Smackdown Summerslam Main Event Revealed? Kurt Angle’s First Feud! | WrestleTalk News Aug 2017

Smackdown Summerslam Main Event Revealed? Kurt Angle’s First Feud! | WrestleTalk News Aug 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. You Can’t Handle The Truth R-Truth just can’t catch a break at the
moment. His long-time tag team partner Golddust stabbed him in the back to have a feud that
have still isn’t good enough to be featured on PPV, and now the WWE Network have cancelled
his game show. That’s actually a thing that was going to happen. The project was revealed by PWInsider back
in May, and Truth filmed a pilot ready for a full season later this year. But according
to Wrestling Observer Radio, the show has been canned before the pilot has even aired.
This is the latest in a line of cuts to original programming on WWE’s streaming service.
Last month it was announced that Talking Smack was being cancelled on a weekly basis, and
Edge and Christian revealed on their E&C Pod of Awesomeness that their comedy show won’t
be back for a second season. Smackdown Summerslam Main Event Revealed? Tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live sees
the very first in-ring meeting of Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena, with the winner facing
Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at Summerslam. While many have speculated on the outcome,
the finish may have been revealed by the first poster for The Biggest Party of the Summer.
Which features the Universal Championship fatal four way competitors Brock Lesnar, Roman
Reigns, Brauny The Strowman and Samoa Joe, both the Raw and Smackdown women’s championship
matches with Natalya, Naomi, Alexa Bliss and Bayley – and, most curiously – WWE Champion
Jinder Mahal with BOTH Nakamura and Cena. Can you believe it? This could possibly mean two things – either
tonight’s No. 1 contender’s match doesn’t have a definitive outcome, leading to Jinder
defending against Cena and Nakamura in a Triple Threat; or Nakamura is facing Jinder in a
singles match, and Cena is only on the poster because, well, he’s John Cena. #WheresAJ AJ Styles may be one of the most popular stars
on the Smackdown Live roster and the current United States Champion – although that could
easily change hands again a few times before Summerslam – but he seemingly isn’t popular
with the WWE marketing department. While his Smackdown Live cohorts Nakamura, Mahal, Cena,
Naomi and Natalya feature on the Summerslam poster, there’s no sign of the Phenomenal
One anywhere. This isn’t the first time Styles has not been featured on a poster for
a major WWE event. Last year’s Summerslam poster had him right at the back, he was barely
visible in this year’s Royal Rumble poster – look there he is – and he was tucked away
for WrestleMania 33’s Ultimate Thrill Ride advert – with his featured match opponent
Shane McMahon being much more noticeable. A fan pointed this out to AJ, asking: “Why
does this happen when you’re one of the champions heading into the Biggest Party of
the Summer and you’re not on the poster?” To which AJ politically responded: “It’s
an advertisement that fans will buy tickets for.” Smart play AJ, smart play. Kurt Angle’s First Feud Revealed? Although it was reported last month that there
are no plans for a Kurt Angle in-ring return at the moment, The Dirty Sheets are claiming
he is heading into his first proper feud next month. According to their report, Angle is
set to get involved in a storyline with The Miz after Summerslam. Warning, there could
be possible spoilers for Summerslam coming up. “The Miz is scheduled to face Jason Jordan
at Summerslam, and he is currently scheduled to lose that match. But instead of taking
the loss like a man, he is going to blame Kurt Angle for the loss.” Dirty Sheets are saying that this will lead
to The Miz lobbying for Angle to be fired, which could lead to the return of The Authority,
however that part is just their speculation. Brock Lesnar has threatened to leave WWE!
And ROH has reached out to CM Punk for a wrestling return! Find out more by clicking the videos
to the left. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that
was wrestling.

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  1. Our city just advertised for a live smackdown in september (12th or 19th) and it said watch Aj styles tag with nakumura vs champion jinder and kevin owens.

  2. I think Oli and Luke should have a bet where the winner is the one that scores the most likes on their videos at the end of the month!

  3. no e and c show??? wtf who gave a fuck about talking smack or swerved. that show was the best thing ever

  4. True or false……….

    Most comments on YouTube and social media is NOT by adults/people over 18

  5. Yes. The WWE Network isn't doing as well as they hoped, so they are cutting back new and potentially interesting things, and programs people already enjoy. WWE Logic.

  6. WWE should feature guys like styles on their poster to make them stars ……… And then they wonder why can't they make new stars ……….. Cena is like hogan 2.0

  7. Never thought I'd say this, but I'd welcome a return from the Authority. Get rid of their opening 20 min promos and they could actually add some decent storyline to the show!

  8. this guy doesn't talk loud and exciting enough for me to wanna watch his videos. Oli needs to keep doing ALL THE WRESTLE TALK VIDEOS

  9. There is literally no way you can ruin the much anticipated in-ring return of the great Kurt Angle, right? Well, unless you have him feud with…The Miz. WWE creative at it's finest.

  10. Everybody KNOWS that Cena won't win it because he can't commit to one brand and the Universal title (still the most STUPID name ever!) is on one brand, while the WWE title (still the REAL DEAL) is on another. The only way he would win it is if he were to drop it to someone else at the next ppv. Oh, wait….he already did that at the Royal Rumble taking it from Styles and then dropping it to Wyatt at the Elimination Chamber ppv in February. My money would be on Nakamura. If they would cut that dude loose and let him do what I've seen him do, and KNOW he can do, he would be a great champ. No doubt about it. They've already let Mahal hold it long enough to get the Middle Eastern crowd envolved. They need to go ahead and get back to business.

  11. so Miz's future fued…. is the same fued he had on Smackdown… "The GM is against me" daniel bryan or kurt angle. really?

  12. Could see Bo and Curtis getting involved in Miz Jordan match leading to Angle restarting the match. Jordan gets a quick roll up win and that starts the feud

  13. You know the drill, whoever you get is your dad!

    1. Hornswoggle

    2. Kurt Angle

    3. Ric Flair

    4. Kane

    5. Undertaker

    6. Roman Reigns

    7. Dean Ambrose

    8. Batista

    9. Brock Lesnar

    0. a guy named Joe

  14. Cena is 100000% gonna be in that summerslam title match for one simple reason. If he is not there is no other decent match or rivalry for him at summerslam & you dont do that to the biggest star in WWE…

  15. there's no AJ for the same reason that the Miz, Ambrose, Seth, Finn, Bray, KO, Jericho, Corbin and Orton aren't. he's not in one of the 4 matches that poster is advertising.


  17. You Know The drill!
    1.) Eugene
    3.) Armando Alejandro Estrada
    4.) Funaki
    5.) Trent Berrata
    6.) Gillberg
    7.) Mordacai
    8.)Mean Street Posse
    9.) Nunzio
    10.) Hendiriech
    0.) Cm Punk

  18. Let's go back to 2013 for a moment
    OK, now try to imaging the iwgp intercontinental champion fighting against the wwe champion for a chance to face one of the members of 3MB….

  19. Anyone who truly thinks that Styles not being on the poster is a big problem has a serious case of fucking cancer.

  20. I REALLY wanted a season 2 of the Edge and Christian show. Does anyone else remember seeing the network advert during Wrestlemania 33 where it said Edge and Christian show season 2, and christian said something like "this is where thing really pick up". The show might not have been the best but anything that has Edge and Christian is a watch for me. Just have to stick with the podcast now (which is really good!).

  21. AJ is awesome….. Brock needs to go. He does NOTHING….He isn't a fighting champion. He cannot wrestle! His matches hardly last 10 min. Miss the Attitude Era more and more. We need ECW back!!! RAVEN 4 LIFE

  22. What the hell. The Miz can hold the IC title for as long as it takes because he give the title credibility. Can't believe Miz is set to drop the belt to Jason "almost zero mic skills" Jordan.

  23. should be aj Owens Sasha Rollins miz Alexa bliss and ortan as faces of summerslam poster.fuck Braun and cena

  24. I was at raw Monday night, great reception for the returning Home town boy Kurt Angle, but other than that, the Hardys, and the triple threat match the show sucked. Smackdown last night was so much better. Every story line is interesting, and the Cena vs nak match has heart pounding. If it hasn't already been said I think smackdown is far superior to raw.

  25. Hearing You Can't handle the truth got cancelled, wow how disappointing.
    Already noticed that Talking Smack is cancelled, well at least we got 205 live.
    After hearing the Edge and Christian show won't be back for Season 2…you have got to be butt f***ing J***ing me! Okay it's time to #CancelWWENetworkSubscription

  26. AJ has no right to complain about not being featured/being in back of all the posters when he refuses to cut that ugly ass mop on his head lmao aj styles is my favorite wrestler but he made a better poster boy in his TNA days, the soccer mom swag needs to go imo

  27. Loll can't believe you guys still watch this wrestling crap and this stupid chanel. Why would anyone review a 2 hour fake show? This is lame

  28. hi luke, you seem like a nice guy. IMO you would seem even nicer if you do something with eeem… yourfacial hair or whatever. There's so many options and you chose this smh. It strikes me everytime. It gives me a headache and a diarrhea. Help me. Cya

  29. I can see that being a good feud with Kurt and The Miz because The Miz is a really good heel. He seem to really get under peoples skin so he would be able to bring the mean side out of Kurt on screen and it would look natural.

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