Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss go to new “Extremes”: Raw, July 9, 2018

Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss go to new “Extremes”: Raw, July 9, 2018

Corey, you have to believe that in Extreme
Rules Match where anything goes favors the more powerful Nia Jax.
>>Not necessarily, you know conniving and cunning Alexa Bliss can be. Now, with no disqualification,
no count out. It’s a very, very interesting trick.
>>Here comes Nia, shoulder tackle to Mickie,
blast Alexa off the apron. Driving Mickie into the corner and
here comes Nia Jax fired up for Sunday.
>>Look at Jax go.>>As Nia always likes to say, it’s all legal. At least on Sunday it will be.
>>Well, in a typical wrestling match, you could say that Nia Jax
should be favored for the Raw power she possesses.
>>And a headbutt.>>But you can’t discount the guns and what she’s capable of. Nia is fired up tonight!
>>This is not gonna end, well, for MIckie, look at the power.
>>She is sending a message>>A press by Nia.>>To Alexa, I guarantee it.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And a big leg drop by Nia to Mickie. Here’s the cover and Nia jacks it up-
>>Wait a minute. From behind, Bliss with a kendo stick. This Sunday, perfectly legal.
>>[SOUND] Maybe a break, Corey. This is something that could even
the odds for Alexa Bliss, now on Sunday. [SOUND] The use of a weapon
legally against Nia Jax.>>Look at the smile, look at the enjoyment. [SOUND]
>>My goodness. Listen to the crack.
>>And Alexa, you mentioned, looks to be enjoying this assault on Nia. My. Uh-oh.
>>Uh-oh.>>And Alexa just scoots out of harm’s way.
>>That is terrifying, if you’re Alexa Bliss, good God.
>>Wow.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Maybe Bliss should be a little more worried than we thought.
>>You better gets to going.>>[APPLAUSE]

33 thoughts on “Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss go to new “Extremes”: Raw, July 9, 2018

  1. I don’t like Bliss she goes around hitting Nia with a piece of wood whatever it was and when Nia grabs it she runs off like a wuss

  2. WTF…. Alexa bliss is so annoying..I really really really really hate her …what the heck……just kidding…… love you alexa….GO THE GODDESS

  3. I remember mickey james as champion, she was fearless!
    Now she is being treated like a joke by nia jax
    i just can't watch mickie james taking so many beatings
    the only think nia jax has is her size advantage
    mickey james got beatings from nia jax in many many occasions

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