66 thoughts on “Some Interesting Details During The Xu Xiaodong vs Yuichiro Nagashima fight

  1. Oh wow Tang Dynastie. Haven't heard that name in like 10+ years, but i actually own that album (and another one). I knew it sounded familiar.

  2. XXD is something of a metaphor for the paradigm of truth in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Regardless of who your dictator happens to be or what their ideology is, there consistently arises two truths, namely an official truth, and then the actual truth, which most people know but cannot say.

    When XXD is going out there, under pseudonyms, with his face covered up, to Marxist music, you've got the official truth. Then the fight begins, and you have the actual truth. And, setting aside rigged fights for a moment, that is one of the wonderful things about martial arts and combat sports. The truth will out. The better fighter, and the better style, will win more often than it loses.

    I can talk all day about how awesome I am, but when I actually get onto the mat, we're all going to find out one way or another. And the PRC can try to obscure and humiliate XXD, but in the end, he's still going to win a lot more than he loses.

  3. 0:28 I'm traveling around Asia and this "save face" stuff is disgusting. Someone will do something right in front of you and say "no its your fault." If others are in earshot smh

  4. China bans him on all social media, the face coloring helps sneak through some of the facial recognition. The intro song is sarcasm, Xu's remarks have consistently been borderline anti communism and even CCP, that's why he's banned and he's also been "invited for tea" because of what he said, which is a euphemism for summoned by the Chinese government. The weight difference is an offset on their age difference, Xu is 41 and his opponent 35.

  5. To see the full fight analysis, please go here: https://youtu.be/r0HU_i2YVXI

  6. I can't say his name properly, so I will just say 'Dong'… But is seems that he is really lax in this fight. Usually he comes out ablazing. I wonder why… Ummm… 🤔

  7. When he played the Tang Dinasty song, I was sure Bart Baker would randomly appears like "That's good…but how about this?" XD

  8. Initially, I thought the face paint was a strip of duct tape across his mouth. Would've been a little too on the nose, I guess. And yeah, walking out to 'The Internationale' is kind of wild. A bit like if Muhammed Ali had used something like 'God Bless America' for his comeback.

  9. The international is a great song. The lyrics are inspiring, revolutionary and i find it sad if todays youth are not moved by it. It is not inherantly communist, it has been sung by anarchists, socialists, communists, students,workers,unemployed and oppressed people around the world throughout the 20th century. It moves me as much today in my mid 50s as it did as a youthful anarchist in the 1980s. It brings back memories of singing it with elderly revolutionary anarchists who fought fascism in the spanish civil war and tried to create a new society who i greatly admired and are now no longer with us.
    Xu of course is trolling but i would like to think ( and this would make me respect him even more) that he is trolling the CCP for moving so far away from the ideals the lyrics profess by becoming exactly what the song is trying to rally the people to rise up against.

  10. Jerry, you should read the history of Chinese rock and Chinese heavy metal. The name of the Chinese metal band that you hear on this video is "Tang Dynasty".

    Here is some info about Chinese rock that I found on the English Wikipedia page of Chinese rock :
    "Many Northwest Wind songs were highly idealistic and heavily political, parodying or alluding to the revolutionary songs of the Communist state, such as "Nanniwan" and "The Internationale". It is, however, associated with the non-Communist national music side instead of the revolutionary side. The music reflected dissatisfaction among Chinese youth, as well as the influence of western ideas such as individuality and self-empowerment. Both music and lyrics articulated a sense of pride in the power of the northwest's peasantry. Songs such as "Sister Go Boldly Forward" (《妹妹你大胆的往前走》) came to represent an earthy, primordial masculine image of Mainland China, as opposed to the soft, sweet, polished urban gangtai style."

    After he said that he doesn't believe that the Hong Kong protest is just a bunch of violent rioters and he got troubles with the Chinese communists authorities, I doubt that he is supporting the communists but more like trolling them in a more subtle way.

  11. Xu Xiaodong wanted to prove he could easily beat the former K-1 kick-boxing champion, Yuichiro Nagashima, so that "fake Shaolin monk" Yi Long would have no excuses for evading a fight with him. In March 2012, It's Showtime announced that EMCOM Entertainment established a new company K-1 Global Holdings Ltd. in Hong Kong. K-1 Global Holdings, Ltd., became the new official owner of the K-1 brand. K-1 Global's agreement with promotion required that certain fighters signed under It's Showtime appear in upcoming K-1 Global events.

    Kazuyoshi Ishii (石井 和義 Ishii Kazuyoshi, born June 10, 1953) is a Japanese master of Seidokaikan karate and founder of the K-1 fighting circuit, a widely televised international martial arts competition combining Muay Thai, karate, sanshou, taekwondo, kenpo, boxing, and kickboxing. His karate training began with Kyokushin karate, but he formed his own karate organization in 1980, began promoting televised karate competitions, and started staging K-1 events in 1993.

  12. Yuichiro has 19 wins and 17 losses and has lost around 14 of his last kickboxing matches in a row( one or two wins inbetween).
    Quality win for Xu Xiaodong! This time he proved that Kempo and ALL Japanese Karate is Bullshido by beating a "Veteran"!!! HAO!!!

  13. if he did not cover his face, his fight video will be removed from the internet in China automatically. recording to him, He choose the song because the lyrics fit his situation recording to him. I dislike/disagree on some of his views but I do like that he is talking without filter on youtube. He is still living in China, so I guess he knows he had to suck up the big guys so he can have better life. I think the reason he beat up a Japanese has somewhat to do with the so called 'national hate' toward to japan even though he claim he was only doing this for himself.

  14. Yuichiro Nagashima has 17 loss on K1 alone and 3 loss in MMA fight. I only find 19 wins on K1 and 4 wins one MMA from him. I could not find any Xu's pro fighting record.

  15. 🌊🍈 – who cares? Often one can't make a big point against the grain without petty contention and disrespect. Maybe he even agreed to it for promotional/political reasons to go under the CCP radar and make him "the bad guy". But Xu was prepared. He came, saw & kicked axx like a true angry 🐼

  16. can someone fact check that japanese guy, is he really a K1 champion?

    coz you know, the announcher in china always calling all fighters in chinese match a "champion" of something, and trust me most of them aren't.

  17. Unfortunately Yuichiro is not totally at his best because of his leg injury. I think even at his best, he can't beat XXD. His continuous punches at Yuichiro;s face, when he mount him, was good as it doesn't give him a chance to think or see.

  18. Hey dude. you know nothing about Xiaodong xu. check xiaodong's youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIXOIjR2mp8tHz78DE0vj2A .
    the music at the beginning he used was a metaphor to the CCP goverment.
    Xiaodong is a fighter. fight for the fake martial arts. and at the same time he is also a fighter for the other social event in China.

  19. Social credits is rediculous brother.
    I dont want to attract bad attention to your channel brother, but im glad you dont have to live there any more.

  20. After reading a page like China Mike… I would say that the "shaming" is continued by the painting of his face. One thing, though like you said, even in China's version of the American Idol to protect against the shame of being eliminated, the show spends more time focusing on the losers rather than the winners. China's version of the Apprentice (“Win in China”) in 2006 the winner gots 10 million RMB. The runner up got 7 million and the other three “losers” got 5 million each. Right now 1 USD to CNY = 7.04 CNY so you can do the math…lol

  21. Holy shit, that social credit is a fucking nightmare!!! Literally horrifying!!! Communism is not dead and any of you US drones, social credits? Is the CCP doing communism "the right way" like you dummies like to say? I will take the ol' "free love" hippie communes any day over that bull.

  22. Look how important XXD actually is for China. Not only is he bringing the ancient country into the fold of the modern era, he's outing all the fake old crap that was in China since the dawn of time.
    He's a huge burden to bear. But he will join the history books for his efforts. If not in Chinese culture, then definitely in the international category. .
    Thanks to the internet.

  23. "Classic Chinese People"
    LOL so true, losing face is worst then dead
    And also thanks for the song, will download it and play it everytime I see a mainlander
    Links to that Tang Dynasty song?

  24. You are goddamn right on the money by given this reflection, I feel sad too about xu’s unfair treatment. But it is better to see his fight than having nothing.

  25. An old school communist song sang by someone who is not from the Party is like Holybible being preached by someone who is outside the Catholic church in medieval times. To the establiment this is subversion from the fudamental level.

  26. 小编是中国人,就应该能明白播放这首歌的含义了,国内曾有受压迫的百姓唱国歌表达反抗而被抓的,是因为其歌词所表达的含义。徐晓冬故意唱国际歌表达他的反抗,同时又讽刺了中国共产党,还让它们找不到继续迫害的合理借口。

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