100 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Top 5 Biggest Fights | A&E

  1. I don’t like Dave but he was right and they got in his face u going to put hands on someone be ready for the consequences

  2. problem is the 1st,2nd 3rd time is to fast, frustrating everybody, that's where the fights come from. and u might just sell it for few bucks more if u do it that way. atleast 3sec split.

  3. Rene telling the skinny black dude to buy avocado toast like that's an insult. He should just take his own advice he gives out for once so maybe he won't die early from health complications.

  4. Y’all think Rene voice is really all squeaky like that or he does it for show? He sounds like a character from a cartoon show lol he tries to be a tough guy but come on who would be scared of him

  5. love it. At 1:54 you can see Dan gouging Daves eye. Brilliant. I wish I was there I'd start swinging at everybody. Dan, Dave, the black guy. I'd kick Dans wife in the face as she sat up then elbow drop Mary XD XD XD

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