Shane McMahon Could Be The Next WWE Champion…

Shane McMahon Could Be The Next WWE Champion…

It has been rumoured that the WWE title could
be changing hands in a shocking decision that you certainly wouldn’t have expected. So,
who’s that person rumoured to become the next WWE Champion? Get ready for it… You may have noticed that “The Best in the
World” has been getting a lot of TV time lately, more than these guys that’s for
sure… And, he has even had a whole celebration segment dedicated
to him. Not only has Shane McMahon been getting a lot more TV time, but he has bested The
Miz at WrestleMania 35 and he even shockingly put down “The Big Dog”, Roman Reigns at
WWE Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia… with the help of Drew McIntyre of course. So, what’s the reason for all of this? Well,
according to WrestleVotes, it could be the build-up of something bigger… Shane McMahon
winning the WWE’s most coveted prize. This is what they had to say on Twitter:
“I’ve asked what the payoff is to this major Shane McMahon push & TV time allotment.
No one seems to have a solid answer. One source said he could see (JUST HIS SPECULATION HERE)
Shane being the one to defeat Kofi for the title. That would be something.” Interestingly, WrestleVotes correctly reported
that Mansoor was going to win the largest Battle Royal in WWE history at WWE Super ShowDown.
So, we could well and truly see Shane McMahon become the next WWE Champion. Just imagine
the heat he will get for pinning Kofi Kingston to become the new WWE Champion. And your winner
and the new WWE Champion…

87 thoughts on “Shane McMahon Could Be The Next WWE Champion…

  1. Wouldn't look right… in my opinion yes he is good but….no Kofi is getting over sooo much people since he's won

  2. If Shane McMahon Wins the WWE title I'm done I will never watch again Shane mcmahon winning is just stupid

  3. "Shane as WWE Champion is best for business you smarks! This is gonna bring in the ratings you virgins! Let's see that t-shirt company, AEW top that!" You know they'll be some shill saying that.

  4. If shane McMahon wins the WWE championship maximum no of WWE fans will move on and start watching AEW once they become weekly


  6. Actually i agree..he would get major heat as the biggest well as get even more support for kofi as a face🔥🔥🔥

  7. This is all in spite of his own audience…what a sad man child Vince is. I stopped giving them my money. Fuck the network I have YouTube

  8. If Shane wins we riot why the hell would he need to win for….. this is just gonna create another Daniel Bryan 2014-2015 but basically with Kofi and if anyone but Kofi beats Shane for the title they are gonna get booed

  9. Shane already ruining WWE product putting himself in main events and not losing..and overexposure on raw and SmackDown… looking forward to aew starting in fall time on TNT.. because WWE now isn't getting it done…all the championship's aren't even being defended..and keep seeing same matches over and over since WrestleMania…


    I usually take a nap while the announcer says that

  11. I don't hate Shane but it's the time of decade 2010 build new F*CKING STARS IT'S NOT THAT HARD they could not have Shane won the WWF title in 1998 or 1999
    2016 was a great year for WWE 8/10
    2017 was cool in the beginning 7/10
    but in MAY some jobber won the top title on smackdown and it became alright
    2018 was good 6/10
    but RAW had no top Champ for 3 months and 8 months of hell with Brock Lesnar Smackdown was much better
    2019 so far was alright 5/10
    after Wrestlemania WWE is not watchable AEW is kicking their ass

  12. Ah yes, let's put the title on a "go away" heat type of heel.
    Hey, while we're at it, why not have Corbin and his "change the channel" heat beat Rollins at Stomping Grounds?

  13. If it happens I'm looking forward to good storylines such as Drew McIntyre turning face and challenging Shane. Not same old shit like Roman beating Shane to collect cheap appreciation from fans.

  14. And be ready for the ratings to drop even more thats like when they let hhh be champion even tho he didnt even wrestle anymore but since he was married into the McMahon fam it was just to easy to kiss ass and shane he dont make a fighting champ unlike Roman reigns john cena. Randy Orton Aj Styles

  15. Shane in fans gone. This isn't even a good guy kicks authorities ass. This is crap at it's highest pile ever.

  16. If this will happen, then WWE is FUCKED! I mean shane wins and holds the title for a month.
    When will AEW start their weekly shows? WWE is getting lame every week. Even the Undertaker vs Goldberg match wasnt good.

  17. Not the first time a McMahon has been champion but eh…don't really care saw this coming sooner or later…The fact they waited this long to have him as world champion don't make any sense at all after all these years. Probably would've worked then but now I don't know with the way the company is going…


  19. If Kofi lost to the ‘Not Best In The World’ after got a help from Drew I will be pissed off so much

  20. Shane McMahon deserves respect for all that he has done for the company and for the fans putting his body at risk all the years he has been in the company,if he becomes WWE Champion he'll receive alot of heat that's only coz he is a heel

  21. The sole fact that the miz is even anybody that is “at the top” says A LOT about where wwe is right now..

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