Open Tour [Hell] Highlights + 5SS Tokens – Token Bonanza – WWE Champions

Open Tour [Hell] Highlights + 5SS Tokens – Token Bonanza – WWE Champions

shoutout to Sachin honoring your
request and thank you everyone for sticking with the channel hello everyone
and welcome to another video so this will be my first attempt at 5-star
silver tokens we have the open tour and I can do two more tours I thought they
all will appear today but no I do not see the time just the open tour that I
can do today so now that the four star Gold’s are here the operands are four
star Gold’s I think it will be tough first its poster bronze these must be
four stars Silver’s or four star Gold’s probably and let’s check it out
not a come out all right let’s begin and if I can get more yellows all right that will do it so not a good
start I guess as I said before the lack of yellow jumps on the board really gets
him and this was an example of it damn those power gents do well next is rusev like iron shake he
also gets Jews move so I should be getting purple jumps as well I think the
only issue is the lack of yellow jumps as my talent is so low now the board
tends to give more jumps that opponent has alright got the purple match but
don’t see any LS again no matching yellows there it is he got his purpose and he is going to
choose me to death so as a zombie Austin I think for Starr Gold would be good as almost upwards
powerhouses are getting a buff or maybe it’s all across the board I am Not sure classrooms and this is the truth move is
he using stud I think he is using start as well powerhouse well the powerhouses with Joe’s moves
are going to be more damaging than before true sir I guess is good enough unless you are using too many superstars
who use the purple gems that might be an option do not to choose yourself next we
have dead man dead man holds the key to five star silver tokens and he’s a four
star gold on the node we have four star Gold’s so to go at first this is 100 P P
let’s do this first and then we will go to dead man well Zambia still feels like a normal
dude now it’s just that talent range that is too high for him and I need to
get someone to force our gold as soon as possible because I will be missing out
on open tours I think more frequently and somehow this is turning out to be
good I guess it’s the first and future events we will be having a lot of
four-star Gold’s and even the contests are going to change I think point system
and all four star bras to host our silver won’t be that big of a deal so
here it is the dead man and he holds the key to five-star silver tokens so I
guess I will go with Austin wait a second if he is using he is using
anti-zombie Austin moves it so I won’t be able to use him well bad idea to take
Ricky Steamboat yes it’s silencing overlaps all the power
jumps not a good idea well bad luck steamboat that pan is too strong with
this move said my zombie Austin had a few steam but won’t stand a chance
anyway so next I think I’ll pick Razor Ramon he’s my last hope all right make all the silence you need
and the your left my silence inside as well seriously
oh no I needed one more turn I’m I finished I was ready
well that man is getting crazy now just eight away two of my four star silvers alright we have a wild jump just gotta
lay it down the traps for dead man no one matches no more possible matches
over the Cascades we’ll decide another set of trap gems I guess I will get the plugins as well well he got the most of them alright
same situation again but this time I had the finisher on you so dead man is dead so there it is first bag for five stars
silver token and I know that if this situation was reversed if I was using
dead man and the open end would have been raised a bond that would have been
much more difficult as razor as an opponent is much more difficult to face okay let’s head back to inventory time
to check out village 5-star silver tokens I get that will decide the fate
of my foster it does feel like that I tried to keep the options open and there
are five classes that I need these tokens for so the one class that I don’t
need right now is acrobats because acrobats it is going to
take a lot of time so but we shall see which class drops trickster or
powerhouse is what I need but anything is good at this point first five star three of the same class
and it is striker now striker well it is good I guess I do have as four star
silver striker but a lot of tokens needed for him to get to first are gold
and it is Ricky Steamboat his only purpose is to defend me in the showdown
contest he is a good different of the many
players don’t face him my notoriety not right it doesn’t go down that easily so well but I wanted an will to go first
but resulted check out how much time it takes to fill my other token
requirements so I will be holding on to striker class I guess for a long time
now and there are two more tokens that I can do that are upcoming after the giant
irresistible force and also doing the clown the prankster but they are both
for star bronze so it will be a lot tougher than what I faced
today but we shall see how it turns out let me know guys which classes did you
get I will like to know I did it drop different classes or was it was it the
same case for you as well with the same class at 3 tokens do let me know and see
you guys in the next video stay subscribe have a nice day
see you next time bye-bye

7 thoughts on “Open Tour [Hell] Highlights + 5SS Tokens – Token Bonanza – WWE Champions

  1. His yellow move gives me some prob bt i finished with oll… Nd i think rikishi will be gr8 for austin it will help him alot or u can use akam on him bt u will get less gems bt there are some choices at least u dun hv to wait for the board to chnge

  2. I had a tough Tim's beating the deadman with Austin I end up using 4sb andre it took forever but I got it done and I picked up a areo token

  3. Scopely gave me 5ss showboat tokens the one class i have the least amount of tokens to get to 4sg 🤦🏽‍♂️

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