100 thoughts on “Personalized championships: WWE Top 10, Dec. 4, 2019

  1. Not bad for the title too bad I could care less about Cena and his spinning title. Talk about a plain waste of a U.S title and even the WWE title we he does what he does to it 😡😡🤬🤢

  2. I remember that Miz segment in 2011 moment, they also forgot to add The rock changing the WWE title from a spinner belt to a actual WWE world champion back in 2013.

  3. imo Miz's didn't make sense. it was already a "spinner" belt, you could just it to that since Day 1 of that titles existence

  4. Why is the Miz always included in the custom titles? He had the Spinner belt, so essentially all they did was spin the logo upside down and stopped the ‘spin motion’

  5. No 3ntendi la maderita de Daniel…pero lo peor fue el estupido cambio de color del Jowie🙄😨🧐

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