Shock WWE Title Change! | WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Review

Shock WWE Title Change! | WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Review

Shane McMahon screws Kevin Owens and Sami
Zayn! Daniel Bryan screws Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura! And we’re not closing
out 2017 with Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion. I am Luke Owen and this is WWE Clash of Champions
2017… in about 4 minutes. Headline: Mojo Rawley defeated Zack Ryder Mojo Rawley beat Zack Ryder on the kick off
show in a pedestrian match. Rawley shouted at Ryder throughout the match, and won with
a forearm in the corner. Headline: Dolph Ziggler defeats Baron Corbin
and Bobby Roode The actual show opened with a fun triple threat
match with Baron Corbin defending his United States Championship against Bobby Roode and
“clearly taking the pinfall” Dolph Ziggler. This got really good by the end with some
great nearfalls and surprises, and Dolph won by hitting the Zig Zag on Corbin for his second
US Championship… wait, sorry, stop the clock. My notes must be wrong, let me rewatch the
match… oh, no I was right first time round. Ziggler won. Huh. Backstage Corbin cut a promo
about not squandering his chances, even though he lost to John Cena at Summerslam, lost his
Money in the Bank briefcase and has now lost his United States Championship. It’s not
been a great year for Corbin. Headline: The Usos defeated Gable/Benjamin,
The New Day and Rusev/English The Usos retained their Smackdown Live tag
team championships over The New Day, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, and Rusev Day
in a fun and chaotic encounter. The action started off hot and fast, but some chin locks
from the heels slowed the pace down and killed the crowd. Gable was the standout – apart
from this hero with a cool sign – hitting some awesome German Suplexs and Chaos Theory
Suplexs on anyone that moved. Rusev was also over, so that’s good. A good start and good
end with a muddy middle. Headline: Charlotte defeated Natalya Although Charlotte and Natalya featured SEVEN
SMACKDOWN WOMEN STANDING ‘ROUND THE RING, the actual match appeared to be between Corey
Graves and Byron Saxton – who argued throughout the match about fairness and the rules. The
actual match in the ring was a bit of a mess due to the Lumberjack stipulation. At one
point Charlotte did a moonsault onto eight women and missed all of them. Charlotte eventually
overcame the odds of constantly being thrown outside to be beaten up by the heels, and
won with the Figure Eight out of nowhere. Carmella teased a cash in at one point which
popped the crowd, but Ruby Riott put a stop to that. This was all over the place, and
not in a good way. After the match Natalya cut a promo about turning her back on the
fans, and it came off like a retirement angle is coming soon. Headline: Bludgeon Brothers defeated Breezango The Bludgeon Brothers beat The Fashion Police
in a very quick squash match. Harper and Rowan looked cool, but a cut a promo after that
match that got the WHAT treatment. I’m not even sure this was a payoff to the Fashion
Files storyline, as the commentators never made mention of it. But if it was, it was
a rubbish payoff. Headline: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated
Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn taking on Randy
Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura an hour and ¾ into the show, and should have been the main
event – especially as it had all the drama going into it with Shane McMahon and Daniel
Bryan as special guest referees. It had the most heat too, with the wrestlers being the
background artists to the stars who are the referees. Sadly this was mostly a standard
tag match, with the heels working over Orton. Owens hit the frog splash through the table
towards the end, and Shane and Bryan argued throughout about how to referee this match
with 2 of them in the ring at the same time. All the story came right at the end, first
with Owens pushing Bryan onto Shane to break up his count, and Shane then refusing to count
for Sami when he had Orton pinned. It’s Survivor Series 1998 all over again! WHERE’S
THREE?! Owens and Zayn won when Bryan fast-counted Sami pinning Randy. It wasn’t played off
as a heel turn for Daniel Bryan, but Shane is still being portrayed at the babyface in
this storyline, even though he tried to screw Kevin and Sami. Headline: AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal AJ Styles retained his WWE Championship against
Jinder Mahal in an average match where Jinder dominated for 90%. The crowd were burnt out
from the previous match, and were very quiet for Jinder’s offence and even his nearfalls.
They didn’t even count for one of them, and crowds love counting! The Singh Brothers
tried to get involved, but AJ beat both of them up delivering a Styles Clash to the outside.
Ouch. After what felt like an hour, AJ locked in the calf crusher for the submission victory.
AJ got the best out of Jinder – because he’s the best bell-to-Bell guy in WWE – but this
wasn’t a good main event. So that was Clash of Champions in around 4
minutes, here’s the usual Smackdown ratings recap from top to bottom. SmackDamn, SmackTastic,
Smack Bang in the Middle, Ellsworthy and Baron Corbin’s 2017. I’ll reveal my result in
a moment, but first vote in the poll above my head to share your thoughts and we’ll
read them out in tomorrow’s news. Clash of Champions wasn’t a bad show, but
it was a pretty boring one. Outside of the tag match where Owens and Zayn’s jobs were
on the line, nothing felt like it mattered. There were very few steaks in the undercard,
mostly due to the poor build going into this show. Ziggler winning the United States Championship
was a surprise, but it feels pointless and redundant after the year he’s had. There
was no build to him winning the title, which makes the win meaningless. Thankfully AJ Styles
is still your WWE Champion, and there are questions to be answered come Smackdown Live
for Daniel Bryan. Clash of Champions 2017 is Smack Bang in the
Middle. Hear about my thoughts on Shane McMahon and
Smackdown Live! And watch me go through my hot sauce punishment! Click the videos to
the left to find out more, press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. Order
the magazine and download the WrestleRamble podcast. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was

31 thoughts on “Shock WWE Title Change! | WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Review

  1. I swear to God Oli Davis is like Shima Luan of WrestleTalk News. If Oli Davis ever quits, this channel will die, just like Planet Dolan.
    I miss Shima and Oli!!😭😭

  2. oooooooooooooooooooohhh lukeyy dont you dare be sourrr clap with the ruru and feell the powerrrrrr,
    its a RUSEV DAY yes it is!!!!!!

  3. Holy Ballz!! Ziggler Won??

    Holy Ballz!! o.o






  4. Ziggler is nothing but left over spirit squad sub par bottom tier trash. Losing to him is by far the most embarrassing thing that can happen to any given superstar. No 1 gets over & the fans are left twisting in the wind for months. Or in Ma halls case practically the whole damn year. Looking forward to see him get bodied at mania after which he can return to the bottom of the shit heap . Where he has and always will belong.

  5. Shane portrayed as a babyface? Must have watched a different show for the last few months cause IMHO he acts as total power hungry jackass since the beggining of his KO storyline. And by the way. HAPPY RUSEV DAY EVERYONE!!!🎉🎉🎉

  6. Why do I power struggle between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. The two will face off. For supreme power of Smackdown

  7. I rate Clash Of Champions 2017 as Smack Bang In The Middle just an average show. Worst match the Women's title match. My favorite match. Nakamura and Orton VS Ownes and Zayn with Bryan and Shane guest referee's with stipulation Owens and Zayn get fired if they lose. Had It not been for this match I would gave it a worse than average rating. A surprisingly good match Corbin VS Ziggler VS Roode for US Championship. Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) VS Fashion Files (Breeze and Fandango) not a good match. The usual Bludgeon Brothers squash match. Not a good match not really needed. Should have been on the pre-show.A better than expected match AJ Stlyes VS Jinder Mahal for WWE Championship. Still just a average match. Good thing AJ Stlyes is still WWE Champion. Tag Team Championship 4 team match just an average match. Would have been better is Rusev and Aiden English won. Pre-show match Rawley vs Ryder. Not a good match. The fans getting loud and into it helped a lot. The commentary especially Corey Graves helped as well.

  8. The main event was average? Excuse me? That was the best match Jinder Mahal has ever had. I actually found myself somewhat rooting for him toward the end. Also, that Khallas Jinder hit was the best his finisher's ever looked, due in no small part to AJ's sell… which was then immediately negated by AJ kicking out of it, but that's a booking thing. They both did a great job with what they had to work with.

    The seemingly rushed Calf Crusher finish when they hadn't sold the leg injury in over half the match was BS, but I'm ultimately happy that AJ's still the champion because he has great chemistry with pretty much everyone he's in the ring with, whereas Jinder doesn't have that yet. Despite the fact that this PPV had zero build to almost any match, I sat down and watched it yesterday and honestly thought it was the best whole (non-Takeover) PPV this year. There wasn't a single match here that wasn't fun.

  9. Idk man o really liked the show
    The triple threat match was really good and so was the fatal 4 tag match. Owens and Zayn vs Orton and nakamura got interesting in the end and AJ Styles is still the wwe champion. But most importantly Rusev got super over and DOLPH ZIGGLER IS CHAMPION WHICH IS AWSOME
    So yeah a pretty good ppv in my opinion

  10. Watch the women’s match. Natalya vs Charlotte with lumberjacks on the outside.
    On the outside there was a moment when Liv Morgan hit Sarah Logan which are both Riot Squad members. This pans many other points prove this match was not good.

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