100 thoughts on “NXT TakeOver: Portland Pre-Show: Feb. 16, 2020

  1. Monsoor is over. The ppl love him. I mean he's pretty and funny. If he's any good in the ring well that's who's next after Roman. Ijs

  2. While I commend WWE/NXT for trying something different, a pre-show the audience can hear is a bad idea. You just had the crowd waste part of their energy booing Sam Roberts instead of keeping it for the actual performers.

  3. Sams heel turn happened as he started growing the beard, and judging by the reactions he got from the crowd every time he spoke his transformation is complete. Sam is getting some real heat, it is fantastic.

  4. Johnny Gargano vs Finn balor was absolute garbage wtf Johnny Gargano is suppose to put on 5 star matches him vs Adam Cole at New York was amazing but the match tonight was slow and terrible

  5. If you search nxt takeover portland 2020 on Wikipedia it will show you that undertaker defeated chiampaa. 😅😅😅 Go check it.

  6. All the matches were incredible but their endings really disappointed me, the only one that didn't was when Charlotte got her revenge on Ripley and Bianca.

  7. Tomaso is going to get his rematch at nxttakeover on April 4th for the next title (And it no dq )the undisputed era Kyle Bobby and rroderick are banned from ring side if they interfere they will be punished by getting suspended wwe For 3weeks Because that was bull .

  8. 9:05 bro. creative liberty 😂 damn! A straight reference to him being allowed to cut promos on Brock at NXT live shows🕶️🕶️

  9. Charly is leaving i heared ?? Maybe a good time for new interviewers with a little more freedom and character . And where is yoyo

  10. I love the way Sam gets incrementally more annoyed every time he gets booed, and Mansoor gets cheered, both for doing the same thing – simply opening their mouths.

  11. Pete Dunne: How did you get our golf cart all the way to Portland?
    Matt Riddle: Bro, creative liberty
    (Pete becomes confused)
    Me: Wow Matt’s so chill he doesn’t need to think random words that hard.😐

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