100 thoughts on “Randy Orton accepts Edge’s WrestleMania challenge: Raw, March 23, 2020

  1. Randy Orton does great in promos & matches IF he is invested in a feud and he is definitely invested and having fun in this feud

  2. I don't know why but to me it feels like Randy is the face in this story because he's got good reasons to what he did so in this match I'm cheering for Randy Orton

  3. Randy is deadly fearless fighter. Edge beware of randy. He's not afraid of your spear. Remember how he defeated Roman REIGNS spear and throw him out of Ring. He has a plan on how to defeat Edge. The viper is dangerous

  4. best promo of orton's career. the silence made this so intense and after edge's promo last week I wasn't sure orton could top it but god damn. a motivated orton is god tier

  5. This year's Wrestlemania is going to be a joke without any AUDIENCE SORRY TO BE THE BUZKILL BUT THAT'S THE TRUTH…..

  6. Am I the only one who keeps flipping back and forth between Randy’s promo and Edge’s promo? Damn these two are good.

  7. They should have Superstars that are not on the card sit in the crowd section cheering back an forth so that every match is not like a silent match

  8. History of Between Edge and Randy Orton
    2004 : Intercontinental championship match at vengeance
    2007: Raw April 30th
    2010: over the limit

  9. I'm all fairness it's a very good promo, but why do all the guys do they same thing, say a sentence then look away, keep eye contact it's much more believable.

  10. This guy always heat the rivalry.. make it more interesting and from last 2-3 years i would say he loses the match, thanks to the writers of wwe i guess but randy is just the best wrestler wwe has ever got.. and rn in that roster.. he just the best.. all i wish is that soon he becomes the FACE again.. wwe champion belt deserves him.

  11. Screw all those cutaways. I don't want an edited show. I can't focus on what he's saying if it keeps cutting away to clips.

  12. Cancel Wrestlemania.

    These matches need to happen at Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and next year's Wrestlemania.

  13. Maybe all these years Randy has been great at promos but in front of a crowd he turns into RoboRandy. Now that they’re gone he’s finally comfortable. Or maybe he just actually cares about this storyline for once.

  14. Put simply, Orton is one of the last of the great old school legends still gracing the WWE.

    Orton is one of the best in the history of this business. The man has shown up week in week out for years. THAT is what legends are made of.

  15. Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year you can’t just do it without the audiences!!! Please postpone this event WWE😣

  16. Randy Ortan still sucks, I remember he had one storyline I liked, but I just can't remember it from all the boring promos and matches. He's predictable.

  17. Randy please get rid of that vest, that's not what we know you for. We loved that T-shirt wearing Orton of 2008-14. That was the best Orton we ever saw. This Vest sucks.

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