Road to Wrestlemania 34 : Asuka vs Charlotte Flair

Introducing, from Osaka Japan, Asuka I’m entering the women Royal Rumble’s match And I will win At Wrestlemania I will become the champion I wanted you to pick me, I wanted the opportunity I wanted the challenge, I wanted to face you I wanna face the best champion Charlotte vs Asuka What would happen, if the queen went one on one with the empress of tomorrow ? Who would bow down ? I’ve never faced anyone like you Undefeated But you have never faced anyone like me This is all I’ve ever wanted Asuka bows to no one we have never seen anything like Asuka dominating, fearsome, absolutely incredible She knows what she’s capable of I’m going to end you streak and cement my legacy I am every bit as good as you’ve heard No one is ready for Asuka

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