87 thoughts on “Ric Flair clashes with Harley Race in rare WWE Hidden Gem from 1983 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. Something I've never understood is why guys like Finlay, Ric Flair and even now Charlotte Flair wear knee pads but have them around their shins and not the knee. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of them?

  2. I miss the old stuff… wwe used to be good… now they waste so much talent… I can't wait til Alot of the talent leaves wwe and make a better name for themselves… wwe is where the money is but if you're not being used what's the point… smh

  3. watching two slow bums wrestle. Americans watching this thought it was real…………………nation full of imbeciles.

  4. Bruce and Kondrad made mention of this spot in their podcast wherein Ric Flair would go to the top and land an elbow.

  5. Wow WWE actually showed us 1:14 of the action but in true WWE lunatic fashion they cut out. Just goes to show you that the WWF/E/WHATEVER is, was and always will be completely out of touch with the real heart of this sport. They don't have a clue. Never have never will. The NWA and AWA will always be pro wrestling to me.

  6. Race was lucky the referee was down and didn't see him throw Flair over the top rope or he'd have been DQed.

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