100 thoughts on “NXT Superstars prepare to make history on USA Network: WWE Now

  1. Been watching since 20M, used to subscribe on my old phone but it cracked but now I got a new one. BTW I have many stuffed animals of wwe

  2. When paul and Eric came back the big announcement should have been they would be reinstating WCW and ECW. Vince is completely out of sync with what to do to easily destroy competition.

  3. None of the thumbnail guys look like stars, sound like stars or act like stars. They look like normal people, no one is larger than life. There is no story and no characters in NXT. It's just "I'm the best wrestler" over and over and over again. At least Raw and Smackdown attempts to have characters, this is going to fail unless they make the TV show entertaining like it's supposed to be.

  4. I live Vince McMahon for bringing wrestling to the level it is today. Mid 90s before the Monday Night Wars. Analysts predicted wrestling will be gone within 10 years. But because of Vince's genius when backed into a corner. That did not happen.

    With that said. Fast forward to today. And yes. Vince is still a genius. That is until he makes a decision. He needs to trust in his staff and take a step back.

  5. So now there will be 7 hours of WWE shows on TV each week? At a time when the scripts and the fights are incredibly predictable and repetitive, surely less is better.

  6. Thank goodness for AEW. The era of calling up and squandering amazing NXT talent is OVER. Anyone seen Aleister Black? Asuka? The War Raiders? I never have to see Io Shirai job to Caermella!!!!

  7. Shots Fired!….a early strike to counter AEW's start on TNT in October.
    Hmmm….dare I say beginning of the Wednesday Night War! 😲🤪

  8. This is bad for once we are going to see ratings for NXT and something tells me that they will be low. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  9. Really hope Vince McMahon doesn't put his hands all over it but let's be honest NXT on USA of course Vinnie Mac is going to control it

  10. Keith Lee needs a push. May sound random, but he’s a great wrestler. Could be the next Mark Henry. Just in pink.

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  13. And the same crybabies every week whining on the internet about Vince McMahon, and yet continuing to watch year after year lol.
    Get a life.

  14. Keep NXT away from Vince as far as possible. Or he'll turn it into a freak show just like 2 main brands.

  15. This all definitely did not happen because of another wrestling company starting to air their show on tnt on Oct 2.


  17. Great news to hear nxt going to be on usa station. Couldn't be more happier for them . With triple H in charge it will go over big. NXT deserve it. Love watching the show.Triple H does a great job with the show.

  18. This is a reactionary move to combat AEW. Good for the wrestler for exposure and more pay for sure, but complete and total corporate propaganda as to the reason it's happening.

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