98 thoughts on “Mia Yim challenges NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler

  1. Goldberg: Guess What Son? Youre Next

    Ziggler: Guess what Oldberg? 2 spears and a jackhammer ain't redemption – still proves you cant wrestle, but anyway I will sell like hell to put you over

  2. People who only watch main roster shows/ppvs… DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND START WATCHING NXT AND TONIGHTS NXT TAKEOVER. You wont be dissapointed.

  3. Mia Yim if you don't win the NXT Women's Champion we will riot. Good luck against Shayna Baszler tonight at NXT Takeover Toronto.

  4. I hope Shayna wins and I think she will, I mean IO and Bianca Belair didn't win from Baszler so Mia Yim shouldn't win already, if she does then its fine because Mia Yim is cool

  5. I hope Shayna loses the title so she can finally debut on raw and have the four horse women feud, would be awesome

  6. I'm ready for Shayne to lose, but I can see her winning here, challenged to a no dq over rumble weekend with Yim, losing there, then winning the rumble

  7. Ngl Rn, I am not interested in this feud. I think it would have been better for Candice to win long ago. Shayna has run her course, I am thoroughly bored with her with the title.

  8. NXT currently has the ugliest collection of women on the planet, between Shayna, Mia, Rhea, and the Belair chick NXT is like a freak show.

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  11. Ojala que sea mía yim la que destrone a shayna como campeona de nxt , de verdad que ya aburrió shayna como la cara femenina de nxt , wwe debe de cambiar eso por que de verdad yo pienso que la actual campeona de nxt ya tuvo su momento de gloria ahora que deje alas demás brillar no creen

  12. I dnt understand why they dnt hire eddie Guerrero's daughter she would blow the fucken place up just becuz shes a guerrero alone but i seen some of her matches in the past shes talented

  13. Shayna is the best thing in NXT right now as for the women’s division I have her retaining the NXT Women’s title.

  14. Mia, I love babe! But you're gonna Tap, then you're gonna Nap and then Shayna's gonna pick a body part and make it Snap. SORRY! but it is what it is. SB is a monster, and she will eat you alive!

  15. and when it is all said and done, these two circus freaks go back to the same house and have a beer…only in california does such a delusion as "wrestling" ubiquitously proliferate.

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