Sting at Wrestlemania 31 (Workout and Training Advice)

Sting at Wrestlemania 31 (Workout and Training Advice)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Standing here with Steve Borden, you guys
know him as Sting. We’re at Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 31, something you may never thought
would happen, huh? Steve: I know, a long time coming and it was
either now or never, but my very first match with WWE right here at Wrestlemania 31. Jeff: So, we’re out here in San Jose, California.
I came out here a few days ago, and you guys know we put a video out for you every weekend, And I didn’t want to miss my chance, but we’ve
been really undergoing some heavy concentration on getting Sting ready for his match. And anybody out there that says, ‘Well, you
guys get ready for a match? Isn’t this?? Don’t people know who’s going to win?’ or whatever. And you know they don’t understand what actually
goes into the sport of wrestling, right, sports entertainment realizing that this is
a physical sport that we need to prepare for, correct? Steve: Absolutely. Absolutely. You’ve got
to prepare for it because you’ve got to prepare for it at the right time. You’ve been talking about periodizing your
training regime, and with Jeff’s help, he’s helped me dial in something. And the idea is to peak at the right time,
not to overtrain too early or too late. Jeff: And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.
So here, the months leading up to this, Steve has gone on through a progressive training
plan. He’s gotten to the point now where 3 to 4
days remaining before the big event. this is not about setting new personal records
in the gym. Steve: No, it’s too late. Jeff: This is not about heavy lunging. This
is not about, especially a guy who has had some orthopedic issues like knees and shoulders and stuff from all the
years of wear and tear, this is not about that time. The time here now is mobility and
flexibility. We’ve been working on a lot of stretching,
a lot of mobility work, joint mobility work as a Physical Therapist to work on his shoulders, to work on his knees,
to work on his hips, and this is really what it’s all about. So, guys, I think the main point here is that
if you’re training for something, if you’re training for an event, if you’re training
for a tough mudder, if you’re training for even a Bible competition,
although that’s not what we do, you have to have a periodized approach where there’s phases
to what you do leading into the next one, building off what
you did and leading into the next one. and that’s what we’ve done here with Steve, and
now like I said, now it’s showtime, right. Steve: It’s showtime. Jeff: it’s showtime, and it’s about being
as loose and as ready as you possibly can be, you know, for tomorrow, and we’re ready
to go. Steve: That’s right. We’re going to make this
guy look young again. I’m gonna be mobile. Jeff: Mobile. There ya go. So, guys, if you
haven’t already and you’re looking for a progressive periodized training plan that again starts in phases and continues in phases and
builds off of your accomplishments of one phase and progresses you to the next thing,
and the next thing on that plate, then head to ATHLEANX.COM and get your ATHLEANX
Training System. In the meantime, we gotta get back to work.
There are still about, how many hours here? About a little over 24 hours before we go. Steve: 24 hours. That’s right. Jeff: We still have things we have to work
on and do to make sure that we’re optimized for him peaking at that right point. Alright guys, we’ll be back here again real
soon. Steve: Thanks.

100 thoughts on “Sting at Wrestlemania 31 (Workout and Training Advice)

  1. Jeff has been with Sting for a long time now. Sting and even his son has been in his past videos. Those are some great workouts too.

  2. Sting still looks great for his age.  I remember watching him along with his former partner, Jim Hellwig, the Ultimate Warrior.  Those were the fun days.  I'm 44 now, I still miss those days.

  3. Its crazy how Sting is older than Undertaker but still looks way younger then him, i did wanted to see my dream match at WM Sting vs Taker but we all know that it is not going to happen.

  4. JEFF!!!! I live in the north bay like 30 mins away from San Jose, we should meet up man, would be an honor to meet you

  5. Alright I've been patient. it is now the end of March. I was told by your minions that you would post a video regarding lifting heavy weights as opposed to lifting light weights when to do each how much and how often . I think this is a topic that is so valuable and helpful as pretty much no other fitness guru has anything to say about this topic. I have been training since I was 13 years old I am now 32 I am very well versed with regards to all aspects of fitness. however, this is one subject that I would really appreciate an expert's opinion on. So Jeff, please make one of your next videos about this subject. Thank you I love your channel I think what you offer is awesome.

  6. its crazy because i just finished watching a movie called "the encounter" a couple minutes ago and sting was one of the main characters!

  7. Hi Jeff. Can you train the Undertaker as well. I'm sure the whole world would love to see him in a 6 pack at 50 years..

  8. A lot of people don't get how physical wrestling is. Not to mention those guys are on the road wrestling 4, sometimes 5 nights a week. And in the old days of wwf Vince had them on the road almost 350 days a year. Yeah its scripted, and the winner is predetermined, but we all know that. Kids don't sure. But It's still one of my favorite sports. And yes it is a sport. Those guys put there bodies on the line every day, and take care of things so something bad like Droz vs d lo brown, where Droz was paralyzed. Or the recent match with Rey Mysterio where a guy was killed in the ring. A lot of work goes into that stuff.

  9. Just a quick one. What is & was the ideal training plan that sting was doing? You mentioned in he's been working more on his knees, hips & shoulders because of wear & tear which is understandable. I would like to see a video of what sting was doing so people who want to train a similar way would know how to do a 'wrestler' workout.

  10. Hey Jeff, could you post a video on ways to build explosiveness and speed and also a video with your thoughts on Olympic lifts for speed and explosion? Thanks in advance!

  11. Pro Wrestlers at the WWE level need to be ready EVERYDAY .. there is no periodization, as it applies to mobility / flexibility . There are , on average , 4 matches each week of the year .

    Of course a wrestler can approach their diet it that way , however , in order to look their absolute best for the biggest show of the year .

    There is no off season in wwe . This is not combat sports where one fights a few times each year .

  12. OMG You train STING??!!! Mind BLOWN
    Damn Steve is a big unit! A great role model for us guys, you can still be healthy and look awesome at 55!

  13. @ATHLEAN-X™ I am a dutch guy 18 years old and do a lot of your exercises in the gym. I am 1 meter 58 and wil not grow bigger haha. My question is what is the best way to building muscle for me (a little guy) 

  14. He was moving great out there tonight. He looked good. Congrats. Hopefully he still wants at least one more match. He certainly looks as though he could do it.

  15. Since TNA days jeff and sting been training buddies, am happy for sting doing this WWE fitting end, surprised Triple H won the match though, makes me wonder what they plan to do next

  16. Not a lot of information in this video, but you hit on good points of why being on a plan is so important for real growth.

  17. So what plan did u do with sting? I need a plan for both pectoralis muscle tear rehab.. help me out. How much.

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