Ronda Rousey’s AWESOME WWE DEBUT! Brock Lesnar Wins?!?! | WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

Ronda Rousey’s AWESOME WWE DEBUT! Brock Lesnar Wins?!?! | WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

What in the name of Erick Rowan’s beard
just happened?! I think we can say that without gimmick infring-
I’m Oli Davis, click the ‘i’ above my head to vote for your rating of the show,
as I review WWE WrestleMania 34 …in about 4 min-there’s a lot to dive into. There’s a lot. Let’s be on the safe side… in about 12
days. But I’ll talk really fast. Super John Cena Fan Actually John Cena – 5*
WrestleMania had a wonderful plot device running through the first half of the show – John
Cena, lacking a scheduled match, was in the audience as a fan. Even for the Kickoff Show. Now that’s dedication. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal – 1*
The first match saw Woken Matt Hardy win the Humongous Wonder No.8 Memorial Battle Royal,
helped by the returning Bray Wyatt, who embraced his new Broken Buddy afterwards. Cedric Alexander beats Mustafa Ali – 3.5*
Mustafa Ali might’ve won the night’s best ring attire award, cosplaying as Sub Zero
from Mortal Kombat, but it was Cedric Alexander who finally overcame Vacant to win the Cruiserweight
belt. Women’s Battle Royal – 1.5*
Paige here, to talk about my movie Fighting With My Fami-I’ve seen the clip already,
Paige. Rather depressingly, she hoped on commentary
she’d compete in next year’s Women’s Battle Royal, despite reports her in-ring
career is over. Mandy Rose broke her ‘first to be eliminated
from historic women’s matches’ record [6], the NXT cameos had a cute faction run,
and Bayley and Sasha’s feud continued without either being the heel or face. And Naomi won the match. I almost forgot that part. Seth Rollins beat Finn Balor & The Miz – 4*
The main card opened with a very good bout between Miz, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor – with
each man getting a neat character-establishing entrance. Miz, now a father trying to do good, sent
his Miztourage goons to the back; ooooh burn it down, Rollins, cosplayed as a forged in
ice White Walker; and Finn came out with the local LGBT community on the ramp. As progressive as that is, I’d still prefer
Gallows and Anderson. The three worked a rapid pace, smartly referencing
moments from their feud, but it was a Rollins Curbstomp that made Seth the new Intercontinental
Champion . And with the main card’s first match out the way – and over two hours in
– the lunacy could now begin… Charlotte beat Asuka – 4.25*
After a very exciting ten minute match, just when the action was about to shift into top
gear, Charlotte beat Asuka, ending her two year undefeated streak. I don’t hate the streak ending. It might even make Asuka’s character more
engaging, free from the streak’s booking burden, but there was another few minutes
in this match. Super John Cena Fan Actually Undertaker Opponent
– 5* But you can’t dwell on that for too long,
because a referee just ran down to tell Cena something! What could that possibly be about, Michael
Cole asked, like an idiot. Because it’s quite obvious what it’s about,
Cole. The bloody Undertaker match he’s been building
for two month- Jinder Mahal beat Rusev, Bobby Roode & Randy
Orton – 2.5* Despite Rusev getting some of the loudest
chants of the night, Jinder Mahal pinned him to become the new United States Champion. Go figure. Fashion Files
A surprise Fashion Files with Mick Fole- No, it’s a trap. It’s a Snickers advert. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey beat Triple H & Stephanie
McMahon – 4.5* Who would’ve thought it? Ronda Rousey had the best match of the night. Following an amazing motorcycle entrance from
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, The Authority vs Team Olympic Medals unfolded with twists,
turns, shocks, surprises, some very engaging in-ring work and fun. Rousey is awesomely convincing in her offence,
a long way from her slow-motion Jedi blocks on Raw, and she really threw herself into
the bumps. But the best were her facial expressions,
in-ring trash talking and authentic-looking submissions. We even got some intergender physicality,
with Ronda unloading some incredible looking punches on Triple H.
I was expecting a short, smoke and mirrors filled 5 to 10 minute match to protect Ronda. Instead, WWE delivered a thrillingly booked
20 minute brawl, finishing perfectly with Rousey snapping back a brutal arm bar on Steph. Ronda had to impress here, and she knocked
it out the Superdom- Paige here! NOT NOW PAIGE! Bludgeon Brothers beat New Day & The Usos
– 2.5* Because the New Day’s entrance has little
people dressed up as pancakes doing the worm. Which was like the most normal thing on the
show. Sadly, this match went just over 5 minutes
to a crowd exhausted by the previous bout. The Bludgeon Brothers beat the New Day and
the Usos to become SmackDown’s new tag champs – in a stacked card that didn’t have time
for the kind of excellent match they could undoubtedly have put on. The Undertaker beat John Cena – 4*
But then in a genuinely thrilling presentation, Cena came out waiting for his Taker match,
but was answered by Elias. After dispatching The Drifter, though, the
Undertaker’s massive dong finally hit, complete with hokey lightning graphics! Taker had risen from the dead for one more
match, and he moved around like he’d got five years back – throwing himself off the
ring ropes, hitting old school off the top. He only ever took one bump in a match that
went just under 3 minutes, but this was incredibly crowd pleasing. The finish came when Cena skidded back in
horror when Taker sat up from a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver, Undertaker
won. Cena focused so much on calling Taker out,
he never seemed to plan for what would happen when he was answered. But, as fun as it was, it wasn’t really
worth coming out of retirement for. WWE Hall of Fame Class Of 2018
JJ Robertson got a bigger pop than Goldberg. Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon beat Kevin Owens
& Sami Zayn – 3* Following a genuinely moving video package,
Bryan entered to a roaring tide of ‘Yes’ signs and chants. But I didn’t cry. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacked him and
Shane McMahon before the bell, and took Bryan out with a Powerbomb onto the apron. This was a bad move, that sapped the crowd
of energy, who just wanted to see Bryan compete again. Instead they had to watch Shane – an outnumbered,
untrained, part-timer wrestler in his late 40s suffering from diverticulitis – hold his
own against two, very trained, full time wrestlers in their 30s for 10 minutes. It was all to build Bryan’s eventual hot
tag, firing up to banish the bullies from SmackDown for… at least a couple of weeks
probably. Nia Jax beat Alexa Bliss – 2.25*
Nia Jax dominated Alexa Bliss to win the Raw Women’s Championship in a decent match,
but one that went on too long. AJ Styles beat Shinsuke Nakamura – 3.75*
Having the best entrance of the night didn’t help Shinsuke Nakamura in the end, as he lost
to AJ Styles. Despite having a really good opening exchange,
feeling each other out, and several great counter spots, this match was nowhere near
its WrestleMania dream match expectations. Instead, it was the post-match angle that
exceeded them – Nakamura giving AJ a knee to dick heel turn during their celebratory
embrace. It’s a very effective cliffhanger for SmackDown,
and could be the missing spark from Nakamura’s main roster run so far. Braun Strowman & NICHOLAS! Beat The Bar – 3*
Next The Bar made their entrance as part of a Mardi Gras parade float, not fitting their
characters at all, and just when you thought the night couldn’t get any weirder, Braun
Strowman picked a 10 year-old boy from the audience as his tag partner, and won the belts. As Corey Graves pointed out: “A 10 year
old kid is going to school tomorrow as a Raw tag team champion.” This was not what I would’ve done. I think in several months’ time, WWE turning
their top monster babyface into a kid-friendly comedy giant will be seen as sufferin succotash
levels of misjudged. But for right now, it was rather hilarious
and a reinvigorating change of pace after the lacklustre Styles/Nakamura match. Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns – 2.5*
Right, phew. It’s been a wacky WrestleMania so far. Paige here NOT NOW PAIGE! Asuka’s streak ended, midgets were dressed
as pancakes and a child is now a Raw tag team champion. But here’s the good old predictable main
event. Roman Reigns is beating Brock Lesnar for the
Universal title. We’ve all known about it for a year. Brock’s contract expires after the match
and he’s off to UFC. Guess again, dickwad! Brock dominated the 15 minute match, while
Reigns kicked out of F5 after F5. The crowd booed, cheered for CM Punk early
and even started a ‘This is Awful’ chant. After busting Roman open hardway, it seemed
the tide was about to turn, Reigns set to hulk out and finally slay the Beast. Only he didn’t. Brock hit another F5 and won. Which is crazy. I’m still a bit lost for words. I don’t really know how I feel about it
yet. It’s too early and bizarre to say. It renders a year’s worth of storytelling
rather pointless, but it was also incredibly shocking and unpredictable. I have no idea what’s happening in WWE right
now, and that’s made me excited for what’s to come. So that was this WrestleMania 34 in however
long I did it. Vote in the poll above my head to give your
rating, where you can choose from – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. Nothing touched NXT the previous night, but
damn was this an exciting WrestleMania in terms of unpredictability. Is that a good thing, though? I don’t know. I feel like I don’t know anything anym-. Which is why I’m awarding this incredibly
long, ridiculous show a Cor. Watch mine and Luke’s review of that incredible
NXT show by clicking the video to the left, and watch Wrestling Shorts’ brand new WrestleMania
cartoon by clicking the video under that. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey’s AWESOME WWE DEBUT! Brock Lesnar Wins?!?! | WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

  1. OLI: So that 1 HOUR AND 40 MINUTE WrestleRamble review of WrestleMania sadly won't be up until tomorrow due to some really fun technical issues.

    You know, the kind of fun where you scream into your Bayley bear plush toy after a 4 hour export is corrupted. Apologies all, and stay SWAFT.

  2. I'm so confused… why did so many people think it was good? There were maybe 3 matches total that were remotely good.

  3. I thought for the most part Wrestlemania was bad! I felt taken advantage of for most of the year before realizing I got completely violated by booking and match quality by the end. Mania is supposed to be where stories culminate but instead it felt like a b pay-per-view in terms of match quality besides from the positive of having pyro.

  4. This Wrestlemania was one of the worst ones I've viewed. I can't believe I watched all of it, including the pre-show. Asuka losing by TAPPING OUT, Nakamura losing, the Bludgeon Brothers winning a pointless squash match (that the entrances being longer than the actual match), Braun winning with a yute and the poor match quality and storytelling at this show made it horrid. Now the surprise element is gone cos you know the results, go back and watch it and tell me you'll still think it's a COR. You'll definitely change your mind

  5. I think we are all shocked. Im disappointed in the wwe Asukas streak ended i just dont think it was time lol. I know everyone and their mom were tired of her streak. I wasnt. My poor balor. He lost 😔

  6. And who can forget Corey Graves and the Drake Maverick doing their best Caesar Flickerman (Hunger Games) cosplays??

  7. I enjoyed NXT Takeover more than Mania. My favourite matches were Charlotte vs Asuka, Miz Vs Balor Vs Rollins, mixed tag match was unexpectly good but I still dont care about Ronda.
    P.S. didn't expect Reigns to lose, I thought the dream match would have been better.

  8. I don't know…Wrestlemania this year really seemed to disappoint. The first few matches were amazing. But the wheels really started to fall off after the Undertaker/Cena match. I didn't like the Nia/Bliss match even though I think Alexa is the best heel in the company right now. The Raw Tag Title match sucked even though you didn't expect a ten year old boy to be Braun's Tag Partner. The Brock/Reigns match was a yawn although I loved Lesnar winning. The biggest disappointment to me was the Styles/Nakamura match. Maybe my expectations were skewed from watching the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10 match that was absolutely brilliant. A true match of the year contender for 2016 (although outdone by the match between Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship). The best part of the match was Nakamura's heel turn. I really should have rated this show as poor but will bump it up to avRAWge just because it's mania.

  9. Vince watched all of us complaining about the predictability of the card. Aaanndd.
    This happened.
    Well played vinny

  10. I was all hyped by the Taker/Cena match but by the time Taker actually showed up I was like I don't care anymore! It was because with mr. "Who Wants to Walk With Elias" (Not now really not ever) I felt jerked around one too many times and lost interest. Plus the match was what Oli Davis thought would happen with Ronda in that it would be smoke and mirrors to protect her. That is what it was in the Taker/Cena match. And that match had no storytelling elements and the storyline never felt wrapped up for me. one could argue Kfabe that Cena was so preoccupied with getting Taker to show up he didnt prep for a match thus got his ass kicked. I know that Vince hates Takers American Baddass Gimmick and I have never been a big fan of it either but I was actually disappointed that he did not come down as the AB.

  11. Paige was commentator for the women's battle royal in preliminaries the funny part was when HofF beth was also commentator and Lilian only announced beth as special commentator and paige was bitter

  12. it was average in my eyes. I expected NXT call ups for some surprises, i expected an actual tag partner for braun, i expected a much better andre the giant rumble with nxt call ups and the bray thing was quite expected. Roman vs Lesnar didn't matter the out come, i guess they did the better one where roman doesnt win. Aj vs Nakamura i didnt care that someone turns heel here, the match was ok, i wanted Rusev to take the title but instead it went to jinder idk what to think.smackdown tag title match was obvious result, asuka losing is ye sort of surprising but it was needed, gz for seth it was obvious though, did i miss something? Average imo

  13. I hated this show. I hated Asuka's streak ending. I hated how short the Smackdown tag title match was. I hated Nakamura losing & their match not being that great. I hated Roman losing and their match largely being a retread of their 31 bout. I didn't watch Rousey/Angle vs Trips/Steph and I would rather piss glass than watch that match. I didn't watch Shane/Bryan vs Kevin/Sami and I would rather piss glass than watch that match. The opening match was great, and I found the Braun/Nicolas stuff heart warming, but I hated everything else and not only has it not made me interested or intrigued for what happened next, it's actively left me drained of enthusiasm for watching Raw & Smackdown for the foreseeable future. I'm looking forward to NXT and that's about it.

  14. I correctly predicted both Asuka losing the Streak (gender equality gone wrong here, so of course it had to happen to show a woman can lose a Streak at Mania too) and Brock retaining. After seeing how the swerves went down throughout each match, Brock retaining was a foregone conclusion and I believe a middle finger by the WWE to all the dirt sheets out there claiming Roman's win was a lock. Vince trolled you hard, guys and gals. He made most of you self proclaimed experts (looking at YOU Meltzer) into legit April Fools in New Orleans of all places, the irony is undeniably sweet. This was The Last Jedi of PPVs. You might as well call it Swervemania.

  15. Can we talk about how Undertaker's uhh resurrection (and Roman losing to Brock) now makes his loss at Wrestlemania 33 entirely pointless? From a story standpoint, I just don't get why his return went down like this. His entrance was longer than the actual match? (someone fact check this!)

  16. David Arquette takes the belt from Lesnar next week at Raw and joins with Nicholas and Braun to celebrate WWE going full WCW. Only problem is there is no late 90s/early 2000s WWE to put this incarnation of WCWWE out of its misery.

  17. Smarks gave WCW hell for giving the World Title to David Arquette, but find the fact that a 10 year old kid left WM a tag team champion???

    Go figure.
    One of the better Wrestlemanias in the past few years in terms of high end entrances, straight forward action and unpredictability…but sorry, NXT Takeover was still better.

    Overall…good weekend.

  18. "GUESS AGAIN, DICKWAD!!" LMAO ^_^ But seriously, that Cena-Undertaker shit was weak as fuck… I have NOT been a Ronda Rousey fan for a looooong time(she bought into her own gimmick, and if you believed Joe Rogan's promos, she shits gold and pisses champagne) & celebrated when she got decapitated and "lost her smile" ;0) in the UFC, but holy shit, she really did great! I too was expecting a weak 3-minute squash, but it was really good, despite HHH and Angle moving like "Grumpy Old Men 4: the Fiber Strikes Back"… Stephanie was the Ultra Heel-Bitch from Hell and it was cool to see Rousey talking all kinds of shit as she swung into the juji-gatame (cross armbar). Like the great quote from the movie 'Billy Jack' : "I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face… and you wanna know something? There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it." Then CRACK! *thumbs up*

  19. NXT was definitely better. This was a weird WM, so it kinda didn't feel like one. Everything felt kinda… bland.

  20. Wrasslemania was a back and forth between "wtf" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

    No offence to the random kid, but if Braun!! was going to do that route, he shoulda took a stage-hand or someone from the camera crew lol


  21. I liked most of the card, pretty solid matches with a fair few amazing ones but a couple very disappointing ones.

    And once again a terrible main event. I don't mind Reigns but they just need to let Lesnar go. But during Raw the fans love whenever Lesnar appears, or whenever Roman talks shit about Brock. And of course they do the exact same moves they do every match, all 5 of them (between the two) and it's boring. Shocking.

    Rousey, the Intercontinental match, and obviously AJ/Shinsuke were the highlights. I'd give it a 7/10.

  22. sorry Oli, but Ronda's match was a TRAINWRECK! Wrestlemania pretty much sucked. The best match was surprisingly, the Undertaker squashing Cena.

  23. I trust the angle of Nakamura and AJ. I'm sure AJ will not let Nakamura rot in the mid card. They will make a good angle, I trust AJ with Nakamura.

  24. The matches I thought would be bad were good and the matches I thought would be good were bad.

  25. Clearly everyone was drunker than me during that mixed tag match because I have no clue what they were watching; maybe it's because there were VERY low expectations going in but that match wasn't as great as everyone makes it out to be. However that's like just my opinion man.

  26. I think the Lesnar/Reigns match turned out to be mostly pointless, especially in light of a rematch in Saudi Arabia.

  27. Wwe sucks. They bury Asuka, give a 10yr old a title, turn a bad ass Finn Balor into a snowflake who loves sodomy and totally fucked up the main event. Smfh

  28. Only 4 good matches on the whole card. IC match, Charlotte vs Asuska, and Rousey beating up HHH and Daniel Bryan (sorry Shane o).

    Rest was Rubbish. AJ Styles was hurt so the Nakamura vs Styles was lack luster at best. Cena Jobbed to UT, Lesnar vs Reigns was just an extended 1 sided squash match. Why is it that NXT is always so much better

  29. Charlotte vs Asuka was the best match on the card to me. That's the only match I would of "paid $ to see" the rest was meh… at best,now with Roman getting another shot at Brock in the cage good excuse to tune that card out. Unless the undertakers on it,which I highly doubt. Glad the wwe is taking things in this "other" direction,as (to me at least) it's becoming almost unbearable to watch for any length of time,which is good means I'm growing out of it,& there's a certain satisfaction in that too. As without the blood,poor c+ promo's my 80% of the roster (my opinion) & tireless repeat match's via, ( let's have Roman get shots tell he wins ) they'll go out of business sooner than later,as even this new generation will get disappointed with this same old ( "p.g") era b.s. as the most defining match that will spark any true fans interest is taker in his prime against mankind. (I think) unfortunately everything pales in comparison. Anyway my belief anyway that's why I think wrestle mania was adverse at best.

  30. Look…i get it it's your opinion….but why does everyone keep saying the Ronda match was the match of the night!? It was sloppy in some areas and the ending wasn't that satisfying.

  31. Rousey was sloppy as hell….. botchfest of a match…… best match????? REALLY???????????


  32. Also, the so called WRESTLEMANIA DREAM MATCH between AJ and the cartoonish version of Nakamura was a snoozefest JUST AS I PREDICTED….. That's because the buildup for the WM match was pathetic – i.e., non-existent….. and japan's strong style isn't allowed in WWE…. thus this outcome was inevitable

  33. The most unpredictable Wrestlemania? Ummm. I called all but the finishes of Charlotte vs Asuka and that little kid being Braun's partner. *as for that, I was expecting Big Show, or some surprise return.

  34. LOLLL that was hilarious when Mr. Davis was talking about how the match between Cena and Taker had been built up for two *long beep*, LOLLLLLL !!!!!!

  35. Well that's what you get when fans constantly moan that Wwe is to predictable you got what you asked for and you are all still moaning go figure 🙄

  36. Undertaker is on a roll… Snake eyes to Cena… Followed up by a big boot that DOESN'T CONNECT BY A LEAST 12 INCHES because Cena screwed up by chickening out of taking it but bumped anyway for it.

    Michael 'I'm not fit to dust JR's hat' Cole claims it happens regardless.

    What the bloody hell happened???? Apart from Cena and Cole confirming what everybody knows anyway that they are USELESS!!!

  37. I don't get it never thought they would turn Nakamura to heel so I guess he should be called Notnomorea lol



  39. Meant to comment this a while ago, but I was able watch a couple matches with my girlfriend, so that’s a plus
    Although to be fair the run the match I spent most of it distracted trying to calm her down, and then we got to watch the undertaker match, a little bit of the Daniel Brian match before she had to leave, was great

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