Poppy Calls Out Ex Boyfriend Titanic Sinclair and More References of Mars Argo

Poppy Calls Out Ex Boyfriend Titanic Sinclair and More References of Mars Argo

What’s up, everyone? It’s Edwin and today I want to go over Poppy’s new song that very much seems to be about Mars Argo. But before we get into that, I also want to
discuss her recent statement which calls out her ex-boyfriend and longtime collaborator,
Titanic Sinclair, calling him a manipulator but I–I just… I couldn’t help but notice some of the things
that she said were pretty manipulative herself. Maybe she learned from the best?
Let’s have a look. (read by Mina) “To whom it may concern, I grappled
with the thought of making this statement but I decided to do this to set the record straight. As some of you may know, my former creative
partner and I have parted ways. This was a long time coming but this is a person whom I defended in the past because I thought he was just misunderstood.” I’m sorry, what? Poppy defended Titanic because she thought
he was just “misunderstood”? Let’s go back a second here because when Poppy
defended Titanic, it wasn’t like she just said, “you know, he’s completely innocent.
Leave him alone.” No, no, no, no,
homegirl was much more vicious. Poppy stated that she believed Mars Argo’s intention with her lawsuit was to build a publicity campaign
for herself. That Mars Argo attempted to manipulate her psychologically by collaborating with a man
who took advantage of her. Poppy also shamed Mars Argo for trying to
exploit another female artist for personal gain out of bitterness and a desperate grab
for fame. Poppy called Mars Argos claim of stalking, harassment and ab*se towards Titanic “preposterous projections of her own actions.” Bruh, she’s basically saying that Mars Argo
is a stalker and an ab*ser. [scream fx sound] This was all part of a big statement left
by Poppy and the only line in that entire statement that was a decent defense for Titanic
was when she said, “My creative partner is blameless, and I am confident this case will be dismissed.” And, of course, the case was not dismissed, it was settled and, I guess, the truth didn’t set Poppy free because she’s contradicting
her former self! Not to mention, Mars Argo hasn’t done anything
in the public eye since the lawsuit so how is that a desperate grab for fame? Homegirl was probably just chilling on her couch when she heard about this statement and was like, “what?!” And that’s what’s scary about this whole thing – Poppy was ready to go straight for the jugular just because she believed that her boyfriend
was “misunderstood.” I mean, some might think that’s “goals” but
I think that’s scary. [laughs] “The reason I am making this statement
is due to the amount of misinformation online about me and my character and I owe it to
myself to clear a few things up. I met this person at a young age and things were seemingly good for a while until echoes from his past were too loud to ignore. I was never “an accomplice” to this person’s
past actions like some believe.” Okay, so hold on a second because, at first,
I thought this was a subtweet towards me because she recently false copyright claimed one of
my videos to take it down in which I presented the case that
she was complicit in the lawsuit. I got the video back because, you know, you
can’t just take down people’s videos because you don’t agree with their opinions but then I realized that Mars Argo herself called Poppy an accomplice. Girl, did we just both get indirected? High five! Mars called Poppy an accomplice for deliberately
copying, stealing and appropriating Mars’s identity, aesthetic, likeliness, expression
of ideas, content and work. Oof. After saying she was never an accomplice, Poppy goes on to claim that she suffered similar things to Mars but, if that’s true, then you are an accomplice because what Mars suffered was having her identity copied by you. [laughs] I don’t know, it’s confusing because,
so far, there’s no evidence of anybody copying Poppy. Unless you’re talking about suffering things
within the relationship of you and Titanic that Mars Argo suffered but then that’s kind
of convoluted because neither me or Mars Argo called you an accomplice over their relationship
stuff, we called you an accomplice for practically copying her identity. This is what I mean by Poppy being vague –
it’s very confusing. Anyways, let’s move forward. “This person glamorizes suic*de and has used
it many times in the past to manipulate me. And the last time I finally had enough. As a grab for attention, he messaged fans
before he tried hanging himself while I was on tour
with an item that belonged to me. These are the tactics that he used for years.” So this is a part that is difficult for me
to address because, no matter what way you spin it, it–it’s just…
not good, you know? On one hand, she’s outing someone’s attempt to end their life to hundreds and thousands of people,
you know? This was covered by the media, news out–
news publications and stuff so it’s kind of humiliating and, on the other hand, you could
say, “well, he did that to manipulate her” but she doesn’t back it up, it’s like… Well, you don’t want to doubt– it’s uncomfortable. The whole phrasing is uncomfortable for me
to read, I mean, Poppy’s shaming Titanic for messaging fans right before his attempt. I mean, that alone reads to me, like, how desperate; the guy had nobody else to reach out to except a fan and, again, I say fan
because it is singular. I saw the conversation with the girl and she messaged him and he just replied and said that he felt like dy*ng. Like, this is so messy. But I did speak to Alex, Titanic Sinclair’s
brother, because, after Poppy’s statement, he began posting his frustrations on social
media and he said that this was the detail that he found disturbing and unnecessary for
Poppy to include in her statement at all. We shot a conversation/interview which I’ll be
uploading after this video but, for now, let’s get back to Poppy’s statement. “This person lives an illusion
that he is a gift to this Earth. He weaved himself into a story line, wanting
the public to believe he was a puppeteer, which is so far from the truth.” Dang, she just roasted that ex-boyfriend Titanic
like a marshmallow. When I read Poppy saying that Titanic wanted
the public to believe that he was a puppeteer and it’s so far from the truth, these things,
amongst other things that she said in public before, are the things that reinforce my belief
that she’s not this helpless slave that people seem to think of her as, you know? Because anytime anything remotely negative
comes out from Poppy or her camp, everything always goes straight to “Titanic did it.
It’s all Titanic,” it’s, like, they’re a team, you know,
they’re a collaborative team. You can’t just pin it all to one person, especially
when she’s emphasizing that, “yo, I have some say in all this.” Furthermore, when she became Poppy, it’s not
like it was a forced decision that she just signed her life away, you know? She chose to stop talking to her
old YouTube friends. I have acquaintances that knew her and then
told me that she just cut them off like that; she took down someone’s song because it had
her old identity in them, you know, like, a music video
that this person produced. She chose to erase her past and she chose
to get rid of her old friends all on her own. In a recent interview with AltPress, the interviewer
said: “It’s evident that you collaborate with your team but also you stand alone as an artist,”
to which she replied, “I’m glad that’s evidence. It’s funny when I get questioned on that because
it plays into the attitude of, ‘Girls are weak or they don’t know,’
I never viewed myself as a weak person. When people go down that path, they think
just because somebody’s a girl, they’re weaker. I’ve never felt that way.” Many people even speculated that Titanic ran
Poppy’s Twitter but, just last month, Poppy clarified that it was never the case. And even when she released that statement,
completely taking a dump on Mars Argo, everyone wanted to believe that, “oh,
it was probably written by Titanic,” but right here she just
said that she defended him. Now, I wanna emphasize that, just because
I’m saying that I do believe that Poppy has a say in things that she said publicly, it
does not mean, in any way, that I believe Titanic is any less of a manipulator. I still believe that because of so many examples
that are given to us online, you know? It’s just that I think that it’s interesting
that people believe just because she said that he’s a manipulator, suddenly she never partook in her own actions? And I just want to clarify, because of the
way some Poppy fans have come at me in the past, that yes, it is very possible that Titanic
led her to think a certain way or believe certain things, however, at the end of the day, it was still
Poppy making these actions, you know? At the end of day. even if you’re manipulated to
doing something, you still did it. She still caused all this anguish onto Brittany. Acknowledging that she was manipulated in
similar ways by the same man as Brittany may explain but it does not excuse or apologize for the actions and anguish that she caused onto Brittany. “In light of recent events brought to my attention,
he is already quick to jump in and use my former friends as his next experiment, repeating
manipulative patterns he has for years.” Once again, this is so vague and I wish there
was just an ounce more of details because my immediate reaction is to think, “wait a second,
was Titanic planning to make another ‘Poppy’?” because, if so, then that 100% contradicts
Poppy’s earlier statement that she was “not an accomplice” because that confirms that
she maybe was suffering the same thing that Mars Argo suffered, in that somebody else
is copying her right now but we don’t know, this just sounds like a conspiracy all of
a sudden, you know? Which, again, is on-brand with Poppy. The reason why I have a problem with this
is because it’s a pretty loaded accusation despite it being so vague, you know? And, if it’s true, then we may never know
because it would be ridiculous for Titanic to fulfill this prophecy,
so to speak, you know? And he could just deny it, you know, he could
deny it but how do we know that his denial isn’t being truthful because Poppy never provided
any sort of evidence or anything to back it up? He could just say, “no, it’s not true.” Do you see what I mean? But, of course, it is easier to believe Poppy
over Titanic because he’s already got a much worse past than she does. Oops, sucks for you, bro. [laughs] “I was trapped in a mess that I needed to dig my way out of and, like I always do, I figured out how to handle it. I encourage those of you who feel trapped
in a situation, whether it be similar to my previous one or not, to take the first step
because that is the most difficult one.” No, but in all seriousness,
what is the situation and what is the mess? I mean, the whole thing almost sounds like
just a piggyback off of Mars Argo’s claims, like, we’re just supposed to pick and guess
what he did to Poppy was what he did to Mars Argo? But which– which one? Did he do everything that is in the lawsuit
or which part? Because, to me, honestly, like, honestly speaking,
it really comes off as if, like, he repeated the same manipulative patterns in the relationship because nothing so far points that he controlled her career moves at all but, again,
how do we know, you know? I’m just– I’m just basing this off of
what I’m reading. “This is not a request for sympathy and I am not a weak victim but this is me setting the record straight. I am happier than I have ever been and
I’m excited to move forward.” I guess if there’s a moral and all this, it’s
that it’s really easy to believe the worst about someone when all you know is the worst
about that someone, you know? We don’t really need much to believe Poppy
and just take her word at face value that, “well, everything she said must be true because
everything we’ve heard about Titanic so far is the worst.” Now, again, I’m not saying that she’s lying
in any way, I’m just saying like, girl, when you’re making such bold
accusations it’d be great to have something to back it up, you know? Because so far so much of what Poppy says
is a little contradiction or just confusing, I mean, it seems like she’s trying to remove Titanic off of the credits of the entire album even though he produced and co-wrote the entire
album with her, you know? Recently, in an interview, she said she wrote
the album with Zack and Chris but not Titanic? “Interviewer: -Was it intentional to
not have any features on this project? Poppy: -Yes. I: -So, you’re like, ‘it’s all me.’ P: -Mhm-mhm.
I: -[laughs] P: -All Poppy all the time. I: -And did you make this record with the
same– with the same group people? Who did you work with on ‘I Disagree’? P: -I worked with my friends Chris and Zack
and it was a very special experience.” That totally contradicts her interview in which she said that she wrote the album with Chris, Zack and Titanic. Furthermore, people have been noticing that
she’s been scrubbing Titanic’s name off of her videos on YouTube, you know, like, where
it says “directed by Titanic.” She’s just, like, pretending that
he never did anything, I guess. These hints of Poppy trying to take all the
credit for her music when Titanic was involved by her own admission are starting to remind
me of the things that Titanic would say when he was involved with Mars Argo, you know,
when he was like, “I did it all.” It’s almost like Titanic built a little AI,
he literally built the robot AI Poppy and then she overtook him and became smarter and
outsmarted him at his own game. Oof. And even Chris, the guitarist of the band
and the album, went out of his way on Instagram to credit everybody involved in the production
of the album which very clearly includes Corey – Titanic. I guess I can’t help but call out the irony
in Poppy saying that Titanic is a manipulator when she’s manipulating her
audience in a different way. And, again, I want to remind you guys that
I am no fan of Titanic, I mean, he co-wrote Poppy’s new album with her and her newest
single “Anything Like Me.” You can’t convince me this song
is not about Mars Argo. [laughs] The video starts off with Poppy looking at her own reflection and singing the words: “I feel her heart beating in me /
Get her out of me.” so this kind of tells me that she looks at
her own reflection and she can’t help but see Mars Argo. She can’t get her out of her. Some of the words in the song say, “Sorry
for what I’ve become / Because I’m becoming someone. Your hand on my neck /
You call up the press.” This resonates with Poppy calling out Mars
Argo for having her lawsuit be on TMZ. “I’ll stop when it’s no more fun / If this is a start then let’s see how far you’re gonna take this one.” So it’s fun for Poppy to taunt Mars Argo until
the point that Mars Argo ended up suing her, so she’s now singing, “let’s see how much
farther you take it now that I’ve made a song”? Again, this is only my interpretation but,
Jesus, come on now. And the chorus is: “You shouldn’t be anything
like me / You’ll never be anything like me.” I feel like Poppy is really
cemented on the idea that “I am Poppy. You are not like me, okay?
I am not created after you.” [laughs] Geez… “This isn’t a fight to be won /
Go on and give up the gun.” This could be a reference to that one video
of Mars Argo where she’s holding a gun. “I’m everything she never was /
Now everyone’s out for my blood.” This feels like Poppy denying the similarities
between her and Mars Argo in the way she says: “Now everyone’s out for my blood,” talking
about, like, her “haters” probably saying like, “hey, you’re just like Mars Argo!” you know, relentlessly reminding her about Mars Argo all the time. “Heckler: -Where’s Mars Argo?! Crowd: [cheers] Poppy: -Should we end the show early?” “You’re making a scene /
You’re coming at me with blood in your teeth.” Anyone remember this exhibit from the lawsuit? Okay, so maybe you still think it’s a bunch
of typical Poppy “coincidences.” Well, how about this? – She was recently interviewed and asked about
what the significance of the track “Anything Like Me” was and she said, “It’s one of my
favorites on the album. I can’t wait to play it on tour. The hook, ‘You’ll never be anything like me
/ You shouldn’t be anything like me,” the significance it’s about a personal trial
and what I went through. I think it’s one of the ones if you know, you know. I don’t really want to explain too much.” Oh, come on, I can almost see her winking
at me as she says, “if you know, you know.” But hey, maybe I’m just reaching.
What do you guys think? Is it just another Poppy coincidence or do
you think it’s about Mars Argo? And I don’t know about you guys but, whenever I see a Poppy video, a Mars Argo video always comes on the
“Up Next” on YouTube so maybe that’s, like, another reminder
that she wants to get rid of, you know? And, speaking of Mars Argo videos, one of
her videos, her “Using You” music video, recently got claimed by WMG which is Warner Music Group, the record label that owns Sumerian Records, which is Poppy’s record label. Another coincidence. Guys, if you enjoyed this video, please give
it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t. My next video is gonna be an interview with
Alex Mixter who is Titanic Sinclair’s brother because he felt the need to speak up after
hearing Poppy reveal his brother’s attempt. I don’t know, dude,
this is getting messy, guys. Oof. I guess the settlement really didn’t set all
that much, huh? Alright, see you guys in the live stream tomorrow. Peace out.

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    Toxic people spread shit all around, and make good people do shitty things. That's what this is all about.
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  35. Poppy didn't out Corey's suicide attempt, the fan who shared the messages did. The poppy fandom already knew about this long before poppy's statement.

  36. I personally was never a big fan of Poppy and don’t know much about her, however I have been an avid fan of Eric Whitney (Ghostemane) for some time now, and he is (to the best of my knowledge) dating and probably working with Poppy currently. This makes me concerned for their relationship, because I genuinely admire and care about Eric as a person, I do Poppy as well. However these are two adults and I personally, and no one else, has any control or right to be involved in their personal life. And while I agree some of Poppy’s words and behaviors are manipulative and spiteful, we should try and remember that hurt people hurt people. I hope that Poppy is able to heal and understand this. Titanic seems to have a very conflicting sense of self, so much so that he is suicidal. While any abusive or harmful behaviors shouldn’t be excused by any means, we need to understand that all people deserve compassion and understanding. I really hope the best for all people involved.

  37. I think she was completely complicit in everything. I think she wanted fame more than ANYTHING and as soon as she was able to hook up with Cory, in more ways than one, she knew he was the ticket to success. I think at first it started as his style and what he was into and She wanting to be Brittany bc She KNEW how Corey and Brittany were together bc she had been friends with them when they were a couple, and it progressed to a Complete copy escalated by both of them…and Corey's sense of feeling HE created Mars and being a Complete asshat bleed into the taunting Brittany about finding another girl who happened to be just the right amount of crazy to go along with the taunting but also wanting to be everything Brittany was to corey. Ive known A LOT of girls that will change and become things to get a guy. Theyll see what the dude is into and theyll be That..but not just hobbies and things, theyll completely change…kinda like Single White Female.

  38. Poppy defending titanic for being "misunderstood" completely makes sense. She was in love with the guy, and they worked together. Well at least to me it makes sense. Titanic brought her to fame, I assure all of you if Poppy hadn't met Titanic we wouldn't know her. She owes the guy her career, so it's understandable how Titanic might have used shit like that to manipulate Poppy. If Titanic was to come back with a new star, we all know the cycle already. He has a recipe for success essentially. From stuff I've seen online, it's safe to say Titanic is highly mentally unstable and needs help.

  39. HEY POPPY, You would be nothing if it wasnt for you COPYING everything from MARS ARGO. The fame you are experiencing today is thanks to that monotonous character you would play here on YouTube, that was IDENTICAL to MARS ARGO. You OWE MARS ARGO a PUBLIC and PRIVATE apology. You need to STOP hating on MARS ARGO. Your whole career would literally be nothing if it wasnt for her, and now that you saw through titanic's bullshit and are a knowledgeable ADULT, there is no longer an excuse for you to respond in great IGNORANCE, and allow yourself to swell your ego in great omnipotence. Because at the end of the day when the cameras are gone and you lay in your bed surrounded by all your material possessions, the fame and money you achieved is based off of MARS ARGO and NOTHING will ever change that. You dear, are LIVING the life and success that MARS ARGO actually DESERVED, so be HUMBLE and give PRAISE to where its due. Because no matter what, we all know the TRUTH.

  40. When is the Zheani interview coming out?? Its been weeks since you said it was coming out and you said it would only be a week, where is it, i’m dying to see my homegurl 😊

  41. I realllllly believe that everything Poppy did was under the control of her. He 10000% had her under some hypnotic spell. Titanic was good at this. With multiple young girls. He dreamed to recreate Mars and clearly did it on purple bc he craved that girl. Poppy was young and naive and probably didnt know she was being controlled. I could easily fall to Titanics manipulation n control. You can see it in her older videos there are a ton of conspiracies about Illuminati and her crying for help and shit. The poor fucking girl

  42. I have to rewatch this. Apparently I fell asleep and now I’m wide awake at night, reading a book thinking: “btw is Edwin ok after that one girl screwed him over”
    So wanted to let you know that weirdly someone from across the globe was concerned with your (mental) health 😘

  43. I’ve been manipulated with suicide
    “If you don’t blank I’ll kill myself” etc
    It’s scary and makes YOU feel like a bad person

  44. The thing is, you don't even realize when you're being manipulated (that's kind of the point). Sometimes you think you're acting out of your own will, when in reality, you've just fallen in the trap.
    Manipulation, and emotional blackmail are much more complex than we believe. These kind of people plan their each move meticulously, ahead of time.
    Really, I used to think "I'm smarter, that wouldn't happen to me" "I wouldn't let anyone abuse me" "those girls are stupid for allowing that". Until I fell in love with a pathological liar. I was played for years. Always defended him against anything and anyone, put him high above it all. I believed he was just misunderstood.
    It's really hard to explain, but they truly mess with your head. It's been almost two years since he left and I'm still realizing some things and finding out others about how he played me, his family, and everyone around him. Like I said it before, manipulation is a very very very vast subject.

  45. I can physically feel the biasm. No, I never thought of “Anything Like Me” to be a diss to Mars. I thought of it as her moving on from pop, and all of the “I’m poppy” bs. It feels like you’re protecting Corey, and shaming Poppy when Corey has abused girls before her. And I bet you anything, you wouldn’t victim shame Mars.

  46. you either:
    have no idea of what a manipulative, power biased abusive relationship can do to people and just uploaded a video irresponsibly victim shaming, motivating female competition and not holding an abuser accountable for manipulating women…

    or u just blatantly ignored it, cause ur bias is clear

    idk i like u and mina so much, i just feel disappointed on how irresponsible this whole narrative is, as a victim of abuse myself i’ve done things for my ex that i regretted, i’ve done things for the fear of having their blood in my hands and being responsible for their suicides that only years later i realized how fucked up they were and after a lot of struggle i’ve come to the realization that that wasn’t my fault, i was being the worst version of me for extreme desperation

    poppy for sure has a lot to go through on the process of letting go of titanic and forming opinions on the mars situation for herself, holding this above her head and asking her for accountability mid process of healing from the relationship with this sick individual is just inhumanity

  47. Titanic obviously has a pattern of dating girls to raise their status, either that or bring them in closer to him so he can get into their heads and emotions, obviously it works or you wouldn't be talking about this right now. I'm not sure of the extent that he's actually conscious of his own manipulation but the fact that he's gone out of his way to get into the industry that he's in it to complete a narrative in his head about "Hollywood and the music industry"… Well it just speaks for itself doesn't it? Straight up, he's a predator. But unfortunately the way to remove him from the place he's in isn't to cancel him, destroy his career, it has to be his conscious decision to get help. He's not well and it's his own fault. He dug his own grave by making the actions that he did.
    I have borderline, it's in the neighbourhood of narcissistic disorders, I've been around people like this, gave them the benefit of the doubt because something ugly inside of me liked it. I'm pretty disillusioned these days, meaning that I think manipulation is wrong (duh). But my point is that I understand the level of selfishness it takes for Titanic to function in the way he does. His world is utter fiction but unfortunately his actions so far have been fodder for the narrative. He's in a position to carry it all out, what he doesn't realise though is that the power he wants isn't something that can be achieved by gaining power over others but one that he can't find or may never be able to find for himself, particularly if he keeps doing what he does. These girls recognise it and want to fix him, they end up subscribing to his beliefs or already share similar ones. Poppy has always showed brainwashing, robotic and cult-like themes, when you think of those sorts of things you don't see a healthy human psyche present, so for me anyway it speaks volumes for where her heads at. Her entire career seems to be following her own narrative. There was all that and then her entrance into metal where her expression became very… Bitter.
    This is all just my point of view but yeah, I've had a pretty weird life and it gave me a bit of insight into some weird people.

  48. Mars and Titanic were a team too. People who are stuck in abusive relationships have a hard time seeing things clearly. I was not a Poppy fan previously to this, however I have known a lot of people stuck in abusive relationships, and you do not understand how hard it is until you have been in it. We all need to be supportive of people who finally find their voice and make an attempt to escape the awful situation they are in, instead of knock them down. Poppy fan or not, given his history with Mars Argo we all know he is probably treating Moriah the same. We need to be showing love, not judgment.I hope she knows how brave and courageous she is for making the choice to change her life for the better.

  49. Having been through my own long term relationship with a manipulator, a lot of what she's saying is very familiar to me. She's going to contradict herself, because she wasn't fully herself in the past. A manipulator, over time, will turn you into your own form of manipulator. You'll do things that your true self would be appalled at. You can easily become someone you never thought yourself to be. I know I've apologized to so many people for my behavior during those times. It's really hard though. After the fact, it feels like it wasn't even you making those choices, even though it was, because that's not your true self. You know in your heart that it was the other person who lead you to it, but the fact of the matter is that, to everyone else, you are the one that made those choices. People aren't willing to accept that you were under the influence of another person. They see that as an excuse. It feels like shit, but you do have to take responsibility for your own actions, regardless of the influence.

  50. It sounds like Titanic is gonna make someone else. And dear poppy your really that cold hearted. HAH. 2020 poppy put to rest. Thank goodness. Mars need become more out in public. More known. Poppy just came clean. and you fans support her. Pfff… Lightbulb

  51. Titanic is going to Humiliate Poppy publicly and in court. Don't believe me? Just watch.

    Bad move Poppy. Mars had a good reason. You are a spoiled brat. She doesn't make music, she doesn't direct, she's a prop.

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