73 thoughts on “¿Que pasó en WWE Survivor Series?: En Español, 27 Noviembre 2019

  1. ¡Lest'GO WWE Hug Greetings For The WWE BY The Videos In Spanish Thank For The Video Greetings From Chacabuco Argentina!

  2. I'm sorry to say but Seamus is the only one in WWE that actually stands a chance against bad azz Billy Gunn..
    Maybe aop if they jumped him.

  3. En la WWE no veo nada mejor por el contrario todo es un desorden total parecen criaturas de inicial al juntar Raw Smackdown NXT o es que ya no saben cómo entretener al público.
    Esta muy bueno la producción de AEW les recomiendo.

  4. While I except that there are cases of real injuries, when watching some of the action it is clear some of the blows are held back and some of the throws are set up as the opponent actually assists with the set up.

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