Storyline Plans for Sasha Banks, Undertaker WrestleMania Update | Wrestling Report

Storyline Plans for Sasha Banks, Undertaker WrestleMania Update | Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First up, we have some new information regarding
Mickie James returning to WWE, so it was reported that James had signed a three year contract
and is scheduled to be a part of the Smackdown Live roster. Yesterday, it was confirmed that she had her
physical examination in Pittsburgh. She is set to make her main roster return
sometime in January, so it shouldn’t be much longer until we see Mickie James in action
on Smackdown. Next up, we have an update on storyline plans
for Sasha Banks. It seems as though WWE might be tweaking Sasha’s
character sooner than some may have expected. The current plan is for Sasha to turn heel
at some point after her feud with Nia Jax. Dave Meltzer even claimed that Banks is scheduled
to be involved in a big match at this upcoming Wrestlemania, which makes sense seeing as
though she is on a promotional poster for the event. How do you feel about turning Sasha heel? Let me know in the comments. Finally, we have some very big news about
a match being considered for Wrestlemania. By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about
the alleged dilemma of John Cena and Undertaker not being too happy with WWE’s plans for
Wrestlemania. The thought of two of your biggest names in
your company not being satisfied with a match idea is pretty scary, but there might just
be a solution that could please everyone. Instead of having Undertaker beat AJ Styles
for the WWE title and face off against John Cena, which would create a big career vs title
match with Big Match John looking to tie Ric Flair’s record. Or you could have John Cena vs The Undertaker
vs the WWE champion AJ Styles in a triple threat match at Mania. Of course, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence
to suggest that this will happen, but this match has to have been taken under consideration
at the very least. And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re all having a fantastic week;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more wrestling

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  2. I don't think a "heel" turn will work for Sasha at least right now because there isn't a female "babyface" popular enough to go up against her. It could work though if they matched her with a guy "heel" and they went up against a guy and a girl "babyface" team other than that I don't think it will work.

  3. A triple threat match won't happen for Undertaker at Wrestlemania especially as every match apart from wm19 has been singles and that's because Nathan Jones was shit.

  4. Sasha as a heel won't work people will still cheer for her. WWE seem to forget that when they moved her up to the main roster she was suppose to be a heel but the fans loved her too much that they had to turn her face

  5. it'll be the first time since 2003 that undertaker must defeat two superstars but for the first time undertaker will be put in a triple threat match at wrestlemania and it'll be the fourth time taker competing for a world title at wrestlemania so uh…….BOOK IT VINCE AND LET TAKER WIN DAMN IT!!!!!!!

  6. 1v1 no triple threat it would just devalue undertakers streak more than it currently has multiple man streak matches don't work just watch that God awful handicap match at wrestlemania 19

  7. they want do that theres already talks of balor vs owens vs zayn at mania and i would rather see that triple threat if they go that way

  8. I like the Undertaker match idea. But i really wouldn't want my first Wrestlemania to close with Cena's theme but thats just me. It is what it is

  9. this triple threat match is the requirement yesssssss if it happens I can't wait to see undertaker becoming the champ once more

  10. Yeah, if they do the triple threat and make Taker add a 2 to the L section of his Wrestlemania record (cause lets face it, Cena equaling Ric is gonna happen sooner rather than later). It's gonna make the whole streaks legacy irrelevant.

  11. They should have done this since taker said im not going to be defined by wrestlemania that got me thinking and i booked it taker wins the title of aj styles then cena gets into it and he wants that 16th title so bad he turns heel and cheats on taker at wrestlemania then the next night taker comes out and says that fight took alot out of him and then retires its perfect cena heel turn, takers one last title run then and a dream match what else do u want

  12. I like Sasha as a heel, few ideas to make the fans boo her: attack bayley, rip a headband off a handicap kid, wrestle bald without her wig. Bayley is a better face and Charlotte is a better heel, so 2017 doesn't look like a good year for Sasha.

  13. well she did say that she didn't feel like the boss anymore. maybe she needs to go to that darker place in order to find it again.

  14. Sasha is one of those people that can't really be a heel. I mean, she started out as a heel in the main roster and everyone still loved her. I never thought she was a face really because he didn't really say she was doing it for the WWE fans, but always claims she was doing it for herself. Her turning heel doesn't change much things in my opinion.

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