100 thoughts on “Rollins and Reigns to collide in match with WWE Draft implications: WWE Now

  1. If there is one thing fans nowadays are consistent on, is that they turn on the wrestlers that they’ve been clamoring to be pushed.

  2. Fiend : let me in
    I 'll protect rollins
    Roman be careful
    What if fiend attacks roman to dq rollins ???
    I want a clean finish
    Who else

  3. This is a clever way to get roman over with the fans..normally when wwe wanted to get any wrestler over.. specially the royal rumble winners in the last few years they let roman be one of the last 2 so that the crowd would cheer even more for the winner even if that wasnt their first choice..smart booking.. now seth is in the place where roman was..time to go heel seth!

  4. W're gonna have the most controversial match of 2019. Seth is gonna get booed the Hell out of him
    Roman's gonna get cheered ??

  5. Im pulling for roman on this one. He isn't shown as invincible anymore unlike Rollins who is Roman 2.0. Rollins better be prepared because that whole arena is going to be booing him hard.

  6. Roman defeats Seth and Reigns is announced as the first overall draft pick for Smackdown. RAW chooses their first draft pick after that and they will either choose "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt or "The Man" Becky Lynch. That is how the first round draft picks are going mark my words.

  7. Me: we all know Charlotte’s winning the match

    My bro: She’s not even in the match duh

    Me: We’re talking about Vince here….

    My bro: Yeah you right


  8. This match ends via DQ because Christian Maracle brought into the arena two scoops of Wendy's rather than Dairy Queen, meaning Roman Reigns won.

    The first draft pick is Seth Rollins, who then reveals the Universal Championship now bears a blueberry jam leather strap.

  9. The only real Seth Rollins fan in the comment section I see. LOL ?

    Can’t wait to hear him get booed and still be the best wrestler in the ring.

  10. Seth needs to lose. Jodie was a great champion who didn’t get the credit he deserved. Seth is just a bum like his girlfriend who they can’t stop pushing.

  11. Roman Reigns shoulda' helped Seth Rollins, when Brey Wyatt came up through the Ring…. But it's a good thing that Wyatt released Seth.

  12. Yeah Kevin Owens gets drafted to RAW. Thats cool cuz RAW is the best brand.. But I'm glad, Owens got Shane McMahon fired, cuz Shane had it coming.

  13. I'm glad that STREET PROFECTS are finally on RAW.. Now they can have matches in WWE legally, instead of staying in the back, and l hope they good to.

  14. The Match Was getting really interesting untill..
    The fiend showed..up..
    I like the character…but now we are recycling Kane/Undertaker ..
    Tactics… Lazy..
    Waste of a Good Match…?

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