New WWE Faction DEBUT?! Shock Championship Change! | WWE Smackdown 1000, Oct 16 2018 Review

New WWE Faction DEBUT?! Shock Championship Change! | WWE Smackdown 1000, Oct 16 2018 Review

There’s a title change and a new faction
formed! A huge WrestleMania 35 match is teased! And there were a lot of pointless cameos.
I am Luke Owen, leave a comment as I’ll be replying to as many of them as I can for
the first 15 minutes of this video going live – and vote in the poll above my head to
let me know what you thought of the show – choosing from SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in
the Middle, Ellsworthy and A Smack in the Face. This is the 1,000th episode of Smackdown
in about 4 minutes… The show opened with a tremendous video package
that showed some of the most memorable moments from Smackdown’s previous 1,000 episodes.
Which means they focused mostly on the late 90s, and early to mid-2000s. Moments like
Rhyno goring Chris Jericho through the screen, Vince McMahon winning the WWF Championship,
Stephanie McMahon becoming Women’s Champion, Big Boss Man ruining Big Show’s dad’s
funeral, Teddy Long having a heart attack, Teddy Long’s face when he was in a car with
The Undertaker, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cowboy hats, and my personal favourite – PRICE
CHECK ON JACKASS. We then got the return of Truth TV, complete
with not one – but two dance breaks. Truth’s guest was Stephanie McMahon’s awful entrance
music, who was quickly interrupted by her brother Shane McMahon. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN
SHANE?! Remarkably he’s still the commissioner of Smackdown Live, and welcomed Stephanie
to the A show. This brought down Vincent Kennedy McMahon with one of the best entrance themes
ever, who said the crowd didn’t want to see Shane and Stephanie bickering – they
wanted another dance break. And that was it. Camoes! What was much better was a fun tag team match
between The Usos taking on WWE Champion AJ Styles and his number one contender Daniel
Bryan. Styles and Bryan will of course be having a match at Crown Jewel *cough* from
Saudi Arabi *cough* wait what? No, I just said it was on the WWE Network. Umm… look
AJ is having a match! The finish saw AJ and Bryan accidentally collide – leading to
The Usos getting the win. AJ and Bryan had an uneasy stare off – showing that this
once friendly rivalry might become something more heated. A thumbs up segment. Paige was doing nothing backstage, when Vickie
Guerrero, Teddy Long and Johnny Ace showed up. Cameos! …And the Smackdown celebrations continued
when Evolution made their first ever appearance on the show. Yeah I don’t know why this
Raw-exclusive act were here either. Well apart from the obvious but we’ll get to that.
This was pretty fun, though, with Batista and Ric sharing a cute missed fist bump, and
the most natural line of the night when Batista joked with Flair, “keep that thing in your
pants” – a line that got a huge pop from the crowd and made all four of them break
character. But really this segment was here to tease a possible WrestleMania match between
Batista and Triple H. Big Dave said that Trips has done everything there is to do in this
business – except beat him. WRESTLEMANIA STARE INTENSIFIES. Apart from that, Cameos. The Miz defeated Rusev in less than 30 seconds
after an Aiden English distraction to qualify for the World Cup. What’s that? Oh yeah,
sorry. I meant The World Cup To Determine The Best In The World. Rusev then beat up
English after the match. Oh, and Kurt Angle was on commentary. Cameos. After another small cameo from Curt Hawkins
with Edge backstage, the best cameo of the evening Tony Chimel introduced The Rated R
SOOOOOPERSTAR for a segment with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Edge brought out Becky
and said that she reminds him a lot of himself. He said that he did the same thing she did
– he gave up every friendship and burnt every bridge to get to the top only to find
out it’s a lonely place. Acting like he was Luke Skywalker and Becky was Darth Vader,
Edge said he could still see the good person inside Becky Lynch – and said that eventually
she will not like herself. Becky responded by saying she doesn’t like herself – she
loves herself. BE-CKY! BE-CKY! BE-CKY! She told Edge to get out of her ring when the
valiant babyface Charlotte came down to a chorus of boos. They got into a fight which
the refs had to break up. This Becky Lynch being a heel thing still isn’t working,
and yet the train keeps rolling. We then got a decent Super Show Down rematch
between The Bar and New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships – which featured
Jerry Lawler and Booker T providing commentary. Cameos! [Keep as one shot] You know, I really
would have liked to have seen Michael Cole and Tazz do commentary for this match – and
I never thought I would say I would like to see Cole do commentary on anything. The Bar
took off the top of New Day’s pancake commentary table when The Big Show made his way down
to the ring. While it looked like he was there to save New Day, he made his 1,000th turn
on this 1,000th episode and chokeslammed Kofi Kingston through the table. Sheamus hit the
Brogue Kick on Big E and The Bar are your new tag team champions – who celebrated
in the ring with Big Show like they’re a brand new faction. O….kay then? We then got a pre-taped promo and cameo from
John Cena’s hair, which by the lighting behind him was likely done at Super Show Down. And we got our final entrant in the World
Cup To Determine The Best In The World, when Rey Mysterio pinned Shinsuke Nakamura is a
pretty sloppy match. These two never felt like they were on the same page, but it is
fun to see Rey back in a WWE ring. He hit the 619 and dropped the dime for the win… …And was immediately cut off by The Undertaker’s
dong. He made his slow way to the ring, and then cut perhaps the shortest promo in Smackdown
history. He literally said that DX will rest in peace and then he left. The entrance was
longer than the promo. Cameo. Unlike a lot of nostalgia shows done by WWE,
Smackdown 1000 tried to further its own storylines – which it did with AJ and Bryan, and to
some extent Becky and Charlotte. We did get new tag champs and an intriguing new faction,
as well as that Batista and Triple H Mania tease, but the show never really felt like
a celebration of Smackdown. Where was The Rock, John Cena, JBL, an Eddie Guerrero video
package? Where was Tazz on commentary? Plus we didn’t get an appearance from the advertised
Torrie Wilson so this should really get A Smack in the Face. It wasn’t a great nostalgia
show, nor was it a great episode of Smackdown. I guess the show was fine. Smackdown 1000
was Smack Bang in the Middle. It was better than Raw 25. Check out Oli Davis and myself review Monday
Night Raw on the WrestleRamble by clicking the video on screen right now. I’ve been
Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “New WWE Faction DEBUT?! Shock Championship Change! | WWE Smackdown 1000, Oct 16 2018 Review

  1. Being such a huge wrestling fan I believe the 1000 episode of Smackdown could have had some changes to it. My two favorite parts was the Battista/Triple H tease and the return of Rey Mysterio!! But seeing some of the returning stars left me wanting more from them……and it just didn't happen. Going forward, in my opinion, Smackdown needs to follow it's montra the "Land of Opportunity" and give new stars, or even struggling stars, some new, fresh, and much needed storylines that'll draw in the WWE Universe. (Again just an opinion…..)

  2. I swear they have a wheel in the back with 20 slots on it 10 heel 10 face that Big Show spins before he comes out. Whatever it lands on determines who he attacks.

  3. I love the (probably unplanned) dressing dynamic of Evolution. You have the youngest and oldest members looking corporate and the inbetweeners in leather jackets.

  4. How could you skip the sexiest part of the night when Lana came over and gave Aiden English a nice fresh kick between the legs with those sexy legs and heels

  5. I was there In the freezing area …… not the best show …..the best part was evolution …. and the hhh vs Batista hype and the Becky lines on the cutting edge
    And where’s is joe ?

  6. Becky Lynch is literally the best and only thing on SD worth watching! I can't even get excited for Daniel Bryan and AJ despite that being a dream match.

  7. So just so I'm absolutely correct on this: The WORLD cup, features eight AMERICAN wrestlers. and that's all. What a wide array of countries represented by this world cup.

  8. They could have just let Lawler and Booker work the entire match instead making them look like fools not knowing who's commentary panel goes on air or not. Or they could have made Booker and Lawler work alternately different matches as guest commentators for the entire show.

  9. John Cena's hair cut a promo 😂 couple decent matches. The Undertaker's promo was ridiculous. Would've loved to seen the odd couple of VM and R truth. That woulda been hilarious

  10. Big Show can barely walk…and Nakamura was pissed on again. Lousy show. Plus, the Bryan/Stiles thing with The Usos made them look weak.

  11. They gotta bring back the NWO with Finn Balor and the members of the Bullet Club so we can see them 2 sweet each other again

  12. No Brock Lesnar! No Rock! No Rikishi! No RVD! No Melina! No Hardcore Holly! No DDP! No AL Snow! No Victoria! Not Even Stacy Kiebler And Hornswoggle. like i said Smackdown 1000 was okay but it could of been Alot Better if they had 3 hours…

  13. John Laurinaitis. Vickie Guerrero. Teddy Long. JBL…. they decide to start the show with the Mcmahon's. They already lost me with that shit….

  14. Evolution was the highlight of Smackdown 1000, Mysterio and Edge (but where was Christian?)

    I thought Stone Cold, Mick Foley, Hogan, Nash, Rock, Tazz, JR & etc would make an appearance…. but NOOO of course. The WWE just can't get it right.

  15. I think people's expectations were a bit too high for this episode of SD. RAW 25 was a clear indicator of things to come

  16. A low smack bang in the middle. A dance break from Vince, A tweet from the Rock, A moral compassing from Edge, A Video package from Cena, 3 words from the Undertaker and nothing from Stone Cold. Best part of Smack down was the Evolution segment who we're from RAW. Very disappointing.

  17. Am I the only one who now hates Ric Flair? He's such a pathetic caricature and it's just like ugh. Also, Trips is now becoming Hogan in trying to get all his wins back. So brace yourself for a few more of these. Braun will take that loss. So will… Okay so maybe Trips buried everybody else. EXCEPT The Ultimate Warrior! Jim is to Trips as Yokozuna is to Hogan. And I don't mean dead either!

  18. Revamp 205 with Rey as champ bring back the cruiser weights that are missing/unemployed.
    Batiesta he Don't need the WWE his movies doing good!
    Lots missing yes I guess JBL, Rock, Cena. Jerhico &Taz?
    Triple H / Undertaker Rival ah..Boring I'm going to sleep now!
    PS-They keep saying who's Best in The World and that is "Punk Regurdless.
    They should refrain or stop using them words.

  19. We all know those weren't edge's real words,just what he was told to say. The wwe doesn't seem to get that noone will boo becky,cheer Roman or do what Vince wants them to do. That's what happens when you constantly insult your fans intelligence.

  20. favorite moments of smackdown…vince talking to himself in the mirror and turning his chair to show…NWO…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhocked and excited and love the market brawl between austin and bookuh t…I bet I've had some cool moments on smackdown

  21. Rusev : What happened in Milwaukee

    Lana : Spell my name backwards

    Subscribe to my channel for amazing wrestling videos

  22. WWE needs big factions like the Bullet Club, but they never go over 3 people, well the Wyatt family had 4 people for about 4 seconds

  23. The show is just 2 hours. Vince should’ve made it 3 hours as a gift for SmackDown 1000 instead of another dance break, although the dance break surely did follow the theme of the celebration.

    Other superstars weren’t on the show because like I said. “2 hours”. Even Jeff Hardy didn’t make a match even though he was there. I would personally recommend Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin, but Jeff already had a match last week, so that’s pretty understandable that he doesn’t have a match for the event.

    Next one is that Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder should’ve been on Edge’s corner during his return for The Cutting Edge. They don’t need to be in the ring together, but at least for the entrance. Although it’s fine because at least Edge and Curt were having a comeback conversation.

    Undertaker also should’ve just appeared on the ring immediately rather than doing his entrance because it will take time. That way, his promo would’ve been longer.

    There were some mistakes, but it’s okay. It was slight and it wasn’t that much of a mistake. Still a 10/10 episode for me.

  24. This weeks show was a joke, hardly a wrestling match was even worth talking about, thought I had tuned into a reality tv talk show, I don't think the rating system you use is appropriate for this show, -4 below Ellsworthy

  25. Yeah Edge hated what he became. Says the guy with the beautiful wife,beautiful family and he is still best friends with the same guy he was since they were little kids. Yeah horrible results.🙄

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