RUMOR: Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns WWE WrestleMania 34 Finish CHANGED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

RUMOR: Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns WWE WrestleMania 34 Finish CHANGED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, and I’m all in… Bullet Club’s All In Show
…if they’ll have me. In The Bullet Club. Where me, the Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Kenny
Omega, Cody Rhodes and the whole gang can all hang out together, being cool and making
fun videos. I really think I could fix them, you know. All the in-fighting and matches against each
other they’ve been having as of late. I give a great back massage. I’ll order in pizza… it’d be great…
…what are we talking about? Oh yeah, the latest huge name announced for
the Bullet Club’s All In show… Kazuchika Okada Is All In
… New Japan’s IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, who broke the news himself
tweeting his All In image. The card also includes all the Bullet Club,
Arrow actor Stephen Amell and more, but if they really want to fill that 10,000 seater
venue – which would make it the largest attended non-WWE show in North America since WCW in
the late 90s – their going to need one more big name: former Raw Tag Team Champion Nicholas! NICHOLAS Relinquishes Raw Title
Due to outdated child labour laws which prevent 10-year-olds from holding titles in combat
sports, and, of course, because he’s got school tomorrow, Nicholas has relinquished
his Raw tag team title which he won with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34. But now he’s no longer signed with WWE,
as Vince McMahon was reportedly unwilling to grant Nicholas full creative control in
his contract, he’d be the perfect addition to the Bullet Club card. So let’s start a campaign, SWAFT Nation
– let’s get Nicholas All In!. A 10-year-old becoming a Raw tag team champion
wasn’t the only strange thing on Sunday’s WrestleMania. In fact, it was one of the more normal parts
of the show. Especially given a new rumor that the main
event result was changed during the match. RUMOR: Roman Reigns Was Meant To Win At WrestleMania
34 After over a year of reports that Roman Reigns
would beat Brock Lesnar to become the new Universal Champion at WrestleMania 34, and
weeks of speculation that Brock was returning to the UFC – with Dana White all but confirming
as much – Lesnar shockingly retained after beating Reigns to a bloody pulp. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer
Radio, the vast majority of people backstage were also caught by surprise:
“This was almost like the Undertaker match a couple years ago in that almost nobody knew… I know none of the writers knew, I know that
even the leading producers didn’t know. They all thought Roman Reigns was winning
the championship…The referee was told during the match ‘count the three when it happens’.” Meltzer goes onto say that while the change
to Lesnar winning was “late… it was not in the last minute”. This is contradicted, however, by senior Bleacher
Report and CNN writer Jeremy Botter, who claimed the change came in the match itself in response
to the crowd’s negative reaction: “My understanding is Lesnar signed for one
more match. Audible called by Vince during the match last
night when Roman wasn’t getting over at all. Now Lesnar will lose the belt in front of
a more conducive audience.” That more receptive audience could possibly
be at the Greatest Royal Rumble show in Saudi Arabia later this month, where Brock will
defend his title against Reigns in a steel cage. Vince – if you want to get the crowd on Roman’s
side, you don’t need to go to the Middle East. Just send Nicholas out there to endorse him. A major ex-WWE star returned on last night’s
Raw! Click the video to the left to watch my review,
and for more great wrestling stuff. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

58 thoughts on “RUMOR: Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns WWE WrestleMania 34 Finish CHANGED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. Who really has the potential to become the face of WWE ?People are not accepting Roman. I really wonder who would fill the shoes of Cena.

  2. And this match was the most boring match I've ever watched at Wrestlemania!!! Lesner has no in ring persona as The Puppet Master (Heyman) has his hand so far up his a**e doing most of the work for him. The WWE universe were all excited when Lesner arrived ( I didn't care one way or the other ) but he has no moves apart from the F5 ( whoopdedo ) & is boring to watch. The most lacklustre Wrestlemania in a long time which will probably only be remembered for….Nicholas? Oh, and all the blood Roman shed?

  3. How the YouTube videos be (not wrestle talk)
    Before wrestlemania 34
    Prediction for Brock Lesnar Vs Roman reigns is Roman reigns
    After wrestlemania 34 when Brock won they make video on ‘‘the real reason why Brock Lesnar won in wrestlemania 34''
    What is this

  4. LMFAO they gotta send this guy overseas to get cheers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, wow how desperate can you be, sooooo what if he gets boo'd over there then what, just face the music he's not the guy

  5. Oli, if you're going to keep wearing that jacket you need to come up with a gimmick. I'm thinking "Big Poppa Pimp".

  6. Since thy seem to be all historic this and that nowadays, here’s an idea for an historic first, put Bobby lashley on Smackdown and have him go for the wwe belt and win then boom first “full” black champion of that belt. Ha I love how obama get credit as black prez while not being full black but rocks blackness gets denied in term of the wwe title.

  7. So…does Roman win in the cage…yeah it should be a far more receptive audience not due to Roman or any other factor than being in Saudi Arabia etc…troops,international a country that doesn't see wwe or wrestling generally so they will be into it even if based solely on that and so to also witness a title change would be added significance and exciting for them,looking good on tv while fans at home still are disappointed in and don't like reigns,so soon Samoa Joe "puts Roman to sleep" & kinda humiliates, or punks out Roman,& with attitude that only Joe can muster,the poor little guy.Because that would really tickle fans fancy & then at least there would be a champion that was wrestling & being there for tv full time.Fans would prefer that I would assume.I definitely would,even though I don't think the champ should appear on tv every week,or all that often,it is good if he is at least around & can at least appear,do an interview,or a match against someone who isn't supposed to win,& a match against a viable opponent but not like every week or all the time.Its called protecting the champion & making just seeing the champ on tv special,& seeing a title defense more special,&even more so a main event caliber match on free tv for the belt.I don't buy ppv anymore because I see plenty of title shots and main event quality matches on free tv.They just don't like Roman,& not in the traditional way that fans don't like the "bad guys." Or heels.I feel the same.Perhaps then,even though Brock has re-signed,Joe becomes kind of the new beast or Mr. invincible universal champion and Brock continues a while part time,& could challenge Joe a couple times,they could end up on separate programs, or perhaps they kind of align somehow,through Paul Heyman in some way perhaps.And then before long Brock moves on to UFC etc.I am guessing Brock resigned only to string this title change along for a while, & what is kind of an issue with unhappy fans about Roman,& about ongoing Roman vs. Brock matches at major ppv even 'mania where for one Roman never wins and the match kinda sucks maybe,so the switch is better and sets up the next big feud over universal belt and next string of ppv main events.Yep.That's my thoughts.But I am really stupid plus I have autism and a mild form of down syndrome.I am still way smarter than Roman Reigns tho.And I have more friends who actually like me.Thanks for putting up with my rambling I am bored sorry.

  8. reigns takes beatings to build cred. and it does. #HowManyF5s braun teams with kid to build #FaceTurn b/c he's too over to really be a #Heel and vince really hates tweeners. he always did. (it's like vince thinks tweeners are what is killing the business, because it's too close to always breaking kayfabe, which SELLS WELL, and the indie tweener guys all think he is. #Funny)

  9. Wrestle mania 34 was used to introduce a new tactic that Vince will be using in the future now: the AUDIBLE !

    Wrestling can no longer be fully predicted and no ones rumours (Meltzer) can be fully trusted. Betting on the WWE is becoming like real sports betting and the crowd now has the ability to hi-jack and influence the outcome of the match! So in a way this is exactly what the business needed to stay fresh and keep people invested in the outcome of the matches!!

  10. I'm sick of seeing Roman in The Main Event PPV! Lord please do away with this awful wrestler in main events! Every Raw…. Every PPV…… Roman vs Brock! I'm sick of this shit! I'm sick of Roman! Brock need to go but put Strowman vs Brock and let Strowman win the title!

  11. Or Dave meltzer was wrong about Roman winning from the start…y can't he just admit that he was wrong

  12. there goes that Meltzer shmuck a-gain. i know this and i know that! what a gigantic sack of shit…with a pinch of salt.

  13. Here's what I want to see:

    Roman Reigns finally wins the Universal Championship belt. Then as he's standing in the ring holding the belt he grabs a mic and goes "This is what you wanted, right Vince? Happy?" Then he exits the ring and arean while tossing the belt and leaving it on the apron.

    He would most likely be immediately terminated from the WWE altogether, but at this point that's pretty much his best bet of getting over: simply by pipe bombing his own win.

  14. According to Dave Meltzer, not that I’m saying he is correct or anything, he said the match was changed very recently. Definitely not on the night, but more likely up to a week beforehand.

  15. Geeeeezzz… I wonder how much money Vince forked over to Brock for another match!? Is it even worth it at this point!? I think old dude going nutters!! He might lose money at this point and if he wants to re start his financial failure of a football league again then paying a part timer like undertaker would be more worth it to the fans. Yeah! Make taker Take the belt, have him relinquish it the following raw then have either a heel Roman or heel Cena gun for it, or better yet a fatal four way between taker, reigns, Cena, lesnar. Loser kayfabe gets fired and put the strap on Roman because he's obviously the only full time worker between the lot and boom that's money and a good match too look forward to. But nope… Vince doesn't like us, the fans.

  16. it was the first thing i thought when the match finished… it's impossible due to all the promos trying to make brock a lazy worker and reigns a face that it was produced to finish this way… it doesn't make sense… it makes sense after all the boo's that they finally realized that the plan to put reigns a baby face didn't worked at all (and it will never will) and ending another Mania into boo's it will be just stupid.

  17. Give Roman 2 offensive moves. Have Roman beat Daniel Bryan, now have him beat Undertaker at WM, put him in the main event of WM 4 times in a row. Make sure his mic skills drain viewer morale.

    Vince: "Why Don't people like Roman, I don't understand?"

  18. Ok, so let me get this straight: Vince called an audible halfway through the match because he didn't like the response Reigns was getting. So if the rumors are true, then Reigns will win the championship overseas in Saudi Arabia, to get that favorable crowd reaction and probably by escaping a steel cage, so Brock still looks good? That will definitely go over with the crowds in the states.

    Is Vince McMahon really that stubborn, that he thinks the Roman Reigns experiment, after three years and three stale Wrestlemania main events, will eventually work? Holy crap that's bad. This company is on par to have a financially groundbreaking year, and in typical WWE fashion, they can blow the whole thing.

  19. Roman kicking out of that many F-5's was stupid if you ask me though, even The Undertaker couldn't kick out of a third one, but Roman kicks out after five of them?

  20. IT`S KAZUTSCHKA (that´s how you pronounce it) THE "I" IN KAZUCH"I"KA IS SILENT LIKE THE "U" IN SHINS("U")KE (OR SHINSKE)

  21. Roman Reigns time has passed unfortunately. They're going to have to break him back down and build him back up if they want the crowd. Opportunity was dragged out too long and wasted now.

  22. All Vince did was delay the inevitable. He can win it in Saudi Arabia but eventually he'll have to defend it in North America or Europe. And he'll be booed unmercifully. And it will just continue. I'm beginning to think Vince has taken too many bumps.

  23. I refuse to subscribe due to you not getting to the point straight away and also for putting on a ridiculous loud voice for no reason

  24. Maybe the places reporting roman was winning was wrong?

    Oh wait, then you have to admit you're wrong.

    Dislike this video and like this comment if you're an actual fan of wrestling and not just charlatans trying to stir shit.

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