100 thoughts on “Shinsuke Nakamura crashes The Revival’s championship photoshoot: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 15, 2019

  1. I really love Shinsuke he has a genuinely good sense of humor and you can tell he is having fun there's something wrong with you if you don't like him

  2. After The Revival won the Smackdown Tag Team Titles they will probably officially go on Smackdown soon they can do very well on the blue roster and congrats to them, Smackdown Tag Team Division desperately needs other tag teams, now I want to see Nakamura vs Alì for the IC Title with Alì become the new IC Champ, make it happen at Hell In a Cell, Alì needs and deserves a push and I really hope WWE make him a future star on Smackdown

  3. I bet The Uso's come get those titles again or Heavy Machinery next line for those titles.Shinsuke title be denfined against The Miz again or someone new.

  4. The Revival again???? Come on. No one wants to see these 2 bozos as Champions. Well the tag team division will now be irrelevant until both teams lose the titles. The IC Championship is starting to be forgotten as well. We need new Champions

  5. I have a feeling the Revival will be drafted to Smackdown or will lose the title before the draft takes place. They are on the RAW roster after all

  6. WWE logic: "Let's have the revival team up with Randy Orton, he'll make em look strong"

    Revival wins Tag team champions without assistance

    Randy Orton Loses in WWE title match
    Me: 🤔doesn't that make them look stronger than Randy?

  7. Shinsuke genuinely has a good sense of humor and is a amazing wrestler, hopefully this Zayn/Shinsuke thing could go on all the way to WM which can lead to Sami finally winning

  8. will The Miz have a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship or someone else will challenge Shinskue Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship Hell in a Cell 2019

  9. Shinsuke is the best thing going for the WWE, and they're still not utilizing him correctly. Unreal. One of the greatest ever, being wasted.

  10. Please wwe give sincara real one who is in aaa lucha libre give him a a chance . He can become a lucha. legend. please bring the real sincara misticio and conduct a match . Sincara misticio and the fake sincara hunico I beg u . Please Rey I think u know this please. Kalisto u too know this right! Please give him a chance please . Everyone wants real sincara . Now he is in aaa wrestling. Name : caristico. Please he can succeed

  11. Felicidades a Nakamura y Renacimiento por su victoria en Choca De Campeones(Congrats to Nakamura & Revival for their victory at Clash Of Champions)

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