100 thoughts on “Sheamus’ touching tribute to Drew McIntyre: WWE’s The Bump, April 8, 2020

  1. To all fellow wrestling fans, please don't randomly turn on this guy juat because he's doing well. Makes no sense. Lol

  2. believers ! When you go to prayer, wash your faces and hands to the elbows , and wipe your heads and feet to the heels

  3. Still waiting on the 1st English world championship hope it will be Pete Dunn winning the nxt tittle one day

  4. Can they tag together, even if it’s for one match. I just want them to brogue and claymore kick one dude concerto style. The BrogueMore

  5. Had these 2 been having a wee dram and a casual chitchat, their gaelic accents would become indecipherable to anyone not Scottish and Irish.

    Respect to the fellas, and massive congratulations to Drew.
    Should have had 20,000 cheering fans in the arena to celebrate, but it is what it is, so from myself here in England… YOU DESERVE IT!!

  6. Always thought wwe missed the opportunity to put these 2 together as the Celtic connection the most dominant tag team I history!

  7. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre had the most underrated themes in the PG Era (Written In My Face and Broken Dreams). Now they just have good yet underwhelming stereotype themes.

  8. Seamus …. it’s time for you to get back in the title picture. Strowman is there and fella that would be crazy good.

  9. Even Sheamus The Celtic Warrior is proud of the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre for beating Brock Lesnar for WWE'S World Heavyweight Championship.

  10. Course he would say it’s not a victory for Britain wouldn’t he.. typical Irish. Shame we can’t cut off the roi and stick them on Africa or something

  11. ireland vs scotland

    these two had the best rivalry in rugby and football, i hope in pro wrestling too

  12. Honestly with all these Wade mentions I'm starting to think a certain English wrestler is gonna have some bad news for the WWE somewhere down the line.

  13. There will be a few ways for wwe to beat aew. one way is to kick Vince on his skinny arse and giving pushes for well-deserved,good talented superstars

  14. Sheamus Returns

    Expectations : Clash With Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and get a universal title opportunity.

    Reality : Gets in a brawl with Shorty G.

  15. Forget Scottish Terminator….Drew is the new Reaver of Souls. The Deadman isn’t taking souls anymore. Once the claymore kick knocks your head off Drew has claimed your soul essence. Yes WWE, run with the Highlander reference. You are halfway there with Claymore illustrations on tshirts. Brock was like the Kurgan. A nearly unstoppable beast. Drew defeated him. Drew is the chosen one. It’s not like Wrestling hasn’t borrowed ideas from Hollywood before. C’mon creative.

  16. This Kiwi has Scottish heritage in him and Irish too just for Sheamus very proud of you Drew finally a real champion ??? cheers

  17. I'd love to see these guys go at it, both against each other, but also as a tag team somewhere down the road. Such good guys.

  18. what if Sheamus and Drew simultaneously do the brogue kick and claymore I'm sure they will both end up on wheelchair ??

  19. "we'll say its a victory for Scotland not Britain"…
    Scotland is part of the UK so yes it IS a British victory as many of us brits(Scottish/English/Welsh/Northern Irish) are very proud of drew. Typical republican Irish bile with the customary anti British anti Union message. ?????????

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