Samoa Joe Summerslam WIN Push! Brock Lesnar To UFC!? | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Samoa Joe Summerslam WIN Push! Brock Lesnar To UFC!? | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. Kurt Angle Finally Remembers Kayfabe
Several weeks ago, Kurt Angle made an announcement that shocked the wrestling world – Jason Jordan
is his illegitimate son. A revelation so momentous and potentially
career-ruining, he forgot about it the following week, thanking his “5 beautiful children”
for his 5th anniversary wedding cake on Instagram. Six children now, Kurt. You’re exposing the business. Maybe it just took a while for the rather
ridiculous news to sink in, though, as kayfabe was restored backstage at Raw on Monday night,
where Kurt posted a family photo including his wife, and four of his children – one of
which being Jason Jordan. Next up: comedy sketches of Jordan moving
in with the Angles, and Kurt training him Rocky-style. Backstage Push For Samoa Joe Summerslam Win
For better or worse, Jordan is now a Kurt Angle guy for the rest of his wrestling career. Samoa Joe, meanwhile, might have just become
the latest Paul Heyman one. The original plan for Summerslam’s main
event was reportedly Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman for the Universal title. Then, Vince McMahon wanting a more frequently
appearing champion on Raw, it became Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. Because of those old plans, you can see how
both Reigns and Strowman are now challenging for Lesnar’s title. But there’s a dark horse pick in that match. Joe vs Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire was supposedly
meant to be a one-and-done encounter, setting up Brock for his Summerslam main event. But The Samoan Submission Machine appears
to have impressed those backstage so much, Raw’s Universal title match became a Fatal-Four
Way with him in. And according to Wrestling News World – so
do take this with a pinch of salt – he impressed the most important person of all. “Vince [McMahon] has very much changed his
tune on Samoa Joe…Vince does see him as a star at this point and not just a midcard
guy like he did before.” This becomes even more intriguing in light
of Sports Illustrated’s latest report: “None other than Paul Heyman is advocating
behind-the-scenes for Samoa Joe to win the title.” The article also claims that Heyman threatening
Lesnar will leave WWE if he loses at Summerslam is to give Brock time off to prepare for his
“imminent” UFC return, which will be against Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Lesnar remains under contract to WWE until
next Spring, though, so he’ll still fulfill his obligations at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania
34. Dave Meltzer, writing at MMA Fighting, however,
isn’t so sure. He’s reporting “Brock is 100% at Mania”,
and that he’ll be on TV through January to March to promote the event. As Lesnar would need at least two months of
full-time training for a UFC return, and that he still has five months to serve on his one-year
USADA ban, Meltzer writes that mid-June would be the earliest possible date for the fight,
and “by that point, he also wouldn’t need the approval of Vince McMahon.” Raw Ratings
This week’s Raw managed the show’s best rating since April’s Superstar Shake-Up
episode, pulling in 3.16 million viewers. Stone Cold would be proud. But far more important are your ratings. 59% thought the show was AvRAWge, while 25%
agree with me at the slightly less impressed Poor. How about that John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura
botch on Smackdown!? And what is WWE’s babyface problem? Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Samoa Joe Summerslam WIN Push! Brock Lesnar To UFC!? | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

  1. The Angle/Jordan storyline is just stupid. I'm sure they'll drop it after it falls flat. Remember Hornswoggle???

  2. 1. Let Samoa Joe job to Brock Lesnar. Twice, just to be sure. Oh, and do it on a Smackdown Live event the second time.
    2. Let Samoa Joe win the title from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

  3. Strowman hits the running power slam and gets the 3 count on Brock as Joe forced Roman to pass out at the same time? Anyone?

  4. The only problem whoever wins the belt it just going be like a revolving deal for example Joe vs. roman or Joe vs. Strowman or Roman vs. Strowman
    hey Ambrose, Rollins, Bray, Finn, Matt and Jeff take the belt from them four heavyweights

  5. Oli davis u stand there with a just bring it rock top on and say stone cold would be proud at ratings lol rock would be proud after all rock is one of most popular of all time along side austin n well it doesnt matter who else🤣😁

  6. OKAY I'll say it again… He thanked his 5 kids because they are the ones who got him the damn cake. WHY WOULD HE THANK JJ? No reason to thank JJ if he wasn't apart of the group who bought the cake.

  7. Makes sense. Braun will likely be sucked back into the Wyatt Family (or at least feud against Bray as he tries to rebuild the Wyatt Family to prepare for a reunited Balor Club). Roman will likely get pulled into a SHIELD reunion. Lesnar will leave WWE to go back to UFC and reappear later.

    Everyone except Joe has something else to move onto after Summerslam.

  8. Don't let this distract you from aj styles and being a mid card contender 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. I have no problem with Paul Heyman pushing for Samoa Joe. I don't know how the hell Vince McMahon didn't see star potential in Joe sooner.

  10. Samoa is the only choice , Braun is not meant to be a champ , people like him only because of hatred of Roman , Roman should win at mania so he should not be a champ now , brock if retains would be missing with the title again for months.

  11. Joe is my favourite man right now possibly the only man that keeps me watching RAW (and Strowman) I damm hope he wins

  12. said this weeks ago that brock is refusing to drop it to reigns as hed rather drop it to joe after being mega impressed with joe compared to reigns

  13. ATTN: OLI…..UFC biggest shows are in December and JULY and JULY would be right on the time line fir a brock return

  14. Brock Lesnar should keep the Universal Champion and show up to his UFC match with it so the Universal Champion can be more prestigious and the WWE less of a joke.

  15. Attention Brock Lesnar fails drug tests, for UFC why would he get another fucking fight you dumbasses. He was sued..🤦‍♂️

  16. How i woukd book it.
    Have heyman turn heel on brock and help joe or strowman and their the new heyman guy. Lesnar goes to ufc and right before wm brock returns as a face against a heel joe or strowman with heyman at their side.

  17. Universal Championship Status:- Finn Balor (Face) -> Kevin Owens (Heel) -> Goldberg (Face) -> Brock Lesnar (Heel) -> Roman Reigns (Face)

  18. Look back at some soma joe tna an roh macth he a beast rowen ant got shit on joe. bron is not in joe leage an brock could not kick joe ass

  19. Braun Strowman should win by pinning Lesnar, that will really make him a top guy

    See WWE if you push your wrestlers strong and give them good storylines they will give you good ratings

    Which is why Strowman is one of the most popular right now

  20. Loll can't believe you guys still watch this wrestling crap and this stupid chanel. Why would anyone review a 2hour fake show? This is lame.

  21. Do you guys think they could drag out the Mahal title run long enough for Reigns to come out of nowhere to take the title from him and people actually get behind the dude?


  23. I'm Gonna Break my TV if Brock loses, Strowman or Joe Doesn't win and that Lord of The My Yard wins.

  24. Joe should win it drop it at Strowman in survivor series and drop it to reigns and reigns will drop it to cena at mania

  25. It'd be horrible NOT to put the belt on Joe. Joe has all the momentum right now. If it doesn't pay off at SummerSlam, who knows what's gonna happen to Joe then.

  26. I'm ngl right now it feels like the most important belt in the company is the United States championship and that's saying something wwe😂😂😂

  27. oh you mean Lesnar has been getting paid to sit on his old ass and hes not training?? well if i got paid for hiding and pretending to be tough i guess i cant blame a pussy

  28. I like who i like and if you dont like what i have to say then dont fucking look at message look another way bitch how about that

  29. Oh my god… I just had a thought… what if the finish to the Fatal 4 way at this year's Summerslam is to have Strowman and Reigns take each other out outside the ring and then have JOE DO THE MUSCLE BUSTER ON BROCK??? OH MY GOD can you imagine the amount of heat and momentum Joe and his true finisher will have??? "The move that took out Brock Lesnar"??? OH GOD MY FANTASY BOOKING THIRST

  30. If Lesnar loses, then he leaves as the BEST IN WWE. He defeated Goldberg, and NO ONE ELSE could defeat him. So why watch?

  31. And this comment section is a sausage fest mark filled tna fanpage wtf happened no wonder ratings are so low its a tna invasion didnt people think first

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