New Paul Heyman Guys Pushed! WWE Star Mocks WWE 24/7 Title Changes! Wrestling News!

New Paul Heyman Guys Pushed! WWE Star Mocks WWE 24/7 Title Changes! Wrestling News!

. Here is your news for
December 25, 2019. We’re starting off this special
Christmas Day edition of Slat
Rock Wrestling by looking ahead to next month’s Royal
Rumble, as we are soon to
find out who will face Universal Champion Bray Wyatt
at the Pay Per View. On this week’s SmackDown,
Daniel Bryan, The Miz and King
Corbin will compete in a number-one contenders Triple
Threat, and with Corbin
expected to carry on his feud with Roman Reigns, he is the
least likely to face the Fiend. Another match expected to be
announced for the show is
RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch defending her title
against Asuka, and the feud
between these two goes back months, as The Man has
never been able to pin the
Empress of Tomorrow, even losing to Asuka at the 2019
Rumble. Following the actions of Seth
Rollins and the AOP on this
week’s RAW, fans should expect to see the BeastSlayer take
on Samoa Joe, though this, of
course, depends on whether Joe has recovered from
the thumb injury that has kept
him on the shelf. If you keep watching RAW and
SmackDown for the next month,
expect some stars to start getting big pushes, as we
move towards the two titular
Royal Rumble matches, and the event itself will take place
next month on January 26th. Two Superstars who have received
airtime in the past few weeks on
RAW are Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black, and
that’s all thanks down to RAW
Executive Director Paul Heyman. On the latest Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer said that
there are plans to make the Australian a big heel,
and the Dutchman a huge
babyface, though that will be easier said than done. Meltzer pointed out that history
shows that many pushes have
been derailed with younger guys, saying: “There’s always the chance, no
matter what the plan is, that it
gets derailed,” “There’s a pretty high percentage
with new stars that things get
derailed.” This year, stars like Ricochet and
Cedric Alexander received big
pushes that quickly fizzled out, so hopefully, things will
be different for Black and Murphy,
who won squash matches this week and will
face each other next week on the
final RAW of the decade. Next week’s RAW will also feature
the Wedding ceremony between
Lana and Bobby Lashley, meaning there are plenty
of reasons for the fans to tune in. We’re looking outside of the
company now, as CBS Sports
has unveiled their 2019 Wrestling Awards, which has seen
the best of the best from the past
year. NXT Champion Adam Cole took
home the coveted wrestler of
the year award, thanks to his incredible rise on the gold
brand, as well as leading the
show during its move to being a two-hour show and on
the USA Network. When asked about winning the
award, the Undisputed Era star
said: “It’s really cool when you think
back on all the cool stuff that
has gone on for me this year, and you reflect back on all
the big matches and moments,”
“To close it out with something like this and
being announced the wrestler
of the year, that’s about as cool as it gets.” Here are all the winners of the
CBS Sports Wrestling Awards: Back to WWE now, and whilst this
week’s edition of RAW saw a
sharp downturn in viewers, this was to be expected. After all, most fans will have been
busy with their holiday preparation,
and those fans who did want to find out what
happened already had spoilers
available, as the show was taped a week in advance. Sure enough, this week’s RAW
averaged 1.84 million viewers,
down from last year’s Christmas Eve show that did
1.78 million. In the breakdown, hour one did
1.96 million, and this fell to 1.86
in hour two, before settling at 1.69 at hour three. Though WWE expected something
like this, Monday’s NFL Game on
ESPN drew 13.57 million viewers, proving that the
viewership is there to be had,
if the product is compelling enough. We’ll have to see what next year’s
final RAW of the decade does for
the company’s ratings, as the WWE prepares to
enter the 2020s and hopefully, a
return to high- viewing figures. Three men who know all about
appearing on RAW are D’Lo
Brown, the Godfather and Mark Henry, and this week, the
trio from the Nation of Domination
enjoyed a meal together on the latest Table for 3. After sharing some backstage
stories from their time in the
group and Mark Henry’s debut and would later confirm a
rumor that first began over 20
years ago. In 1997, it was reported in the
Wrestling Observer Newsletter
that there were plans to bring back Papa Shango, who
the Godfather had played from
the character’s debut in 1992. It definitely would have been
interesting to see the cartoony
Shango as part of the Attitude Era, and during Table
for 3, Charles Wright, the man
behind both Shango and Godfather confirmed that there
were plans for the Witchdoctor’s
return. Fan speculation at the time said
that Shango would return with
Paul Bearer as his manager and would be linked to
the debut of Kane, but ultimately,
none of this came to pass. In the video, Wright said that Vince
McMahon changed his mind, and
he would instead join the Nation as MMA
fighter Kama Mustafa, before
morphing into the Godfather a few months later. Until this week, the rumor of a
Shango return had never been
confirmed by anyone in WWE, so it’s good to see this
22-year rumor finally be put
to bed. We’re looking at some John Cena
news next, as though the 16-time
World Champion hasn’t competed regularly in quite
some time, Cena is still a big deal. This week, Hannibal TV sat down
with former WWE Superstar
Gene Snitsky, who said that Cena isn’t as serious as
people think, saying: “He’s actually pretty silly. He likes
to goof around and have a good
time. There’s a lot of times where if we were at an
airport or got stuck somewhere,
we’d polish off a bottle of whiskey and goof
around. A super nice guy.” Though Snitsky may be a fan of
Cena, the monster heel did
reveal some injuries he received Big Match John, when he
was asked about whether facing
Cena in a lumberjack match was the
biggest moment of his career.
He said: “It depends on who you ask. It’s
cool wrestling John, I’ve wrestled
him a bunch of times. He actually broke my ribs.
He did that side slam out of the
corner, and all 250 pounds came down right on my
rib. I still have the little
calcification on my ribs. I always joke around with people,
“Feel that!” They’re like, “Oh
my God,” and I’m like, “Yeah, John Cena did that.” It’s
funny. John’s a good guy.” At nearly 50 years old, the
possibility of a Snitsky in-ring
return seems pretty slim, though there’s no stopping the
former Superstar from returning
backstage as a trainer for the next generation of
Superstars. Now, we all know that ‘Stone Cold’
Steve Austin is a legendary
wrestler and star of films and TV, but recently, the
Texas Rattlesnake has added
music videos to his IMDB profile In the music video for Bad Bunny’s
“¿Quién Tu Eres”, Austin could be
found around the four-minute mark, and as he
tells some bikers not to f**k with
Bunny, before delivering the stunner, it’s clear
the former WWF Champion
hasn’t lost a step. This isn’t the first time that Bunny,
a long-time wrestling fan has
worked with a Superstar, as Ric Flair appeared
in Bad Bunny’s Chambea music
video in 2017, and we can’t help but wonder who will
appear in the Bunny’s next video. From one legend to the ring to
another now, as Matt Hardy
recently ran a Twitter Q&A and got some interesting
questions from the fans. When asked about how much
longer he plans to compete,
the Woken One said he has 3-4 years left, and he’s already
trying to help with the new
generation of stars. It’s been well-documented that
Matt’s contract is slated to
expire in early 2020, and whilst the former ECW Champion
has been used in quick quash
matches on RAW, Matt seems at peace with his
latest WWE tenure. This year has seen the WWE
enter the podcasting world,
thanks to Corey Graves After the Bell show and the New Day’s
Feel the Power, and it doesn’t
look like the company is stopping with just those two. The PW Insider is reporting that
Alexa Bliss will soon get her own
WWE podcast, and that the pilot for her currently
un-named show will be recorded
in the next few weeks. In more podcast news, Triple H
and Shawn Michaels will appear
on this Thursday’s After the Bell, as the pair of
degenerates will have plenty to
say with the Saviour of Misbehaviour. One thing the Game and HBK
probably don’t wanna talk
about is WWE’s falling attendance figures, and whilst
things are bad, it’s not their
biggest slump ever. During Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer mentioned that
WWE lost to the UFC this year in the battle to have
more events with 10,000 fans,
and this was the first time this had happened, as
Meltzer said: “This is nowhere close to the
worst year for attendance
numbers for WWE. The mid- 90’s were much, much worse
than now, but it’s the first time
that UFC had more shows that did over 10,000 than
WWE and they almost doubled
them.” 2020 could be a very interesting
year for WWE, as they’re by no
means closing down, and are making a ton of money
from their TV contracts and
Saudi Arabia to keep them afloat. The WWE is also still offering
huge contracts, but for now, the
live attendance numbers need some serious work. One feud that has had fans
hooked in recent weeks is the
beef between Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks, which has been
made personal since they brought
Evans’ daughter into the situation. On Instagram, the Boss said that
she was quite proud of herself in
a video where she taunted the Daughter of the Sassy
Southern Belle, adding the caption
“I’m gonna be a great mom someday.” The Lady of WWE obviously didn’t
appreciate the post, and also
didn’t like the idea of Banks reproducing at all, saying: “You can barely handle this job
without taking a break
sweetheart…..stick with a dog and don’t reproduce. #LegitMyAss” 2019 has been a huge year for
Lacey Evans, who debuted as
a heel and competed for the RAW Women’s Title, before
turning face and moving to
SmackDown. It’s clear that there are many
backstage who are a fan of the
Sassy Southern Belle, so fans should expect big things for
the Lady and her family in 2020. And we’re ending with news of the
WWE 24/7 Championship today,
as Akira Tozawa briefly held the gold on this
week’s RAW when he pinned
R-Truth. When Truth won the title back
during RAW, these antics
caught the attention of Drew Gulak, who took to Twitter to
mock the 24/7 title, and the
constant title changes. Sarcastically saying that Truth’s
latest title win will bring legitimacy
and credibility to the 24/7 Championship, it’s clear
that the No-Fun Gulak isn’t a fan
of the green title. Though Gulak may not be planning
on going after the gold, the title
has been received positively in recent months, and
has been associated with Truth
after being introduced to a mixed reaction by the crowd,
by Mick Foley in May this year. But what do you think of the 24/7
Championship? Do you agree
with Gulak, and who do you want to see win the title
next? Leave your comments
below, and as always, thanks for watching.

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  3. B Murphy and A Black rivaly is the next Randy vs Cena imo. Love their matches and attitudes. Hopefully they get to the top sooner rather than later.

  4. Wwe went from 40 million views to barely doing 2 struggle to make 3. The problem is those 40 million that watch we are much older now this new way to create stars doesn’t work for us fans Vince focuses on giving us horrible entertainment instead of letting the wrestlers be themselves

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