Ronda Rousey’s biblical response to Bella betrayal: WWE Now

Cathy Kelley here for
WWE Now, and what happened, so much for
that Ronda Rousey-Bella twins dream team. [MUSIC]>>Whoa!>>My God!
Nikki Bella just blindsided Rousey. And now Nikki and
Brie are attacking Ronda Rousey, why?>>It is official,
Nikki Bella will challenge Rowdy Ronda for the Raw Women’s title at WWE Revolution. But Nikki reminded us that we are actually
in the midst of a Bellalution. The Women’s Evolution started
during Nikki’s record-breaking 300 day Diva’s Championship reign. She said she’s ready to shock the world
and start the longest reign ever seen. Rousey was not impressed, the rowdy champion referenced
Dante’s Inferno, saying that the ninth and final circle of hell is reserved for
betrayers like the Bella twins. She added that after evolution,
Nikki and Brie will be begging for hell. Dang Ronda, well, I guess we’re about to find out as
Nikki Bella is as fearless as she claims. Of course, catch WWE Evolution when
it comes to you live October 28th at 7:00PM Eastern, 4:00PM Pacific,
streaming on the WWE network.

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