black,
Johnny Gargano inside of a steel cage. Black now putting the boots to Gargano. And Black’s bells just got jingled. Black walking the ropes trying
to find the advantage or avoiding the attack moonsault
by Black on Johnny Gargano. Wow, Black is going to escape the cage. Black is on his way to Phoenix. My God, holy, Johnny Gargano, power bombing. Black off the ropes. Sit to leaning offense by Aleister Black,
kick up by Gargano. And a super kick by Gargano. Black running, jumping knee sends Gargano
crashing to the canvas in a heap. The kicking of Aleister Black and
Johnny Gargano. Russian leg sweep, into the Gargano
escape and Black taps, and Black taps, Gargano wins. Gargano would win and Black struggling, struggling not to tap in
the grips of the Gargano escape. But now Gargano looking to escape! Gargano’s going to escape the cage! Gargano’s gonna win,
Gargano’s gonna escape the cage! We’ve already seen Gargano
throw caution to the wind. Will he go for broke again? Will he break anything? Wow! They attack meteora by Black. All high amplitude German
suplex with a bridge and Gargano just escaped Aleister Black. So close to finishing another brutal
chapter in his rivalry with Gargano. Jada, Black mass, Black mass. Black mass by Aleister Black. Johnny Gargano just had his clock
cleaned by the former NXT champion. Tommaso Ciampa, Tommaso Ciampa just sent
the door crashing into Aleister Black. Meanwhile Gargano is still
on the outside of the cage. It’s no disqualification, anything goes.

100 thoughts on “Mauro Ranallo reacts to Black and Gargano’s Steel Cage Match: WWE Exclusive, Dec. 19, 2018

  1. I love how enthusiastic this guy is he. The man just loves what he's doing and unlike the commentators on raw or smackdown he doesn't need to make corny jokes or make fun of their fellow commentators this is what made jr great and this is what makes Mauro great is excitement when something big happens Michael Cole and Corey graves and the rest of them don't give any emotion

  2. The WWE must now this guy's commenting talents otherwise they wouldn't have done this video! Cole reads from a script – you can see him doing it when Shane McMahon jumps off the Cell at Wrestlemania.

  3. Raw would be sooooo much entertaining and awesome if this guy would be on the commentary table instead of Michael Cole ..but I guess since triple h said that "WE ARE THE AUTHORITY" WE could make this happen .

  4. the best commentator of our generation… Jim Ross had that stand out way of doing it and MAMMA MIA so does Mauro… look how animated he gets lol

  5. The passion he has in his voice with everything call he makes just gives you goosebumps man. Straight up Mauro Ranallo is the Jim Ross of this generation.

  6. These videos have ruin NXT for me. Now I won't want to watch unless I can see Mauro's reactions. These are priceless. It's difficult to find passion like this these days.

  7. I have no problem with Renee or Philips but why can’t we have him instead? We don’t deserve him but WE HAVE TO HAVE HIM ON THE MAIN ROSTER.

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