68 thoughts on “NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch dethrones 24/7 Champion R-Truth: Raw, Dec. 2, 2019

  1. You think R-Truth parents stop having kids after they gave birth to him . Cause i know if my woman gave birth to to something like that . It would scare me into having any other kids

  2. ladies and gentlemen. My name is Paul Heyman and I Am The Advocate for your reigning defending Undisputed NASCAR Monster Energy Cup champion Kyle Busch. And later this month at TLC in a four corners match. My client Kyle Busch will win back his 24/7 title. That ladies and gentlemen is not a prediction it's a spoiler

  3. Him and tamina (father of a murderer) have more titles on the main roster than Sami Zayn does. Jesus what did Zayn did?

  4. I'm calling it right now …..Elton John is the next 24/7 champion….. yep, you heard it right here on YouTube. This day in history.

  5. Not so memorable. At the level of David Arquette. 🙁 and Arquette WCW title run was a total forgettable moment.
    Kyle Busch is not prepared for wrestling as Jon Herb (puah) and Hermie Sadler were.

  6. R-Truth was actually losing on purpose but was actually trying to make the fans that R-Truth didn't want to lose as he gave a freak face after the lost match to Kyle Busch

  7. Why is Carmela not helping?????

    She done that before to help R-Truth and NOW She's too lazy to help R-Truth. That's why she's not helping


  8. Wwe is totally scripted.Imagine kyle was pinning him but r truth is strong can't he kickout his pin?Even Kyle's pinning way is not correct.Surely can say its scripted LOL

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