NGS “Ep17” – (Wrestlemania رسل مانيا أركيد)

NGS “Ep17” – (Wrestlemania رسل مانيا أركيد)

Thanks for watching, and see you again in the next episode. I saw you! oh my god Hello everyone. In this episode, we will talk about a very memorable wrestling game. It is very well-known among collectors of retro games. So let’s get started. Before we get to the game, there is some information we would like to share with you about the WWE company. Anyone who has grown up with wrestling will know that the former name of the company was WWF, but in 2002, it was changed to WWE. The main reason for that is because this name was similar to one of the animals rights companies. It was said that it’s a company for panda rights. *sarcasm* PANDA?! This animal rights company have sued WWF for using the same name, and they win in the end… Curses!! After that, the name has been changed from WWF to WWE, which stands for “World Wrestling Entertainment”. Anyway, about the wrestling games in the old age before the 3D era, they weren’t as famous as the TV shows. Probably because they are too slow and wrestlers moves are limited. But, there is a certain game which got a lot of attention from wrestling fans and fighting games fans, too. This game is WrestleMania: The Arcade Game which was released in 1995. It was released on home consoles too, but the best version is arcade version, of course. This game has been developed by Midway, the same company who has made the Mortal Kombat series. The game uses digital graphics, which means it’s not a hand drawing, or paint programing, or any other drawing tool. They took digital motion photos of the wrestlers in real life, and they were inserted into the game. Not to mention that this game is very different from other regular wrestling games because it’s a fantasy wrestling game. And the main purpose of this game is making it a fighting game more than a wrestling game, while keeping some stuff from wrestling games such as running into the ropes, climbing the corners, pushing the opponents towards the ropes, and pinning. Winning in this game depends only in reducing the health of your opponents. Like fighting games, after decreasing your opponent’s health, you can pin him if you want. Also, there is round system and you have to win 2 rounds only. About the special moves, it uses the same mechanic as modern fighting games, which means you have to press a certain order on buttons to do a special move. There are 2 types of special moves. The ones you can perform while standing, and the ones you can perform while grappling. But beware, the grapple moves can be reversed by opponents. Notice under the health bar that there is a mini bar which is called the Combo bar. You can fill it by attacking the opponents. The Combo gives you an ultimate attack which can be done while grappling. You have to press a certain order in the buttons to perform it, and each wrestler has his own unique Combos. Combo also gives you the ability to kick out when your opponent pins you in the last round, which is an awesome feature because it gives a person another chance for defeating the opponents. One of secrets that not many people know is the fatality move in this game, which is a bit similar to Mortal Kombat. Only the Undertaker’s fatality move was discovered. There is a rumor about other characters. They also have fatality moves but they haven’t been discovered yet, and there are doubts if the others have fatality moves in the first place. Anyway, when you start the game you can choose 2 modes which are Intercontinental Championship and WWF Championship. Each Championship has 3 phases. In the first phase of Intercontinental Championship, you will fight one wrestler in each stage, In the second phase, you will face 2 wrestlers at once in each stage. n the final phase, you will face 3 wrestlers at once. *laughing* About WWF Championship mode, in the first phase, you will face 2 wrestlers at once in each stage. in the second phase, you will face 3 wrestlers at once in each stage, and in the final phase, you will face 8 wrestlers. *laughing* But, in order… The defeated wrestler leaves the ring, and the other one comes in his place. You have to get rid of all 8 wrestlers. In the 2-player mode, you can play against your friend or play the cooperative mode, which is facing 8 wrestlers like the final phase of WWF Championship. But be careful, you both will share one health bar and one combo unlike the your opponents, which means you both will be defeated at the same time when you run out of health. That’s all about the contents in this game and in general, it’s an excellent and enjoyable game. The only flaw in this game is the character roster which has only 8 wrestlers, which is a very small roster for a wrestling game. Probably because they want to make it more like a fighting game with a simple roster but still, there are only few wrestlers. There were rumors about adding Adam Bomb and Kevin Nash who was known as Diesel in this game, but for some reason, they didn’t make it in this game. Anyway, the good thing about the arcade version compared to the other versions is color selection for each wrestler. Each wrestler have 6 colors but you can select only 5, which is weird. Anyway, that’s all about the game and the arcade version. Now, we will review the home console versions so the viewers may decide which version is worth buying. What is going on ???? What happened?? What’s wrong?? I was escaping from the Giant Medusa Head. All this time?! By the way, the episode has been started. Why did you start the episode without me?! What you were thinking??? Because we don’t want to be late and bore our viewers just because of your great escape. *laugh* Seriously, not having you in the episodes for some time was a good idea, and you just came back? WHAT DID YOU SAY??? RANDY ORTON!!! ATTACK HIM!!! May God forgive you! Escaping from Giant Medusa Head all this time wasn’t enough for you? and still, you treat me like that?! Nobody told you to be rude on me. At any rate, as long as you just arrived… *laughing* you will review the home console versions of Wrestlemania for our dear viewers. UNDERSTAND??? Alright! Alright! Alright! Enough! Alright! My head… My head… The PlayStation version. Okay, about the PS version, it’s almost similar to the arcade version, but the sprites of characters are kinda smaller than the Arcade version. It’s polished like the arcade version, but the weird thing is not having the music during the fight. The annoying thing about this version is the final phase of WWF Championship. When you beat an opponent, loading time will appear for the next wrestler See? It’s not a big issue, but it makes you lose your focus during the action. The Sega Saturn version. This version is almost similar to PS version, but the sprites are clearer than the PS version, but the loading screens are much longer, and there is no music too. The good thing about this version is the control, and the Sega Saturn controller is awesome for fighting games That’s all about it. The DOS version, or the PC version. The quality of this version is lower than the previous versions, to be honest, especially the graphics and sound effects, but the control is polished. Also, there is music during the fights, but it’s only one tone. This version is okay but I don’t recommend it since there are better versions. The Sega Genesis version. This version looks good, you can choose types of controls, and it’s polished like the others. The graphics are decent for a 16-bit console despite it being a bit pixelated, but when you have 4 wrestlers in one ring, the quality of the graphics becomes lower and you will see more pixels. Notice the differences in this photo. Also, you don’t hear comments from the announcers at all, excepts saying the names and the winners. I think it’s because of the console’s limitation. I noticed something weird in the last phase of WWF Championship. When you beat wrestlers, they will leave the ring from the bottom, not the upper side unlike other versions. Hmmmm… what’s the secret behind this section? You know what?? You can’t go to this section at all, and it’s completely closed. In the other versions, you can walk there easily. Maybe the cartridge size didn’t help, but it’s not a big deal since you fight in the ring most of the time. At least there are no loading screens unlike the Sega Saturn and PS versions. I also noticed the Demon Hell for the Undertaker is weaker than other versions. He shoots 2 ghosts instead of 4. The same thing goes for Demon Dizzy: he shoots 2 short ghosts instead of one long ghost. Maybe they want to add some balance or the cartridge size didn’t help much, who knows… Anyway, that’s all about this version. The Sega 32X version. This version is one of the closest versions to the arcade version. It looks like the Sega Genesis version, but the sprites are much clearer, and the sound effects are better. It’s polished even if there are 4 wrestlers in one ring. The graphics won’t lose its quality unlike the Sega Genesis version, but both versions share the same flaw: you can’t go to this section. But like I said, it’s not a big deal and this is an awesome version in general The SNES version. It’s pretty well-known: for games ported on both the Sega Genesis and the SNES, most of the time, the SNES versions are better, and I am excited to see how the SNES version is better than the Sega Genesis version! Are you sure about that? Never underestimate Sega! It’s none of your business! like you told me in one of the previous episodes, “GET OUT OF MY FACE!” Did I even get inside it to begin with? *laughing* Whatever! Let’s review the game. Okay, let’s see. Six?? Six characters only?!? Or am I imagining things? Six??!! *laughing* What did I just say? Who is wrong now?? We didn’t finish yet! Maybe there is something special. Hmmmmm, what else are you gonna say? Missing two characters is the biggest flaw that kills this version! *laughing* Just leave me alone… Okay, there is no Yokozuna and Bam Bam Bigelow?!! What in the world, Midway??!! Why is that??! The biggest flaw of the original game is the character roster. In the SNES version, it’s even worse??!! Anyway, let’s talk about the gameplay. The graphics and sound effects are much better than the Sega Genesis version. The first flaw is that you can’t do an overkill combo, which means you can’t do a complete combo even if the opponent has little health. When the health runs out, he will fall immediately. The second flaw, when you have more than 2 wrestlers in the ring, the game becomes slow and heavy, and there are no voices from the announcers too, which is bad. Okay, I reached to the phase where I can fight 3 wrestlers. Wait! Where is the third wrestler?!! Maybe it’s a glitch? Let me beat them. Wait! Where is he going?! What!? This is the third wrestler?! What in the world?! Why I can’t face 3 at once like the other versions?! Wait! Wait! Let’s try the cooperative mode, just to make sure. Huh!? We’re both against one CPU opponent??!! And unfortunately, it’s not functional. The players can hit each other accidentally. What is this, Midway?!! The SNES version can’t stand the existence of 4 wrestlers in one ring at once?!! It is hard to believe it’s because of the hardware limitation! Impossible!! See the SNES port of Mortal Kombat 2, a completed roster! And this version is very close to the arcade version unlike the Sega Genesis version. What is going on here?? is it possible that SNES version is way worse than other versions??!! *laughing* Quiet, you! The good thing about it is that you can go to this section, and the special move, Demon Hell, for the Undertaker is completed with 4 ghosts. And the same thing goes for the Demon Dizzy, completed with a long ghost. But these things are not big enough since there are too many major flaws. There is a stupid glitch that I discovered. Play the cooperative mode and select Bret Hard. When Lex Luger appears, keep doing the rolling uppercut like this. See what happened? I beat the game without defeating the rest of the wrestlers! Hmmmm, no comment. I say forget about this version, and I wish I didn’t even mention it!! In conclusion, this is WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, and it’s an awesome game all hands down. The best versions so far are the PS and Sega Saturn versions, but if you prefer the cartridges, I say get the Sega Genesis or the 32X version, in case you have the console, of course. And that’s just about everything This is the first time you give really good advice! Of course! Honesty is the most important thing before everything! Never underestimate Sega next time, you understand? *laugh* Seriously, leave me alone… -( English Subtitle by: Rashid Al Marzouqi )-

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