Roll back changes – Clownin’ Around II – WWE Champions

Roll back changes – Clownin’ Around II – WWE Champions

hello guys and welcome to another video
a lot has changed since the last one and the world is a different place hope you
all are doing well self-isolation for the win even the game is looking
different update dropped a few days ago two days at least and I will talk about
what I like about this update in a bit Yesterday I made a video on it but the
game was too hectic to play it was crashing all the time and my opinion was
a lot different than what it is today they actually updated it again and there
are a lot of fixes there was some freezes on some of the screens which has
been fixed so the game is running well so far and what I hope currently I don’t
lose any of the stuff while playing yesterday I lost a lot of HP for my
superstars and the game was constantly freezing so I completely stopped
recording all together anyways today I am going to cover the clowning around
contest it’s same from the last year’s the featured superstar is obviously
doink and we got to play tours and also Brits in order to get resources it’s
just a filler contest as I said it in the last year video as well I just
looked it up because I forgot what this contest was about and it looks mostly
similar what is update on level League 14 I must say I just made missed League
15 by one four star gold superstar and to narrow it down I needed just one token
in order to get to the next league but I missed it so I have to do all these
things now and it is going to take some time and this is
actually good in a way if you guys remember the Vince’s missions that used
to be a part of this game a long time ago and that gives a sort of what should
I say long term goals and these objectives look pretty similar to what
when Vince’s missions used to be anyways I’m going to talk more about update in in
the meantime let’s play the clowning around contest so everything related to
the contest we have in this page so you can directly go from here and we have
normal hard and hell mode directly tab in a tab this is so much better because
before you have to select from the drop-down and you have to get to the
modes you that you can play now it’s so much easier and we have the Blitz
related to this contest everything in one page this is so much better than
before and really liking this update so far I
mean it definitely had some hiccups yesterday today it’s so much better I
have to play the blades but this video I won’t be covering the Blitz we got a lot
of superstars to cover in order to play this I guess also I need the tickets we got the common blitz here and about
the tours I’m going to not going to actually showcase the gameplay it’s the
same superstars I use and done well the open tour made it easily but for this
one the boss the rock from the attitude is too strong for star cold for my four
stars they were doing and I actually laid the smackdown on me so I’m not
going to try again for the normal one I did manage to beat anyways the rewards
are same for the hell mode so it doesn’t make much of a difference if I get
anything good it will be good in those chances only and it is time to open the
free bag suddenly the free bag opening is a lot more important now because it’s
an objective so there it is the level 14 free bag gives one Matt Hardy shard
that’s how it is let’s claim this this is so much better trying to do this
every day now and there’s a long term goal to achieve from this and it’s the
leagues so currently taking this and it was let’s head to the inventory and open
all the resources that we got they did mention about the performance
improvement performance still looks the same to me maybe it’s just Miami later
and my mobile is not so good enough anyways but the performance still looks
the same so here are the resources it is the same from last year I think and last year I
had a three star gold going to go with this time it’s a four star silver still
I couldn’t copy doll mode so here’s the jyd the helmet rewards at least a one
four star or five star cold I mean five stars in that would be good
our four star Gold’s – forced upwards and no five stars
anyways those were the airport rewards and then we have a Kevin O and bag this
is actually similar to what I opened before and was that deja book I saw the
same rewards I think from the first poll okay this is a faction token bag or is
it is the same and lot of resources coins really liking it then that’s about
it I think we also have these from the healer Brits yesterday I made a video I
just said and I refused to upload it I was a bit salty on the update so
currently it’s fixed so there’s no point of a product that video I’m going to
open these bags now all right lot of resources in the past
week or so and I’m loving this because I think from
the past few months all the events are contests we had just spent resources
spend resources I was getting burnt out and apparently I lost interest in the
last contest that’s why you don’t see a video on this channel and I moved to
some other game and I was simply doing some other stuff but this update it’s
all good let’s see if it can drop anything else than a powerhouse token
nice I see Acrobat some love for the acrobats this
is the common one as I was saying lot of resources these type of filler counters are so
much better in between the main ones tptp no amount of TP is more actually so
here we have okay we also have a chance to get a four star silver diamonds as
well let’s see if anything of that fifteen items at least a few four stars
I believe two stars last contest from the prize well I just know four stars
anyway in the last contest they’re saying I claimed only two star tokens
and currently getting them a lot makes it all worth it I guess I don’t have to
worry about this anymore there are so many superstars to push
forward and these two star tokens are always a big hurdle anyways those were
all the resources from the inventory I guess and these are the blitz tickets or
maybe it requires all the superstars not sure yet but I’ll check that out so that
was this year’s clowning around contest we don’t see a banner for the contest
yet I don’t know that’s an issue I guess or maybe they are trying to fix some
things still there was supposed to be a contest banner but it’s not appearing
yet so I cannot discuss on it yet but it might appear by the time this video is
up so hopeful for that and thanks for watching
after a long time I’m doing this I feel a little off today it’s been weeks I
think since I made a video I was into a completely different game during this
isolation time stop making her videos because as I said
the events are getting repetitive and they need to change some things at least
to keep the interest going so feels so much better now currently it’s just
resources treatments and this one test was so much better than before
anyways guys let me know how you feel about the update and you all are doing
and see you next time and have a nice day stay subscribed please subscribe
guys I have like 70% of viewers who are not subscribed and that’s a lot if you
ask me anyways that will be all thank you you

3 thoughts on “Roll back changes – Clownin’ Around II – WWE Champions

  1. NICE. ?? PRANK. ??
    It looks like rewards are shards but inside it there is good resource
    Nice video BRO 1St comment and like ????

  2. Well oll these events which were lie on the blitz pretty sweet so far… I manage to redeem hall at 4B wid hogan shirts… Got so many resources wid the remaining stuff nd it's still going… Luv it

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