Relive the chaos of NXT’s first-ever WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 22, 2017

[SOUND] [APPLAUSE]>>Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to. War Games!>>We’re just moments away
from the most dangerous match in sports entertainment
history being born again.>>A sea of scores about to be
settled in highly unsettling fashion.>>The destruction returns,
it’s War Games!>>The kings of chaos Sanity are ready
to get it on with the agents of anarchy Undisputed Era. And The Authors of Pain and
Roderick Strong. Nine NXT superstars will enter the cage. Nine souls could be stolen
by the callous steel.>>I’m stoked. [NOISE] First time in 20 years! I’m excited!>>Here we are,
Roderick Strong, Eric Young and Adam Cole and there’s the rest of
the teams in their shark cages. [NOISE] The match does not
officially begin until all nine superstars are in the ring. This is all about trying to
simply beat each other up.>>Stay alive, do as much as you
can to inflict as much damage and punishment to both of your opponents
that you are in the ring with.>>Final seconds before
another team will enter. Two rings, surrounded by this cage.>>We got.
>>It is->>So back up in the forum. A Kyle O’Reilly with a numbers advantage.>>Together, they could essentially take
out Young and take out Strong completely.>>It’s The Authors of Pain.>>This is a game changer and then some.>>I just figured they were trying
to keep the cage doir closed.>>This arguable is the worst thing
that could happen to the Undisputed Era>>And the ARP has changed the direction of this confrontation. Again, not an official match yet. Both rings being utilized.>>Bodies bleed out all over the place.>>In eight seconds
WarGames officially begins.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE].>>And look what Alexander Wolf
has brough to the party.>>Anything goes.>>It’s all about survival.>>The first team to score a pinfall or
submission, will win.>>Kaine has got a couple of other
toys he would like to introduce! Ask and you shall receive! It is already chaos!>>He just locked the padlock and
ate the key!>>[APPLAUSE].>>Killing Jade, wiping out the rest
of the field here in War Games. [MUSIC]. [APPLAUSE]. Brutality on full display here
at NXT’s first ever War Games. [SOUND] Rivalries have come to a boil
in the most painful way possible.>>Is on top, poised to strike perhaps.>>And Rakes are back up on their feet. Alexander Wolf.>>Look at this.>>Man. [APPLAUSE]
>>Through that table. Don’t tell me that Adam Cole is literally
going to put his career in jeopardy here.>>Well there’s Roderick Straum.>>For the,
precariously on the top of the cage.>>My God. [SOUND]
>>My God!>>A Mount Everest superplex
courtesy of Roderick Strong.>>What is the strategy for
any of these individuals?>>Eric Young has a! And he used the chair to try to block him. Adam Cole has done it.>>Friends, confidants, victorious.>>Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, the last men standing.>>What does this mean for
the future of NXT?>>A definite shock to the system. [MUSIC]

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