Reason Behind Smackdown Glitches! What’s Next For Goldberg? WWE WrestleMania 36 SPOILERS! WWE NEWS!

Reason Behind Smackdown Glitches! What’s Next For Goldberg? WWE WrestleMania 36 SPOILERS! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
February 22, 2020. We’re starting today’s video
with news from Friday Night
SmackDown, as Goldberg showed up in
person to the show. In the ring, the former WWE
Universal Champion made
it clear he wasn’t afraid of The Fiend whom he will face at
Super Showdown and proved
his dominance by delivering a spear to Wyatt
that sent the demonic
Superstar running. The entire segment put Goldberg
over pretty strong, and whilst
most fans expect Wyatt to retain the Universal title
in Riyadh on February 27th,
there have been rumors of a title switch, and having
the Hall of Famer enter Wrestle
Mania with the gold. As for Wyatt, the Fiend remains
one of WWE’s most popular
characters, despite Now we’ve got a potential Big
Spoiler for WWE Super
Showdown, so if you don’t want to hear them, feel free
to skip the next minute of
this video. According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, Goldberg
is not expected to be at WrestleMania 36 this year,
indicating that it will be Wyatt
who retains next week in Riyadh. They said: Everything is obviously subject
to change as Vince McMahon
could always decide Goldberg is a better
opponent for Reigns for a
WrestleMania marquee, but that would also
mean ditching plans for
months of building Bray Wyatt up for Reigns. Since Wyatt’s move to Friday
Night SmackDown, he and
Reigns have kept their distance, but all reports are
stating that it’ll be the Big
Dog who challenges for the Universal title at WrestleMania. As the Observer stated, the
card is always subject to
change, but given how close we are to the showcase of the
Immortals, it’s in WWE’s best
interest to keep their story for the show the same that
they’ve had planned for months. We’ve got more Super Showdown
news now, as for the first time in
history, a Women’s Championship will be
defended in Saudi Arabia. Following her victory over
Carmella on last night’s Smack
Down, Naomi will be taking on SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley next Thursday,
in what will be the second WWE Women’s match
in the company’s ten-year deal
with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s been over two and a half
years since Naomi lost the
gold to Natalya at Summerslam 2017, and now the
Glow has the opportunity to win
the title for third time, and make history in the
process. Though Naomi’s victory this
week was a big win for the
Glow, it was her entrance that got a lot of fans talking
online. During her walkout to the ring,
the image on the screen cut
to a clock ticking, and this was just one of several
glitches that hounded the
blue brand during the two hour broadcast. More knowledgeable fans
pointed out that the Tick
Tock is the slogan of new WWE recruit Killer Kross, leading
many to assume that the former
Impact star could soon be on his way to
the main roster. If true, it would make sense
that Kross is called up along
side his real-life girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, as the self-
professed Smoke Show has
also signed a deal with the company. From two new faces in WWE to
some established veterans of
the company, as Triple H is reportedly not set for
a match at WrestleMania, and
neither is Goldberg. According to reports, the pair
aren’t the only big names that
will be missing from the show, as despite rumors of
Sting getting closer to returning
to the WWE ring, with speculation that the Hall
of Famer would work a Saudi
event or WrestleMania, there hasn’t been
any news on a match for the
Stinger. In the past, Sting has said the
only match he would come out
of retirement for would be to face The Undertaker,
but with reports of the Deadman
facing AJ Styles at the showcase of the
Immortals, it seems that the
former WCW World Champion will have to wait for
another opportunity to
challenge the Phenom. Back to SmackDown now, and
one Superstar who has
certainly made an impact since returning to the ring has
been the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. After defeating stars like Shorty
G and Apollo Crews in decisive
fashion, the former World Champion made another
impact on this week’s show,
announcing himself as the first participant in the
men’s Elimination Chamber
match. It’ll be interesting to see who
joins the Celtic Warrior, who
is currently winless inside the steel structure despite
four appearances, and fans will
be able to see both the men’s and women’s
Chamber matches when the
Pay Per View takes place at the Wells Fargo
Center on Match 8th. Also on SmackDown, the WWE
pushed the envelope out with
another unique concept, as Intercontinental
Champion Braun Strowman
and Elias took on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro
in a Symphony of Destruction
match. A match that featured a ton of
musical instruments as
weapons, the bout saw the Monster Among Men slam
Nakamura onto a piano to
end the match. Unsurprisngly, the match was
a physical affair, and we have
no doubt that the King of Strong Style and the
Swiss Cyborg will be left with
a ringing in their ears for many days to come. In Women’s division news, this
week’s show also saw the
return of the Bella Twins, who confirmed what fans
had speculated on for a while. During an appearance on A
Moment Of Bliss, the news
broke that Nikki and Brie will be entering the WWE 2020
Hall of Famer, and will be
joining the likes of Batista and the New World Order. Whilst this was obviously a huge
moment for the pregnant twins,
fans couldn’t help but notice the absence of
Nikki Cross, who had been
promoted for the segment earlier in the week, but
had been removed from
promotional materials shortly before the show. It was revealed by Cross’ real-
life husband Killian Dain via
his live Twitch stream, that the former Women’s Tag
Team Champion is very sick
right now, which caused WWE to pull her from the show. Hopefully, Cross will get better
soon, as with WrestleMania
36 drawing nearer, now is the worst time for a
popular Superstar such as
her to be on the shelf. We’ve got some more news
concerning the WWE Hall of
Fame now, as despite plenty of legends being inducted
over the years, the WWE has
never chosen to induct the man they call Vader. Before he passed in June 2018,
Vader spoke about how much
being inducted would mean to him, and though
his tragic passing hasn’t led to
an induction, his son hasn’t stopped in getting a
spot for his legendary father. This week, the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter reported that despite
lobbying to get the former WCW World
Champion inducted, 2020 isn’t
Vader’s year, as they said. It would look like Vader, who Mick
Foley has been heavily
pushing for, won’t be put in. Vader is a no-
brainer, but it’s the audience
of one. We can only assume that Vader’s
time in the WWE Hall of Fame
will come eventually, but as the years go
on, it’s hard to wonder why
exactly the WWE is so opposed to inducting one of the
most athletically gifted Super
heavyweights of all time. From one powerhouse of the
ring to another now, as it’s
been quite a while since fans saw Nia Jax in the ring,
though that could soon change. Following double knee surgery
last year, the former RAW
Women’s Champion has worked hard to return to the
ring, and posted a work out
selfie on social media this week, with the appropriate
caption “Sweaty.” There’s still no clear time when
Jax will be able to make her
return to the ring, and even if she was to comeback in
time for WrestleMania, it’s likely
that she’d just be another star in the Women’s
Battle Royal, as all three
singles titles have already reportedly been booked for
the show. With that said, there’s always
the possibility that Jax could
challenge the Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag
Team titles, if she was able to
find a partner, but for now, the Irresistable Force
is focussing all her energy on
healing her body after her double knee surgery. Back to the Hall of Fame now,
and whilst this year’s list of
inductees is coming together nicely, that doesn’t
mean that WWE are expecting
a huge crowd for the show. The Wrestling Observer News
letter noted that the company
is reportedly having a much smaller event this year,
as they said: For the Hall of Fame on 4/2, they
are not even opening up the
top section and have seats left. The fact that WWE still has
seats left to sell for the show
might encourage them to go ahead and confirm more
inductees, as names like
JBL, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger and the British Bulldog have all
been rumoured to receive the
nod. With that said, fans will remember
last year’s show, where a fan
attacked Bret Hart during his second induction
into the WWE Hall of Fame, and
this may be a factor into why the company are
wanting fewer members of the
public at the prestigious event. Though the WWE Hall of Fame
isn’t exactly selling out, the
ceremony is just one of the highlights of WrestleMania
weekend. Unfortunately, it seems that the
RAW after WrestleMania in
Tampa isn’t doing much better either, as according
to the Observer, there are plenty
of seats left for what has been described as the
most exciting and unpredictable
RAW of the year. They said: The demand for the Raw after
WrestleMania, previously one
of the hottest tickets of the year, is way down.
Even in the sections open they
have plenty of seats available. The report goes on to say that
the SmackDown of Wrestle
Mania week is opening about 40% of the upper deck
seating of the show, whilst
they are are also opening up seats in the lower levels also. NXT is selling the entire arena
for their TakeOver: Tampa
show that will happen during WrestleMania week also,
but according to the report,
there are still plenty of tickets left for that show as well. We’ve got some news from All
Elite Wrestling now, as this
week’s edition of Dynamite featured a Steel Cage
match, that left Cody Rhodes
pretty banged up. During the match, the former
WWE Superstar suffered a
fractured big toe on his right foot as the result of a
moonsault off the top of the
cage, that won him the match against Wardlow, finalizing
his highly anticipated showdown
against MJF at the upcoming Revolution Pay
Per View. Online, Cody said that he’s on a
treatment plan and cleared for
action, and AEW’s resdident physician Doc Sampson
said that there could have been
worse injuries that could have happened to the
American Nightmare. Despite his foot, Cody is still
cleared for action, as it’s clear
that nothing will stop him from competing against his
former protégé at Revolution
on February 29th. Back to WWE now, and even
though it’s been many years
since Davey Boy Smith Jr. competed inside a WWE ring,
that may be changing this year. According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, once
Smith’s contract expires with MLW, he will be free to do
as he pleases, as they reported: We’re told that after [Davey Boy
Smith’s] MLW contract expires,
he would be open to WWE or anywhere else. Though Smith could go anywhere,
including AEW, Impact, Ring of
Honor or New Japan, there’s plenty of reasons
to suspect that the former WWE
Tag Team Champion will be returning to
McMahon’s promotion. Recently, Smith appeared with
his fellow Hart Dynasty
members Natalya and Tyson Kidd on The Bump, and
with rumours of his father
finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, there
doesn’t seem to be a better time
to bring his son back. This may be easier said than
done though, as MLW recently
accused WWE of tampering with the contracts of
MLW stars, so time will tell
whether the third generation Superstar and
grandson of Stu Hart will
eventually return to the WWE. Back to the Elimination Chamber
now, and whilst there will be a
total 12 Superstars in the Men’s and
Women’s Chamber matches, some
stand out more than others. This week, the Observer noted
that the favourites right now,
are Shayna Baszler to win the Women’s Chamber,
which would see her challenge
RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at
WrestleMania, whilst Roman
Reigns is expected to win the Men’s match, which could
give the Big Dog a Universal
title match in Tampa. The Observer noted that there
is a chance that the WWE
could go down a different route, as they said: One would look at that knowing
only Baszler and Asuka would
have a chance. On the SmackDown side,
it pretty much has to be Reigns.” WWE have swerved fans on the
road to WrestleMania before,
so it’s entirely possible that Reigns may come
up short in the Chamber and
have to find a way into the Universal title match
another way, but for now, it
appears that the Fiend and the Big Dog are destined
to face off on April 5th. One man fans shouldn’t expect
to see at WrestleMania is Matt
Hardy, who’s career in WWE may be over,
given that his contract expires
next week. On this week’s RAW, the former
Tag Team Champion received
yet another beatdown by Randy Orton, but
now Matt has let his fans know
he’s resting easy. On Twitter, Hardy posted himself
in a very unique, old fashioned
wheelchair, which the Woken One described
as a chair of wheels, and said
he’s very happy to be home on the Hardy compound. Though his career in WWE may
be over, it seems that Hardy is
fine with how things have panned out, and time
will tell what is next for the popular
Superstar. And finally today we’re ending
with news from SmackDown,
as the show had plenty of action that we haven’t
covered yet. After Goldberg collided with the
Fiend and Naomi defeated
Carmella to earn a shot at SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley at Super
Showdown, Daniel Bryan earned another punishing victory
over Heath Slater, dropping for
the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion
with a running knee. Up next fans got the Bella Twins
appearing on A Moment of Bliss
and the Symphony of Destruction match,
as well as a sitdown interview
with Renee Young and Lacey Evans. In her first appearance since
losing to Bayley at the Royal
Rumble, the Sassy Southern Belle acknowledged
that her loss to the Champion
puts her at the back of the line for a rematch, but has
her eyes set on the Elimination
Chamber Pay Per View, even though she’s not
announced for the Women’s
Chamber match. In the main event, the New Day
and the Usos picked up the win
over The Miz, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler
and Robert Roode, though
this won’t be the last time some of these stars face off, as
Miz and Morrison will have a
chance at the New Day’s SmackDown Tag titles,
when they meet at Super
Showdown on February 27th, live on the WWE Network.

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