who is the fourth person who is the
fourth person Ciampa is fired up is there let’s go who’s the fourth member I would
like a fourth member nah let’s not do four on three you’ve just put me through
four on two disappointed let’s go there I disappointed we haven’t got a fourth
member come on Champa sort him out okay so they
haven’t liked confirmed it’s definitely for another is the fourth person gonna
be like a surprise towards the end it’s all I can think
about I’m distracted I can’t focus on the match I need to know who this fourth
person is I’m not having it I’m not having four against three sick oh man he
is so cool all right Roderick Strong running the ropes
let’s get Keith Lee in come on this is like a little bit slow okay here we go
let’s get somebody else in Oh we send in dijakovic in I like this guy
I am a fan oh that was a bit of an awkward landing at least he’s helped
ciampa though oh right I feel like there’s gonna be a fourth entrant that’s
gonna make like a huge difference right let’s get Keith Lee in
let him like clean house a little bit Keith Lee what a guy
ah he’s awesome hey he’s gonna take both fish and O’Reilly oh shit he’s
incredible listen to that crowd he’s incredible he just goes for it Oh nah
where’s ciampa like ciampa where are you man oh he’s there laying down in go the
tables finally ice went last year they had like loads of stuff already in there
like at the top I think how many tables have we got two three
well surely like this is killing a little time and then like the countdown
will start and then somebody’s gonna come in it’s gonna have to be either
someone returning or somebody debuting because they wouldn’t like hold it off
like this if it wasn’t gonna be a big deal oh I don’t called straight through
that table I don’t wanna know who the next member is I feel maybe kind of
keeping them member as a secret right so the end has just been distracting for me
personally like it’s what I’m thinking about I’ve not really been into this not
gonna lie oh okay who is it who is it who is it I’m not Oh My gods
what oh my god Adam coles face omg ive got
like chills okay this match has just picked up holy
shit sick oh he’s got his like old school t-shirt on and everything mate Kevin Owens is lovely to see you all
right Roderick strong Oh sick I wasn’t thinking Kevin Owens I think I
saw a few people like mention it but hey Adam call yes dijakovic let’s start
setting these tables out let’s stop putting people through him you know holy
shit Keith Lee is at the top a keith lee’s my hero man he’s so cool everyones just moonsaulting Kevin Owens is now going out stick Keith lee what are we doing now No my god they guna do a panama sunrise
you kidding me Oh oh my god omg what is he doing what you guys what are you trying to do
is keith lee going for a table – Adam coles climbing up shit dude he is strong
oh my gosh Kevin Owens Kevin yes you are crazy sick keith lee as well okay so now we
we’ve just got Ciampa and Adam Cole left Adam coles gotta go through oh my god oh my god no way no way oh my like I feel like Adam Cole could
be dead oh hey Brit Baker I am so shocked that he
has taken that bump when he had a title match tomorrow I I’m not gonna lie I
preferred the women’s wargames match probably cuz I’m biased because
obviously I am a female but Wow that ending was nuts


  1. This match was awesome, I marked out like crazy when Kevin Owens came out as the 4th member of Team Ciampa, and the bump Adam Cole took from the top of the cage was epic, man I can't wait for Survivor Series tomorrow night

  2. Amazing! Owens not only returned to NXT, but he also returned his old TitanTron and ring gear! Just like when he debuted back in 2015!

  3. Cole was okay. If you look at the drop again, you can see Ciampa covering Cole's neck, making sure that it won't suffer any damage/danger. Great move by both Ciampa and Cole.

  4. Kudos Jess your a woman of your word, you got my respect & it would be cool to see you do a review for future events as your reaction here and in the women's was relateable

  5. Amazing match! Also, did u see Candice LeRaes ring attire?!? Freaking amazing! We have another LGBTQ+ wrestler come out!

  6. NXT is awesome! They always put on the best shows and once again they didn’t disappoint! NXT Takeover: War Games was incredible!

  7. How is Keith Lee not champion somewhere in WWE, or atleast above belts, this man had an amazing weekend, well deserved.

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