67 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey prepares to main-event WrestleMania: Nov. 19, 2019

  1. Haters gonna hate. Even though people really want becky, at the end of the day ronda still known as the best fighters ever, ronda achieved a lot rather than becky. Becky is just an extra….

  2. WWE gives a main event to ronda not to Charlotte nor becky, but to ronda. Becky and Charlotte are just living in ronda's shadow. To make Charlotte and becky have a spotlight they just include a triple treat match to give becky and Charlotte a spotlight. Look at becky jow and Charlotte they are getting old…

  3. Man the match was good but it makes me sad how it ended in botch type pin . They should either never had a main event or should have a proper finish to the match

  4. So she only wrestles Manias now? I get that she's been injured but to hand her a Mania spot when she's been away for so long is just insane when there are others who have worked hard during her away time. Give the other women a spot

  5. I mean I agree that women should be able to main event shows but Ronda definitely did not back that up with that terrible botch

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