Ronda Rousey Wants WWE Match! Sexy Star Stripped Of Title! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Ronda Rousey Wants WWE Match! Sexy Star Stripped Of Title! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen – in a hat again! Headline: Horsewomen Challenge Horsewomen The finals of the Mae Young Classic will take
place next Tuesday in Las Vegas following Smackdown Live and will feature – get ready
for a Spoiler Room Brawl in 3, 2, 1 – Kairi Sane taking on Shayna Bayzler. However there’s
an even bigger story coming out of the tournament before the finals have even taken place. After Bayzler beat Mia Yim in the second round,
she celebrated with her Four Horsewoman cohorts, who were at ringside for all of her matches.
Bayzler then walked over to taunt the Four Horsewomen of WWE – Charlotte, Becky Lynch
and Bayley (Sasha Banks was filming overseas at the time of recording) and this led a face
to face between the rival wrestling and MMA factions across the aisle with Bayzler’s
buddies Ronda Rousey, former UFC and Invicta fighter Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir – who
has been appearing a lot on NXT in recent months to support real-life husband Roderick
Strong. But that wasn’t all. The two groups then filmed
a backstage segment where they squared off, teasing a possible match at some point in
the future. Rousey then told Charlotte, Lynch and The Huggable One, “You name the time,
you name the place.” In an interview with following her
match with Mia Yim, Bayzler was asked about the possibility of the two Four Horsewomen
groups – so, is that the Eight Horsewomen? – having a match and she replied, “If they
want to stand there and throw up ‘4’s like they can step up to us? I’ll put my
team up against any other team, any day of the week.” This comes the month after Fightful reported
both Ronda has been training with Cruiserweight wrestler The Brian Kendrick for a potential
match, and the Wrestling Observer wrote WWE are “very high on the Horsewoman vs. Horsewoman
idea”. And just last week, Triple H offered Rousey a WWE spot during an interview on ESPN. With Charlotte and Becky Lynch likely to be
at the Mae Young Classic finals following Smackdown on Tuesday, could we see another
clash between the two groups? Headline: Sexy Star Stripped Of Title Speaking of drama, the ongoing saga of Sexy
Star, Triple A and the Reina de Reinas Championship has taken another turn. If you’re not up to
date with this story, I’ll do my best now to catch you up. During TripleMania’s four way match for
the Reina de Reinas Championship between then-champ Sexy Star (who won the belt following the
Triple A screwjob), Lady Shani, Hamada and GFW’s Rosemary, Sexy Star applied an armbar
and legitimately injured Rosemary. The following day – when social media blew up over the altercation
– Sexy Star said it was all a work. Rosemary then broke her silence to say it was a shoot,
and now Sexy Star has done a complete 180 on her original stance. She posted a long statement on Twitter, which
has since been translated via Reddit – because the internet is brilliant – and Star’s claim
is she went back to the dressing room and was told she had injured Rosemary – which
she found surprising as she claims Rosemary left the ring without assistance. “I went
to make sure she was fine and I found her talking with another colleague, standing in
the production area with only an ice pack on her elbow. There were no paramedics or
anybody else attending to her. There was a stretcher… but she wasn’t even sitting on
it which made me feel relieved because I saw with my own eyes that she was fine, that she
wasn’t injured.” Other parts of Star’s statement say that
she wasn’t expecting the match to feature two wrestlers from America – only finding
out it was a four way a couple of days before the event – and that her intensity during
the armbar was simply her portraying the Sexy Star character. Following that statement, Triple A’s Twitter
account announced that the Reina de Reinas Championship is now vacant after stripping
Sexy Star of the title. Adding yet another illustrious championship reign to Vacant’s
Hall of Fame worthy career, What is going on with Jeff Jarrett and GFW?
And why do Oli and I think Vince McMahon is unhappy with Smackdown Live? Click the videos
to the left to find out more. Press subscribe, and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been
Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

51 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Wants WWE Match! Sexy Star Stripped Of Title! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

  1. All you idiots…I'm sorry I mean people talking tough about Rousey online wouldn't have the balls/guts(if you're a woman) to say it to her face because you know that if you do ,you guys would get your ass kicked & you'll be crying little bitches.

  2. MMA women could destroy the WWE wrestling women I mean it's not even a challenge the MMA women are paid and trained to fight real fights not just fake fights that are scripted. I would not, if I was a WWE female wrestler I would not even want to get on on the bad terms with a MMA women fighter, that's just asking for death.

  3. I could't care less about "Horsewomen vs Horsewomen". How about WWE fix their ongoing storylines first, then give this one a proper storyline so I can give a damn? I don't care what names are involved, and I liked 3/4th of the women in this supposed feud, some being among my favorites (such as Becky Lynch) but all this is is an exhibition match. If I wanted to watch those, I'd watch a competitive sport. I watch wrestling because it incorporates storylines.

  4. u tell me where to dig I'll bring a shovel. wwe is so trash right now. the last thing we need is more people who don't know how to wrestle. we already have enzo carmella alexa anf Ellsworth. wat more could we need. wait I know how bout some actual talent.

  5. I don't get the hype behind Rousey… IMO she sucked as an MMA fighter and will suck as a Wrestler. It's just gonna be a huge botch-fest if they get in the ring

  6. I would no be surprised if rousey joins there will be a good chance she make her wwe debut at wrestlemania against charlotte flair.

  7. With one of Rousey's best friends and former UFC fighter Shayna Baszler being in the Finals of the Mae Young Classic (Rousey has been in the front row with Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir throughout the tourney), this is how I would book the end of the tournament. Kairi Sane counters the suplex type maneuver Baszler uses to set up her finisher and nails her with her signature spinning back fist. She looks to the turnbuckle and gives the sign for her diving elbow drop. The fans are going crazy. Suddenly, Duke & Shafir jump over the barricade and climb on the opposite apron to distract the referee. Rousey jumps the barricade, slides into the ring, grabs the arm of Sane, and does a judo one arm shoulder throw to toss her hard off the top rope into the ring. Rousey slides out and the other 2 drop off the apron. As Sane is struggling to get up, Baszler sneaks up behind her to put her in her submission finisher. Sane taps out. The 4 Horsewomen of MMA all celebrate in the ring together as we discover that Baszler has claimed the recently relinquished NXT Women's Title.

  8. WWE is in denial. This isn't MMA and having MMA fighters does nothing for WWE in my opinion. They don't really have a strong enough roster to even pretend that their talent is on par with these fighters. Brock wrestled before entering the octagon so he makes sense. Rousey coming to WWE after that real life whooping she took isn't helping her or WWE. It's a mess. I hope this doesn't happen. Fighters and especially Rhonda (if she isn't retiring from MMA) need to stay in their lane because all this cross promotion stuff isn't entertaining and if often doesn't make sense.

  9. I like Luke on the Ramble, but I think he needs to adopt his own style for the news. His cadence/delivery is exactly the same as Oli's here, even the cut-away joke segments are carbon copies. Makes it tough to watch imo.

  10. Legend had it that Vacant is the best pure athlete of all time with an out standing rumoured 1000 titles in there career. I personally think it's about damn time Vacant retires & is put in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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