100 thoughts on “Memorable Survivor Series team reveals: WWE Top 10, Nov. 17, 2019

  1. I hope that this company will be better off if Vince McMahon dies…
    Same story line sick and tired..
    Better to switch to AEW. rather than wasting 3 hours of wwe

  2. 3:50 remember when they build tension between Triple H and Strowman during that Surivior series match that year, and then absolutely nothing afterwards? Yeah, neither does wwe.

  3. If you including Undertaker's debut, what about Rock's debut?

    What about 2004 – Cena joining Guerrero's team?
    2006 – Ron Simmons replacing Roddy Piper on the Legend's team vs. Spirit Squad?
    2001 – Big Show replacing Vince McMahon on Team WWE vs. WCW/ECW?

  4. As much of a waste the Alliance angle was, there were so many moments from it that could/should have made this list; The old Stone Cold returning, his subsequent defection, The Rock returning and choosing Team WWF, Angle joining The Alliance…

  5. Lol think Shane wears glasses haha pushed on his face and nothing was there haha know when ur getting old eh 😂😂😂

  6. the rock being the final member of team wwf? does anyone remember that moment? wwf vs wcw/ecw? survivor series? winner take all?

  7. I love how lots the fans were scared of the undertaker or were terrified and his first match is the best one since he gets to show up at Survivor Series one of the best pay per views

  8. Anyone else like Luke Harpers reaction when Erick Rowan walks down the ramp?
    Also Big Show is laughing but he turns heel again.

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