100 thoughts on “Real Reason WWE Moved NXT TakeOver?! WWE Stars Want To Leave?! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

  1. Yes. Good job Gallows and Anderson. I hope Vince gets over his 30 day non wrestling contract. Or is that just for those let go before their contract is up?

  2. I can see a lot of movement coming up. The big wrestling chess board is a lot different to what it used to be. WWE needs to improve their on-screen credibility otherwise they are going to be in big trouble. There is a lot more competition now and WWE seems to think they hold the reigns to everything. The bigger they get the harder they fall

  3. Who is this PAC never heard of him. Is he is a big Euro Indy wrestler. I like Will he is the best wrestler out three. I wish AEW signs him.

  4. I really want to see them leave, even though they're my favorite main roster tag team. They could be one of the best teams on main roster, but wwe keep on screwing them.

  5. I don't believe FOX made the decision. It's NXT why are FOX interested in a wrestling product (I know SmackDown is a wrestling product but in WWE words sports entertainment for mainstream audiences), for the Hall of Fame it depends on what era you were watching. It's 100% ROH/NJPW at MSC. More fans would be talking about that show then NXT. Get NXT talking first & then forget about it after ROH/NJPW blow wrestling fans away, cause that show is going to go boom & then never ending land that is WrestleMaina!

  6. Gallows and Anderson are both getting paid over a million a year to basically sit at home and make maybe 4 appearances on TV and live shows a month. Why would they want to give that up, since it's always just been a job to them? The only way they leave their current situation is if WWE tries to reduce their pay with the next contract.

  7. Its probably going to be the Revival, though I would prefer it if Tyler Breeze left. I love Tyler Breeze, arguably my favorite guy back in NXT. But since he joined the main roster, he has done literally nothing. Sure he had that bit with Breezango, but its him carrying both people.

    Fandango isn't that great of a performer or a personality. I would rather see Breeze join AEW as their mid-title champion, along with maybe Apollo Crews or No Way Jose, both of which I think could be used far better than they are on the main roster.

  8. AEW needs to get the revival, gallows and anderson, and hopefully balor and styles as well. If they could get Samoa joe and cm punk too that would be a STACKED roster. Could you imagine cm punk vs samoa joe or omega for the AEW world championship.

  9. HOF is too long for fans and everybody really. The last to go on being the headliner of that class usually have about 12 people in the crowd who just wanna go home

  10. If it the Revival I know Triple H must be pissed off smh all his work going down the toilet. Send them back to NXT…this is why they need to stop with the NXT call ups until they can figure all this shit out. To much talent that not being used in the right way and everyone is getting lost in the loop

  11. Did he just say "Loser House Party"? Bullshit, they moved takeover in hopes takeover doesn't bury mania.. and I've been to a few HOF inductions, it's boring as shit so people will likely still skip over it..

  12. revival should go..too good to be jobbing to lucha house party every week unless its a storyline to bring in sullivan(which i doubt) they werent good enough for 205 live they certainly arent good enough to be beating the revival week in and week out

  13. Seth Rollins vs Dakota Kai in LoL was almost sad. Seth clearly hadn't cared about the match in advance and had done no training in preparation (unlike Cesaro who'd become a hardcore LoL fan), but he probably regretted his apathy when Kai absolutely annihilated him without mercy (although to be fair he might have done better if a) he hadn't been playing Teemo and b) team leader Imqtpie hadn't told him to just "run it down mid" all game long), making him basically responsible for his team's humiliating defeat.

  14. NXT being on Friday will A) not make fans more likely to watch the HOF ceremonies B) Allow fans not have to choose between NXT and the G1 Supercard.

  15. Lmao luke owen always annoucing his name like he is answering a question with the eyerbrows raised! Hahahahah and im luke owen?

  16. Yes! My holiday wish came true. Now I can attend both NXT take over and the G1 supercard. Both of which I'm predicting will be better than Mania.

  17. How the actual hell did WWE manage to have too many hours of programming a week to adequately fill, and gross under-utilization of the vast majority of their roster AT THE SAME F**KING TIME?!?!?!?


  19. Called it right when this was rumored..they are too good and deserve better..wwe had a chance to revitalize tag team wrestling and is choosing not to, quite sad. Who's ready for bucks vs revival? "HELL YA"

  20. If you're a tag team not named the Uso's or New Day, I would want to leave WWE. It's clear Vince doesn't give a shit about the tag team division.

  21. Everyone should leave wwe at this point wrestlers should sign for NXT exclusively and leave when they get called up cause they don't know shit about wrestling anymore

  22. im so sick of wrestling fans complaining about the product but still continues to watch like wtf why tf wont you guys just stop watching? literally the worst fanbase in the world

  23. The Hall Of Fame is way way to long. That if you go to a hall of fame there to many rules. Besides there’s a ROH show going on I rather see that then Hall of fame. P.S Fuck WWE and there overprice no delivering same O same O fucking bullshit matches.

  24. It’s always been like this WWE signs so much talent and doesn’t know how to use everyone how do you use everyone with two main shows one NXT (paying your dues)

    One 205 live (acrobats)

    Need more shows to be able to utilize all your talent.

  25. Nobody will care if the jobber ass Revival leave wwe, just leave, who cares, what are u waiting for, leave, get the fuck out of here.

  26. The moving of Takeover to Friday makes more sense for it being WWE moving to make sure people do all three days of shows rather than Fox wanting it moved.
    If Fox want to put NXT on Friday night, why move the PPV to Friday? If they are showing the weekly show in that spot, how will they show the PPVs as well?

  27. I hope Gallows and Anderson leave. They are just treated like jokes now by dressing up in mullets and habing matches with pumpkins on their heads 😒. AJ Styles has actually been trrated much better and I hope he sticks around but I know he wants to have more off time with his family, which is why he dropped the belt, so that may be a reason for leaving if he does. I like AJ on Smackdown.

  28. The best thing we can do is keep the viewership down by not watching wwe anymore. Cancel subscriptions. And whenever they do something we don't like turn your back on the product if you go see it. And also completely stop reacting no boos no cheers just silence in the crowd. When ss comes to Chicago next year we going to be chanting this is boring. And "fuck you Vince" and bring in a beach ball

  29. I wonder why they would want to leave they only push like 5 people and within those 5 are both in the mid cards and top cards

  30. With the good brothers they haven't had anything decent going on with them since they debuted lots of people don't even remember they was raw tag team champions for like 2 weeks

  31. I like my chemical Romance version of all I want for Christmas better. The Young bucks contract up soon and not signing back with roh.
    I was hoping gallows and Anderson join undisputed era or get something going with AJ and Finn so would be relevant than not using them like they should. Club vs undisputed era would be great or if all joined like a nwo takeover but we know Vince wouldn’t let that happen. Raw is boring and needs a new shakeup soon

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