17 thoughts on “Raw Video: Gov Baker Talks To President Trump About Coronavirus Supplies

  1. Yeah! He is a Republican Mr. President! Maybe this will make it more palatable for you in this magnificent efficient 1st rate Blue State.

  2. Here is an idea actually Answer a question you Two! That response to Baker was horrible! Get it Together seriously. The way you made it sound like a competition on the rates for medical equipment is ridiculous.

  3. Too bad Massachusetts is predominantly liberal idiots that whine and cry whenever things don't go exactly as they want.

  4. Many people criticize this republican president for not being more liberal, but I feel the more scalding commentary is that he is failing us by a fiscally republican stance. Any president who is willing to use the bargening power of the fed against a relatively small state and local does not believe in the idea that small government works; he believes that HIS Government works

  5. these two are so far out over their skis it's beyond mind numbing. It's a bad 3 stooges skit come to life.

  6. Could care less what Governor Baker was asking about only cares about the stock market and getting reelected hopefully his lack of compassion and leader ship will make sure that does not happen in November!!!!

  7. Remember this. Baker begged Trump to stop outbidding states for critical medical supplies – and Trump laughed at him. This president is only interested in one thing: profit, and he doesn't care who suffers or dies for it. Don't expect any help from Trump or his party: we are truly on our own.

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