Plywood Explorer – Final Stage | Kracked Guitars Vlog by Deaf Cage

Plywood Explorer – Final Stage | Kracked Guitars Vlog by Deaf Cage

What it is everyone? Welcome to the Deaf
Cage, and welcome to Kracked Guitars (vlog). I need to make a little announcement. There’s gonna be a little bit of a content shortage on my channel for the next
couple of weeks, and the reason being is that I’ve been working on another
project, and I haven’t really been spending a whole lot of time on the
upcoming videos but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what I’m working
on here it is. (Godzilla music plays 😉 That’s right the ExPLYer is almost done. If you’ve been following this build on my Facebook page Kracked Guitars, you’ll know that this project is three years in the making, from a chunk of wood, to this. The last couple days,
every single night, this is what I’ve been working on and I want to start
playing it. It’s not done yet. Needs a little bit of fret work. The
nut needs filed down a little bit It needs some string trees. Needs some
knobs. I need to put some foil shielding on the back of the control cavities. I’ll
probably do one more polish on it It’s got a ton of features. I promise to do a
full length demo and full length explanation of what everything is on
this guitar. I want to put together a video where I chronicle building this
guitar, from a chunk of plywood. Which this is made of plywood, hence the name ExPLYer. I want to find a way to show you the glow-in-the-dark paint. It’s got
these beautiful flowers that my wife painted on here and the petals of the
flowers actually glow in the dark. I just need to figure out a way to show it on
camera It has a built-in preamp, coil splits. I
know it looks like it’s an HHH, but it’s actually an HSH because this middle
pickup never gets wired in series There’s gonna multiple videos about just this guitar I just got to get it done first, so that’s
what I’ve been grinding on the last couple of nights. Really want to just
start using it in my videos. I want a Kracked Guitar besides my double neck. Which, my double neck is a Kracked Guitar technically, cause it was built from
scratch but for some reason I put Fender logos on the headstock. I don’t know I
wasn’t thinking but this is the first Kracked Guitar that says “Kracked Guitars”. While we’re here, I thought I would bring up something else that I discovered. I
work on a lot of guitars. I have a local guitar repair business and a lot of
times it’s simple stuff like the nut needs filed down, the frets need worked
on, the neck needs shimmed. Something like that where you’re taking
the strings on and off multiple times and that’s hard on strings and they
break. I go through a lot of strings To be economical, I buy cheap strings from China I get these little cheapo strings, ninety-nine cents a pack. I get them by the dozen They’re only intended just for setting
up the guitar and then I buy a proper set of strings, like some Elixir’s or
Ernie’s, whatever the customer wants I was working on this guitar tonight
trying to get it set up and I noticed something a bit odd so I’m gonna plug
the guitar in you tell me if you can figure out what’s going on here Something missing in there? Alright, if you haven’t figured it out yet. what’s going on is the B string is not actually made out of metal(steel). I got these strings from China, 99 cents a pack, you’d think
they would at least be made out of metal(steel) but but no. This B string is actually
made out of aluminum. The way electric guitar works is you have “steel” strings
that vibrate inside of a magnetic field and they drag the magnetic field around
and that creates the signal that then goes to your amp. If you don’t have steel
strings, the magnetic field doesn’t move you don’t get any sound coming out of
your amp. So that’s how I figured out that this string is made out of aluminum.
Anyway, that’s my Kracked Guitars vlog for tonight. That’s what’s going on
on the channel. If there’s a couple weeks where there’s no video uploaded, it’s
because of this thing right here and you know what, I’m fine with that. So y’all will be seeing this guitar more in the future As always, have a good one in

3 thoughts on “Plywood Explorer – Final Stage | Kracked Guitars Vlog by Deaf Cage

  1. You never cease to amaze KBob! There is now "Brain Bits" all over, but I've learned my lesson watching your videos, I did put down a tarp this time, unfortunately most of the"Cranium Clusters" stuck to the ceiling this time…oh well. Better get the old pressure washer out. Keep up the awesomenicity and always SOLIDARITY!

  2. you put someone's else name on guitars you built???? WTF is wrong with you???lmao
    Your wife did a kickass job on that paint job..She should had painted her name on it. 😛
    All my home made guitars are made out of 3/4 plywood ..simply becuase i dont have
    a plainer. The plywood gives you a STRONG and FLAT surface to work on.
    Then i'll either cut 1'' strips or use whatever left over wood that's 3/4 thick.
    Then I add 5mm deck. So they're basically SEMI hollow. With blocks under the bridge area.
    I hollowed out my first build simply becuase of WIEGHT. To save time and make the build
    easier…I decided to use strips for the center layer for later builds.
    The guitar are actually at proper wieght, now..Not a brick like a les paul
    I bolt and glue in the necks…so I can shave the tenon. I like the tenon to start
    at the 17 my thumb can rotate under the neck with comfort.
    I play lead. It is what it is.
    I still eyeball the neck long as there's 1-2 degree .Im cool before I
    Even on my exployer the bottom cut away starts at the 22 fret. The horn's angle had been
    change my hand wont hit it. It still retains the gibson explorer look.
    I tried different angle in an art software before building the guitar.
    The head stock on mine looks more like a Hammer explorer.
    You wont know they're made from plywood unless I tell you.
    You will notice the guitars resonant more than a solid body un plug.
    They actually sound great for Jazz…If i can get them to sing CLEAN. They'll easily sing
    saturated. ..I like standard erniballs .10 gauge on 24.75….$12 for 3 sets….
    Yeap…use the cheap strings for set up.

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