69 thoughts on “Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair: WWE NXT, Oct. 23, 2019

  1. In order for NXT to beat Dynamite they need to give their wrestlers some promo time to sell their angles and even some backstage vignettes long matches makes the IWC drool but it doesnt necessarily attracts casual audience Triple H should give his wrestlers some personality to connect with the audience. The Monday Night Wars was not revered for athletism but for its storylines and characters

  2. This how raw and smackdown build a storyline to be no.1 contender and face the champ with candice and io involve making this match 10x better than the main event..

  3. I was glued to this match yesterday… but I have a question whose hotter?? Im stuck on this one but it does look like Bianca got thicker ✅🤔who u like more??!🤔

  4. I don't watch NXT much but I did last night. And I'm glad to say this match was badass. Women's division here is killer stuff. They get longer matches and more coverage.. Really killed it. Great show last night.. It doesn't seem to faked out. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  5. Why does Bianca get shadowed she has personality , character, strength, atheleticism. Why do they make her lose to people who don’t have character and strength and athleticism.

  6. i think bianca belair should be drafted to smackdown live or raw now. so she can be the raw womcham or smckdwomcham. or she also can be rhea's partner to fight off kabuki. (kabuki w vs dakota and tegan vs rhea and belair) who agree?

  7. They both are good & that was a good match,but again WWE builds someone up
    & then snatch the carpet from under their feet…Bianxa was UNDEFEATED & loss only to the champ,now its like she just fall short of her biggest matches,so where are they going with her?Once you lose momentum before you claim that spot that it seem like your going own,it's hard to get it back…

  8. These two are undeniably working brilliantly together. If booked correctly when called up on the main roster, they could have a Charlotte vs. Sasha or even a Trish vs Lita type of rivalry. That would be well deserved for these two humongous athletes.

  9. I haven't been watching NXT, but I watched it today since they showed last week's episode before AEW, and then showed a repeat of this week's episode after AEW, and damn, Ripley is badass as hell. My new favorite woman in wrestling

  10. It seems to me that WWE is turning Bianca into a jobber. It seems like she's losing more than winning to people that, technically , are inferior.

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