Relive epic WrestleMania 34 moments on WWE 24 (Featuring “Born Ready” by Zayde Wolf)

[MUSIC] The Dead Man has risen.>>Hair on the back of my neck standing
up, I’ve got chills down my spine. This is surreal. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Two absolute icons
of our industry doing battle at the showcase of the immortal. [MUSIC]>>Rest in peace, John Cena. [MUSIC] He’s wandering around the Superdome
looking for a tag team partner.>>You.>>What? That’s a child.>>Give it up for Nicolas.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You can’t tag the kid in.>>No way.>>Where are this kid’s parents? A ten year old child is gonna go to school
tomorrow as a The Raw Tag Team Champion. [MUSIC]>>With 914 days Asuka
has remained undefeated.>>Tonight Asuka intend on dethroning The Queen. [MUSIC]

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