NGS “Ep31” – (WWE 16 Bit games ألعاب مصارعة 16 بت)

NGS “Ep31” – (WWE 16 Bit games ألعاب مصارعة 16 بت)

Hello everyone In this episode we will talk about Wrestling games once again The very classic ones this time Wrestling games in 16-bit era How were they? and how have they become? I won’t talk about Wrestlemania Arcade because it’s a well known game and I already reviewed it in episode 17 I will talk specifically about the realistic wrestling games Some of them were not that popular and they were decent But we’re going to talk about the pretty known ones I will talk about the WWF series of 16-Bit games Do you know why did I called them that? Because each game has a different name Anyway Let’s start with Super Wrestlemania on both the SNES and Genesis This game was released in 1992 and it was developed by Sculptured Software The Genesis version was published by Flying Edge and SNES version is published by LJN If you watch Angry Video Game Nerd videos you will know that this is the bad sign But don’t worry They’re just a publisher nothing more, anyway This is the first 16-bit wrestling game on 16-bit consoles They were released on 8-bit console but that’s outside our subject Anyway The game is mainly focused in grappling and you have to mash buttons to perform a special move on your opponent each move is assigned on a certain button You just have to reduce your opponent’s health and then pin him There is a certain special move that every wrestler can do and this move can be done in the Sega Genesis version That’s right! Only on the Genesis version only Because SNES version doesn’t have a unique special move and I don’t know why Anyway, the game has a few very simple modes The single 1 on 1 match ,Tag team match ,4 Tag team match but as an elimination and finally the championship mode it was very basic back then The unique thing about the Sega Genesis and SNES versions that they have differences in the characters roster But Sega Genesis version has eight characters, unlike the SNES which has ten so follow your interest Do you prefer a bigger roster or more special moves that make each wrestler unique? It’s your choice The graphics in both version are similar and there are some minor differences Of course this game doesn’t use much of the consoles capabilities since the characters model is decent The weird thing is that Sega Genesis version is also called Super Wrestlemania Because I thought the word “Super” was inspired by the first word of “Super Nintendo” system like in other games But it seems the “super” not related to any console In 1993 WWF Royal Rumble was releases Which is a squeal to Super Wrestlemania On both the SNES And the Sega Genesis of course This time, the game had more improvements There are more special moves instead of repeated ones on different buttons There is also a bar that indicates how much left to perform a special move Secondly you can hit the referee without your intention and cut the count Thirdly you can use the chair But only outside of the ring and you can use it only once Fourthly, they added finisher moves Which you can perform when the opponent’s health is low Or to be precise, when it reaches to the red section of the health bar and don’t worry, both versions have the finishing moves They didn’t repeat the same mistakes in the first game Anyway, fifthly they added the choke attack Which is considered illegal You can perform it outside of the ring or in some other modes and finally, when you pin your opponent you can get off him whenever you want if you don’t want to win the match quickly These are the improvements in gameplay Let’s talk about the added modes Along side with championship mode ,single matches and tag team They added the triple tag team There is not much differences but the weird thing that if you pressed “Select” You can switch the partners behind the rope It doesn’t make sense but it can be excused because of the consoles capabilities Also, they added the brawl mode Which is a match without rules In order to win it You have to reduced the health of your opponent to the end Finally, the final mode in this game which is the best is Royal Rumble If you watch wrestling You will know it’s the mode where you can see many wrestlers gather and each one must throw the other outside the ring Basically, you have to reduce the health of your opponents then throw them outside There is another way in which you have to irish whip your opponent and throw him out directly By they way The ring can hold a maximum of six wrestlers So one of them must leave in order for the others get in This mode was so addictive and a new feature for the wrestling fans Anyway, both version are the same this time but the difference is in wrestlers roster There are twelve wrestles in both versions Each version have five exclusive wrestles while the rest are common check out the roster on both versions and choose But if you have a lot of money why not buy both versions?? In the same year After three months WWF Rage In Cage was released on Sega CD Which is the best game in the series it’s the same game but with extra cutscenes in the characters selection screen I can’t show anything because of the copy rights it also features a real voices such as the announcer and the wrestlers speaks to each other before the match Thirdly adding the cage matches Where the wrestler must get out of the cage in order to win the match not to mention that the roster is the biggest in the series There are twenty wrestles you to choose from The only missing mode is Royal Rumble Anyway, this game is not considered as a 16-bit game because it was released on more modern console but it’s worth mentioning and that’s all about the game In 1994 WWF Raw was released On SNES Sega Genesis, Sega 32X and handheld consoles which is the conclusion of WWF 16-bit trilogy this game has even more improvements First of all, all the modes that were in “WWF Royal Rumble” are included in this game Secondly, they added new normal moves Thirdly, when the referee gets beaten a lot. He leaves the ring and match ends with draw Fourthly, they added more weapons to use similar to the chair such as the bucket Finally, they added the crowd punches all you have to do is pushing your opponent to the turnbuckles after he’s stuck in them you can get on him and punch him repeatedly then you will see the count which finishes at ten The improvements in this game are not big The game does have the finishing moves of course like the previous game And they can be performed in the same way There are also three new modes Survival Series which is similar to tag team match But with bigger numbers of team members up to four If one is eliminate, you can still continue on the rest of the team The second mode is the bedlam It’s like tag team match but like what you call a tornado match meaning there is no tagging or switching between wrestlers You and your partner are wrestling the opponents at the same time in the ring The third extra mode is Raw Endurance Which is mixture between Survival Series and Bedlam You can choose up to 5 wrestlers in your team or you can fight alone against 5 wrestlers in orders That’s all about the mode. The gameplay is mainly the same but it’s a little faster regarding the characters roster, It’s now the exact same roster in both versions So it won’t make any difference, whether you bought the Sega Genesis or the SNES version But the weird thing is adding a female character with males They had better choices! Why they didn’t add Jake The Snake? or the Ultimate Warrior? Anyway, That’s all about eehhhh… The game just suddenly changed into Wrestlemania Arcade! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? There is secret move for every character which is called “Mega Move” Which is a fantasy move Okay, I know that they wanted to add some comedy in the game But not like this!! Come on! Do you know what the problem with this series?? This series is outdated There is no reason to play it again beside nostalgia Do you know why? First of all, the graphics is so decent and the characters model is bad! and they all have the same body size! They even have the same moves! Except the finishers and there is no major improvements in each game! This is what I call laziness of developers! Do you know what we want?? we want a wrestling game like Saturday Night Slam on the SNES An awesome arcadish wrestling game We want a similar game with WWE characters There is also 3 Count Bout on the Neogeo a very unique Wrestling game. it’s true that it’s hard But at least the wrestlers are really unique and different from each other Also we have Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling 96 On the Super Famicom, it was released in Japan What’s impressive is that the wrestlers models look like they’re in 3D and they turn against each other perfectly The stunning thing… is having the commentary It’s true that it’s in Japanese but it was something unique There’s an excellent wrestling game that uses WWE characters But it was released only on Arcade in 1991 By Techno Japan Which is Wrestlefest I wished if it was released on home consoles and this wish was almost granted THQ have announced the remake of this game With a better roster in 2012 and the announced for IOS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 IOS version was the first that came out So, I preferred to wait the home consoles versions But unfortunately THQ have gone bankrupt and of the business and that made the cancellation of home consoles versions! I have accepted the harsh reality and decided to play it on iOS but what ruined it all is that the game had been removed from the store for the same reason! I don’t know what’s wrong with them!! It’s like they wanted to piss me off!! Anyway, we reached our conclusion Wait for the next episode, we will review a wrestling series that many haven’t heard about. See ya in the next episode

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