100 thoughts on “Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

  1. So is it a thing now to do the Three Amigos or anything related to Eddie Gurerro when wrestling Rey???

    Good to see Rey get a win finally.

  2. Man. Cesaro can actually work a Lucha style and make it look good as a big guy. Very few big dudes tale Lucha style bumps like that, especially from little dudes like Rey.

  3. Love Rey, always will. But I'm still looking for a day when all of Cesaro's hardwork pays off. I cannot remember the last time I've seen him have a bad match. And even if it was a bad match, it's never him making it bad. One hell of a wrestler.

  4. I hope cesaro and rey mysterio become a tag team. this would make rey and cesaro be part of 4 tag teams total, their signature move could be the double 619 or something, wwe is boring now all the greats are slowly becoming low tier wrestlers

  5. Never disrespect the late and great Eddie! If you're gonna do the Three Amigos, at least do It correctly and not make it look like a baby rolling around in a dirty diaper.

  6. Cesaro has a hard time selling moves like the tilt-a-whirl ddt and sunset flip power bomb cause he’s too strong, why does he lose to people like the miz, ricochet, and Rey

  7. I like rey is winning but why cesaro is losing so much ! Why wwe why! Underutilising such a precious and great talent ! He has been here for so long now, forget kofi cesaro should be at top

  8. Absolutely disgusting either Cesaro goes to another wrestling promotion or try his hand in MMA. Unlike CM Punk, Cesaro is actually a gifted athlete.

  9. Rey is way past his prime time. Let him retire. WWE, please do not use wrestlers like Cesaro as jobbers just to prove oldies as heros!!

  10. God I was afraid for Cesaro in this match afraid he’d get injured again by Rey after he JUST recovered from his front teeth injury. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

  11. Even other wrestlers such as The New Day have said that Cesaro is a great wrestler and one of the best they know, and he is screwed by WWE they need to treat him like they did before The Bar.

  12. Such a shame to see Cesaro so underutilized. He should've been a world champ by now. His James Bond gimmick along with a proper push and some great entrance music can make him a main eventer for years to come.

  13. C'mon WWE.
    Cesaro is too talented to be a jobber. Nothing wrong in losing to Rey Mysterio but he should be pushed better. Then again I've been saying that for 7 years. 😕

  14. do u guys know what i recognize? wrestling doesnt feel as good as the old times. i mean its so dead kinda… he does a 619 and no1 cares…

  15. Ďejk “Ďaяhεad” Ďŷlenhaal plejỹŋ Яej “Fyšbowl” Mystîяiow?? Hʌ?? Hʌ?? Haw du ju gow fяʌm Ďaяhεad tu Fyšbowl??

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